November 13th, 2009

#1812: Yet another example of liberal hypocricy.

This time, from the Peoples' Republic of Berkeley.
People who for years have derided suburbanites for living in tract homes, driving SUVs, and eating fast food were now arguing for policies that would block green-tech and dense development in their city and thus help spur more suburban sprawl, longer commutes, and increased greenhouse gas emissions. And then there was the insufferable self-righteousness, the ridiculing and the heckling of anyone who disagreed with them, and the loud ovations for those who espoused their views.

In the end, however, it was really all about NIMBYism — and me-first economics. The activists are convinced that Bates' vision, and that of a majority of the city council, will lead to gentrification, overcrowding, and high rents in their neighborhoods. "We do not want to see radical changes," said one apparent former radical. "West Berkeley is a remarkable place to live," added another, waxing romantically about a once-bustling hub of warehouses and industrial manufacturing that has been slowing decaying for decades. "To destroy that is to destroy something very important to the city."
In other words? "All that green stuff is fine for other people, but we don't want it here. We're doing enough already by advocating it! We don't need to suffer the economic and social consequences of these initiatives because we're already doing our part by being in favor of it--somewhere else."

That's really what it amounts to.

* * *

Levi Johnston--what a piece of work that kid is. Speaking at the Fleshbot awards he reiterated his assertion that he has some serious dirt on Sarah Palin and said, of Ms. Palin, "She's being smart. She knows what I got on her. It's a smart move on her part."

Come on--the Fleshbot awards? The kid is speaking at a freakin' porno event? Oh, I see: he's posing for Playgirl: "Johnston said he doesn't consider Playgirl to be pornography. He said it's 'art.'" Yeah, you keep telling yourself that, kid.

What a tool. Just what we didn't need: more evidence that men can be bimbos.

* * *

I should probably just tell you to add Eternity Road to your blogroll. Most of the posts on that site are must-reads. Today's post from the Curmudgeon Emeritus is no exception; it discusses methods used by liberals to "debate" conservatives: most of their techniques revolve not around disproving assertions but invove assuming that the liberal position is morally superior (even when it is not) and attempting to discredit the conservative position as having come from a bigot/racist/sexist/homophobe/psychopath.

(Such as the recent kerfluffle here on the Fungus when I decided to remove Holly from my blogroll. The facts I presented were all dismissed as "homophobia".)

And the post the Curmudgeon Emeritus links to, on how islam uses the debate tactics of the left to further its interests, is definitely worth reading. The post further goes into how feminist rhetoric is used by muslims to turn the subjugation of women under islam into a question of rights.

I can't describe what's wrong with that in a simple manner; just read the post.

* * *

Anyone who pulls this on me is going to be disappointed. If I have already eaten something--and found it delicious--and you then tell me it's something weird, I'm not going to freak out about it.

You: "Those are testicles!"
Me: "Cool; I need more testosterone."

WTF, I've eaten some strange things with knowledge and malice aforethought.

* * *

Dennis writes a letter to Alan Mulally, president and CEO of Ford. "Now I fully understand that I don't fit the profile of the sort of person you're looking for. For one thing, I don't have my head up my ass."


Using a flat-panel display in cars is a cool idea--it lets you program the dash display any way you want--but it's presented really badly in the video; Dennis is right when he says it comes across as "insultingly smug and condescending technological flapdoodle".
Even worse is the manner in which your tutorial is presented: Four choices labeled "Inform", "Enlighten", "Engage" and "Empower". Have your engineers been spending all their free time in group therapy? Or what? I mean, Enlighten? Empower? Are you fucking kidding me? You aren't unlocking the secret to inner peace for us, you know. That sort of wet-eyed, head-tilted, hand-wringing, let's-all-hug pseudo-concern is enough to gag a maggot. And believe me, I should know: I spent years in therapy - mostly for anger management - and went through more than a few therapists on that particular journey of self-discovery.
Yeah, I saw that shit and wanted to hurl, myself.

* * *

In what way are random hookups "liberating" for women? As far as I can tell, casual sex is extremely good for men: they get to spread their genes around without consequence. But for women it seems less so, even with birth control and abortion.

* * *

Tax and spend, spend, spend! Ten states are now in dire fiscal straits thanks to the poor economy.

Governments never think about what happens to their budgets when the economy is poor. They don't need to: they can raise taxes and force citizens to fork over ever-greater fractions of their paychecks.

Some politicians lose their jobs, but the taxes--as a percentage of economic output--never go down.

* * *

Taxes inevitably rise and then Obama decides he needs a "jobs summit" to deal with the unemployment that high taxes inevitably cause.

* * *

Carbon dioxide is not causing global warming. I've been saying this for years.

* * *

Another year, another dangerous chemical in food to freak out over; and in a year or two we'll learn that no, there really isn't all that much bisphenol A (BPA) is in there, or else the toxicity figures of these studies were far overstated, or blah blah blah.

I'm not worried about BPA, not in my food, water, air, bed, or toilet paper. You know why I'm not worried about it? Because these studies are always wrong. Saccharine was fould to cause cancer, remember that? Why? Because some lab rats fed little but saccharine developed cancer. And not just saccharine; in turn these people have tried to scare the shit out of us with alar, olestra, cyclamates, PCBs, nuclear power, global warming, coffee, corn syrup, AIDS, mercury contamination of fish, and swine flu.

BPA is just the latest scare. The government agencies have found that the stuff is safe enough; but because Consumer Reports believes that the science used by those agencies is wrong I'm supposed to freak out and throw away all my canned goods?

* * *

Pelosi says socialized medicine will be our "Christmas present". Thanks, Pelosi, but I'd rather get underwear.

Socks, even soap-on-a-rope would be better than that.


It used to be, back when I still had living grandparents, that Christmas would be celebrated thus: Christmas Eve we would go to my maternal grandmother's house. We'd have a nice dinner and then open presents afterwards. (My mother's sister and her husband would stay with grandma for a few days.) Christmas Day, we'd go to my paternal grandfather's house for a big gathering.

For a couple years in a row (or more) my mom's sister got Dad "soap-on-a-rope". And after a couple years' worth of that Dad put his foot down: "Don't get me any more soap-on-a-rope! What the hell kind of Christmas present do you call that?" And thereafter it was a family in-joke.

"Dad, is there anything you'd like for Christmas?"

"Just don't get me soap-on-a-rope!"

...and I would much rather get soap-on-a-rope for Christmas than PelosiCare.

* * *

It's a pleasant Friday, and I'm sticking to my "time off from working on the car" plan. Considering my luck and the fact that it's Friday the 13th I probably ought to go work on the car--I'd probably find out that the misfire is caused by this little tiny detail which takes a minute and no parts to fix--but I'm not optimistic enough actually to try that; any time I try to game the system it fails and I end up angry and depressed.

So instead I plan to play WoW and watch anime.