December 18th, 2009

#1860: Light novels, translated

...went back to the bookstore for yet another Christmas present for someone, and saw the first Spice and Wolf light novel.

They translated her name as "Holo", which is frickin' wrong, but I came close to buying it anyway. Then, suddenly it occurred to me: if they have this, they might have Crest of the Stars!

Well, they didn't, but they did have Bamboo Blade, so I bought volume one of that. Heh.

* * *

3.5 hours of shopping and pre-holiday errands later, we're pretty much done: Mom needs to buy something for two people, I need to buy something for one, and we're both going to do it on-line.

Mom is not quite twice my age and she's doing a ton more stuff than I am. I hope that I'm so tired because she's taking some of my energy; because otherwise I have no idea how the hell she's managing it. (I doubt it's amphetamines.)

Still, when she's not feeling up to things, she's not, and won't push herself--well, WTF, why should she?--which is why we missed Thanksgiving dinner at my brother's house. It was her decision; though I woke up indifferent to the question, I left it up to her, and she decided she didn't want to go.

* * *

As for me, I'm planning to spend the rest of the night--perhaps the entire weekend--in. We'll see what I get to do, of course, but that's my plan.

From my admittedly limited perspective it doesn't look to me as if the stores are jam-packed with shoppers this year. The traffic at Wal-Mart today was about the same as it was in July, perhaps a bit more people than usual.

Anyway, the biggest line I had to stand in was at the bookstore, and that's because they had all of two cashiers working the registers--and Borders is not particularly efficient when it comes to checkout procedure. Even so I don't think I stood in line for more than ten minutes--or even more than five, to be honest.

For the last Friday before Christmas? I don't know, that doesn't exactly scream "RECORD HOLIDAY SALES" to me.

* * *

A sign that I'm watching too much anime (or, perhaps, not enough): I dreamed that Taeko from Ai Yori Aoshi was my girlfriend.