August 25th, 2010

#2246: How the hell does THAT work?

Solar flares affect radioactive decay?


In fact, not just solar flares, but any solar activity seems to have an effect on how quickly radioactive isotopes decay.


"All of the evidence points toward a conclusion that the sun is 'communicating' with radioactive isotopes on Earth."

But they don't know how, and learning the answer to that question will be very, VERY interesting.

Their current thinking is "neutrinos" but considering that a neutrino can pass through a light year of lead without being absorbed it doesn't make a lot of sense.

This might be a way to check the neutrino theory.

For damn sure, solving this riddle will mean some new additions to our understanding of physics. That's always good.

#2247: Lovely Fuuka arrived today

I wasn't expecting it before 9/1. That was pleasantly fast shipping.

...the figure stands about 8" tall, which is around what I expected. I'm happy with it, though I haven't taken it out of the box yet.

Another thing which makes me happy: the bearings for my rocking chair finally came in. I just got back from driving to Peotone to get them. Price: $30.

The guy said he didn't charge me any markup on them, but the invoice inside is for a total of $16, so I have to wonder. Anyway, I don't care, because I've got 16 new bearings, which ought to last me a while.

Looks like the manufacturer charges $1 apiece for 'em, which sounds about right. Similar bearings (without the tapped inner race, for the bolts, which is why I couldn't just use those) cost about that from Ace Hardware.

I still have my laundry list of chores to do. *sigh* Don't wanna....

* * *

Boortz summarizes Obamanomics "Recovery Summer".

* * *

Obama wants to nationalize the fishing industry.

* * *

Midwest Chick makes an interesting point here.
It's interesting that the muslim world, which seems so eager to declare fatwas and death threats, has not jumped on and declared Obama to be apostate since he was muslim (or was claimed to be) and has converted to Christianity, which would carry a death sentence in most muslim countries.
That's right!

* * *

This amounts to a de facto gun ban. Banning ammunition because it contains lead? What else can we use?

...what this will do--if it's allowed to go forward--is to prompt a lot of people to buy lead and reloading equipment and bootleg their ammo.

If the EPA does this, I hope they're ready for the shitstorm of lawsuits that'll come down on them.

* * *

John Stossel asks, "Where are the new jobs?"

* * *

Yes, that late '70s grocery getter is going to blow your doors off if he can get the rear end to hook up. Jesus.

* * *

Today is a ridiculously nice day. We only have 6 days left of "Endless Eight".

* * *

Wow, even AP is getting the message: "It's starting to feel like another recession."


"Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody's Analytics,...[said,]'Nothing else can go wrong. There is no cushion left.'" What he's saying isn't what he means; what he means is that nothing else had better go wrong because there is no cushion left.

If he actually thinks that it's impossible for anything else to go wrong, hoo boy is he in for a surprise.

#2248: Okay, that was a busy afternoon.

Well, I ran all my errands, and the only thing I didn't get done was to cut the grass. And change the oil in the Jeep.

Well, Thursday's supposed to be as nice as today, and possibly a bit cooler.

But I did all the running around, including a trip to K-mart for vacuum cleaner bags, storage totes, Aluratek Libre eReader Pro. For Mom.

So Mom's starting with Don Quixote.

I managed to put the emergency rations into a safe storage place this evening, too. I'm going to need to do some more cleaning of that area and make more room for other things, but it's a start.

I did the shopping, too.

So after I finished with dinner and with storing the stuff, I got to work on the rocking chair. The problem bearing actually wore down the wood (damn it) so I had to get some of the marine epoxy putty and make a patch. I think that'll be okay.

But of course that stuff takes about an hour to cure, so I'm going to be rocker-less for another 40 minutes or so.

* * *

Carter goes to North Korea, receives complimentary 12-year-old schoolgirl. Complete with pigtails, even.

Man, he looks happy about it, doesn't h--eh? What?

I have just been informed that Carter is only being greeted by the schoolgirl; he does not get to keep her.

* * *

Speaking of NK, here is a collection of LOLKim-jong Ils.

...y'know...instead of "LOLcats"...?


* * *

Okay: rocking chair repair is complete, and it's a thing of beauty again. I can rock without hideous squeaking noises.

The cat's happier too.