February 16th, 2010

#1944: WTF is this moron trying to do?

I got this from Dick, who says, "Money shot at the 25 second mark."

I'm guessing the idiot is trying to do a burnout. The pavement is wet under the tires, he's set the camera on a tripod, and the rear tires don't seem to be turning.

I don't think the brainless twit is trying to blow his engine; he seems dismayed when surveying the aftermath, and when he walks back to the camera he doesn't look as if he is particularly elated.

Generally when someone is trying to destroy a car's engine, he laughs and cheers when it spontaneously self-disassembles. Particularly when it does so violently enough to tent the hood.

The car's obviously been in a rollover accident: there's plastic over the passenger window and the A-pillar looks flattened.

So, here's my theory: the guy got a Neon SRT for a low price as "salvage" and decided to hoon it just a little before yanking the engine to put it in something else. And instead...well.

* * *


You know, if you're making $78,000 per year--when you work only nine out of twelve months!--and your boss asks you to put in an extra 25 minutes of work per day, you should probably find a way to gut it up.

When the superintendent outlined a plan to improve the schools' performance, the union refused. The following six elements of that plan were too much for the union to bear:
* adding 25 minutes to the school day
* providing tutoring on a rotating schedule before and after school
* eating lunch with students once a week
* submitting to more rigorous evaluations
* attending weekly after-school planning sessions with other teachers
* participating in two weeks of training in the summer
You can bet that the major sticking point was the bit about evaluations. Unions hate accountability.

...end result, all the teachers and faculty are out of jobs.

A little thought about time and place would have helped them, I think. These teachers made about three times the median income of the city they taught in; there isn't going to be a lot of sympathy coming from the citizens.

* * *

Well, I watched more anime tonight. To Aru Kagaku no Railgun got to the end of the "Level Upper" arc, and I liked it. The solution to the problem was about 90% what I thought it was.

I really like Harumi Kiyama, damn it.

#1945: Counterintuitive economic news

Strengthening dollar may be bad for our economic recovery. Well, in fact, it only sounds counterintuitive.

The Euro is in trouble. Greece is broke; Portugal, Spain, and Ireland are running huge deficits. These countries face draconian budget cuts and debt reduction in order to hew to the EU debt guidelines. If they don't do this, the Euro itself is endangered.

Because the Euro is in trouble, its value is dropping. One side effect of this is that the dollar is buying more Euros.

This puts negative pressure on American exports, because it takes more Euros for europeans to buy American products. The article theorizes this means that our recovery is threatened by a strong dollar.

I think it is better for us, long-term, if the dollar is the most desirable currency in the world. If the dollar is too weak, no one will by American instruments of debt (such as treasury bonds) and then we're totally screwed. As it is, the mode we're in is totally unsustainable, but a strong dollar staves off the catastrophe.

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Boortz says pretty much exactly what I said about muslims who don't like full-body scanners.

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The science of global warming, as I have said time and again, is anything but "settled".

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I'm not entirely certain which one is the FAIL:

epic fail pictures-

The one on the left is a SATIRE WIN, though.

#1946: Global warming is so over, dude.

The current solar climate is shaping up into another Dalton minimum.

When he presents his own opinions about what the paper means, one of its authors says he thinks another Maunder minimum is "very unlikely" which--let me tell you--is good news for all of us. It got freaking cold during the Maunder minimum.

A Dalton minimum will get cold enough, thank you.

"It appears that this month will achieve snow extent among the top two Februaries on record."

Look: Hawaii is the only state in the union without significant snow coverage, and even Hawaii has mountaintop snow.

As for the claims that all this snow is due to global warming?
It doesn’t make a lot of sense that warming temperatures would cause the snow line to move south. Lower latitudes normally receive rain rather than snow, because the air is already too warm for snow. Further warming would be expected to move the snow line north – not south – and that is exactly what the climate models predict. Indeed, Time Magazine claims that this has already happened: “large-scale cold-weather storm systems have gradually tracked to the north in the U.S. over the past 50 years.”

As far as snow depth goes, Washington D.C. recently broke their 1899 snow record of 54.4 inches and now has a new record of 54.9 inches. We are told that the new record is due to “extreme weather” caused by “global warming.” If so, what caused the nearly identical “extreme weather” over a century ago? Alarmists tell us that heavy snow used to be caused by cold, but now is caused by warmth. The 1899 record was set long before the hockey stick brought temperatures to “unprecedented levels.”

Now lets take their poor logic one step further. Ice ages occur when the snow line moves very far south. If “most climate scientists” are claiming that global warming is causing the snow line to move south, then the logical corollary is that ice ages are caused by further warming temperatures. Clearly that is not true.
Outside of Hollywood disaster flicks, an increase in global temperature is not going to lead to cooling. (The laws of thermodynamics just don't work that way.)

There are, unfortunately, plenty of people out there who don't understand that warming cannot be proven by cooling, and I'm not talking about the people who are pushing this nonsense. One guy who was briefly in the gaming group in Cedar Rapids moved to Corpus Christi, Texas, because "the snow's going to get worse due to global warming". *sigh*