September 27th, 2009

#1742: New router; let's see how it works.

The fiancee and I bought a Netgear router for her townhouse, intending to give me the ability to play WoW over there. I tried to install it, and the router would not connect to the modem. (She's got Comcast.) Everything else worked.

...this evening I finally got around to testing the router over here, and it works fine, so I left it in place. Web access seems a bit snappier with the new router.

I'll leave it in place until and unless I decide I'm not happy with it. At least it's better than the Belkin piece of crap I had tried last year.

#1743: I am really tired of everything.

This one's going to fulfill my quarterly quota of whining, as required by the LiveJournal Terms of Service. (This is also the only humor you can expect from this post.)

Short form: engagement over.

Long form, cut-and-pasted from the e-mail I sent to family and friends:
Beth came over this afternoon (Sunday) and told me, without preamble, that she was breaking off our entire relationship.

Reason: she had met someone else and "he swept me off my feet". She volunteers at a local art gallery and apparently this guy is a regular there.

Reading between the lines it seems she had a date with him this past Friday. I didn't get any details, but then I don't really need them. It's obvious what kind of woman she actually is if she's incapable of telling someone, "No, I'm sorry, I'm engaged."

I guess I can take solace in the fact that this engagement, at least, lasted longer than the one with Marlene did. And at least I found out what kind of person Beth is before we were married.

Denis Leary said it best: "Life sucks. Get a frickin' helmet."
What else needs to be said?

It's not like this happened after a big fight, either: she and I had a big fight on the 1st of September, but that was not quite four weeks ago. This shit came right out of the blue.

* * *

This comes after eight years of shit, one bad break after another. Even the good stuff has consistently turned out to be a curse in disguise, every damned time, and I'm beginning to think that this shit is not going to get better.

The past two months in particular have been a drumbeat of crap: getting fired, losing my aunt, having that big fight; I had just started to get my equilibrium back, and now this.

I'm not sure how much more of this shit I can take.