February 19th, 2010

#1951: Darkmaster didn't die permanently.

I ran him out through Stormwind Harbor and let him drown in the deep water. Then I ran his ghost out to where his corpse was floating in the deep water and watched the ghost's fatigue meter run down. Then the ghost died and popped up in the graveyard again.

...oh well. Guess old Darkmaster is tougher than I thought.

I couldn't actually use the name "Darkmaster" and I didn't want to screw around with umlauts or accented characters to find a combination which would work, so I named him "Dorkmaster", which is a synonym of "Darkmaster" anyway.

So Dorkmaster got deleted and I created another new character. I made a mage named Örmüs, after the mage in Diablo II in the third chapter of the game.

When you first talk to him, he says, "You now speak to Ormus. He was once a great mage, but now lives like a rat in a sinking vessel. You have questions for Ormus, and doubt in yourself. Ormus sees a strange dichotomy in you...as he does in all would-be heroes. Speak to him and he may grant you wisdom in turn. Or, turn from him and seek wisdom in thyself."

I would swear that Ormus' voice was provided by Michael Ansara, the guy who played the Techno-mage Elric in Babylon 5. But I don't know where the hell my D2 manual is, and I can't find a credit online for the voice of Ormus in the game.

Anyway, I thought it was fitting to have a mage named "Ormus" in WoW since Ormus was a mage in another Blizzard game. I even made him bald.

I spent hours playing Ormus, and he's now 14th level. At 20th level he gets a horse, and the ability to teleport to major cities.

The "Love is in the Air" world event is on right now, and Ormus made 11 charm bracelets with all the charms he collected while running quests. (It takes 10 lovely charms to make a bracelet.) One more and I get the achievment for it....

For professions I took skinning and herbalism. I was thinking about taking enchanting, to see if it works better in a character that started at level 1, but enchanting is a pain in the ass. Besides, both leather and herbs can be very profitable. There aren't any other professions I want to try, either.

When Scythandra's tailoring hit 300 I was able to make netherweave bolts; and I had so much netherweave stored up that the tailoring skill was at 325 by the time I was finished making them--so Scythandra got more training and can now make netherweave bags! (Finally!)

...so I dropped out of Ormus long enough to have Scythandra fab up four netherweave bags, and she mailed them and 20 GP to Ormus.

With the standard backpack and four netherweave bags, Ormus has 80 inventory slots. It's plenty of room; most of my characters have little trouble with that much capacity, though Scythandra has two frostweave bags (20 slot bags) because herbs and tailoring stuff take up so much room. Eventually Scythandra will be able to make frostweave bags; and after a while all my characters will have all their bags upgraded to frostweave bags. Heh.

* * *

Kentucky Fried Chicken has those "firey" wings, and they are good. Unlike most hot wings, these aren't soaked in hot sauce; instead they use some kind of rub or something. The flavor is excellent.

#1952: I hate it when that happens.

Tried to go to sleep this morning, and couldn't; everything would be fine until I actually dropped off to sleep, and then I'd start hyperventilating, which would wake me up.

No shortness of breath, no other problems--nothing physically wrong--but it happened a couple times and finally I got disgusted, got up, and took a Xanax.

After that, I started feeling that pecuiliar "short of breath" feeling I frequently get when I'm having an anxiety attack. It's not real shortness of breath; in fact it feels like I need to yawn, but can't. I've had this happen from time to time since I was 12, but it keeps me from sleeping when it happens because the only way to stop that irritating "need to yawn!" sensation is to sit bolt upright and take a deep breath and try to get the yawn out. Yawning then will make the sensation go away...for a couple of minutes, if I'm lucky, and then the whole thing repeats.

One Xanax and 20 minutes later, all that nonsense stopped. ZZZZ. But it was 7:30 AM by the time I managed to finally drop off.

* * *

Obama wants to raise taxes on everyone, including those who make less than $250,000 per year. The White House is beginning to lay the groundwork for it.

I would submit that Obama has wanted this all along, but knew he couldn't get elected if he said he was planning to raise taxes. The press will give him a pass, of course. Remember the huge Clinton tax increase in 1993? Clinton campaigned on promises of tax cuts, and instead signed the largest-ever increase in taxes. (At least, at the time. It may still have not been surpassed.) No one took him to task for it.

Not so with George H. W. Bush. Oh hell no. That dirty rotten scoundrel promised that there'd be no new taxes, and he signed the largest-ever tax increase in American history! (In 1991, as I recall, and it was surpassed by Clinton's in 1993.) The press was all over him like white on rice for "breaking his promise to the American people" but when Clinton did it two years later it was a "principled reversal due to economic conditions."

There has never, never, ever been a tax increase Democrats did not like.

* * *

This is what really annoys me about commercial releases: you can't just put the DVD in and watch the movie; no--there are all these warnings and notices and crap you're not allowed to skip.

Oh--and those animated menus? Lose them. I don't mind fancy graphics, but just show a picture with the menu. Don't animate anything. I bought the damn thing because I want to see the movie, so do not make me wait to watch the movie.


* * *

Two links from Big Dick:

Obama and the Democrats intend to use reconciliation to pass ObamaCare. I told you: the Democrats need it, so we are going to get it whether we want it or not.

Finally a version of the "sonic boom destroys sundog" video that's not in QuickTime, which I hate.

* * *

Smallville is on in about 10 minutes. After that, an exciting Friday night in Azeroth! Such a stimulating life I lead.