September 20th, 2010

#2299: Somebody tell Rove to STFU

Karl Rove was the political advisor who helped George W. Bush win and retain the White House. This was a critical win for America, because the alternatives were Gore and Kerry, and a scant two years of Obama have already shown us what those guys would have been like, had they won.

But now Rove is on the wrong side of the debate.

Karl Rove worked for a country-club Republican. George Bush--while better than the alternative--is still Democrat Lite; and Karl Rove is too.

Karl Rove is part of the problem facing the GOP today.

The GOP lost control of Congress in 2006 in part because George W. Bush and Karl Rove and the GOP leadership were all trying to be Democrat Lite.

Instead of, you know, actually being Republicans or something.

* * *

In that vein comes this other post from Michelle Malkin. Actually she's plugging a book, here, called Red State Uprising, that actually looks as if it might be a good read.

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Vox Day on the failings of police.
...West Point graduate and military vet Erik Scott was murdered in public while shopping at Costco with his girlfriend by three Las Vegas police officers. Without offering any provocation or protest, he was Tasered, then shot seven times, four times in the back as he lay on the ground dying. His crime? He was a Concealed Carry Weapons license holder and was legally carrying a gun that he never brandished or even attempted to draw.

This police execution was carried out in the full view of many eyewitnesses and was recorded by several of Costco's security cameras. Needless to say, the video footage as well as the hard drives were immediately confiscated by the police. The public has not been permitted access to any of it. The Las Vegas police are now claiming that the video footage, which only they have seen, is useless for the purposes of determining what happened. The lying blue line is in full throat, with the police captain telling transparent lies that are directly contradicted by witnesses and the dispatcher's audiotape.
Too many cops think that any citizen with a gun is automatically a criminal, because "why do you need a gun if you're not planning to commit a crime?"

Sadly, too many cops think that way: you're carrying a weapon; you must be about to commit a crime. You're refusing to allow me to enter your home and look around; you have something to hide. You're driving past a closed business after 11 PM; you must be up to no good.

The cops involved in this need to be fired and they need to be prosecuted for murder. But they probably won't be, because the police have confiscated all the evidence and you can expect it either to get lost or damaged beyond usability.

There really needs to be independent, civilian oversight of police--not just the city council or local governing body, but a commission which has the power to investigate misconduct, fire police officers, and recommend prosecution. One of the critical rules for this commission must be that no commissioner has ever been a police officer.

* * *

Despite the fact that Carter was a disaster for the US, the news media thinks he was wonderful. Of course they do. There's that little "(D)" after his name.

* * *

The MGC.

Yes, MG had another model after the "B". It was a 6-cylinder version of the B, essentially. Not many people outside of the LBC* community have heard of it.

These days you can cram a Fiero's 2.8 V6 into an MGB and get more power and torque than the MGC got from its straight 6. (Better yet, a 1995 Camaro 3.4, because it breathes better than the Fiero's engine does.) And the Fiero engine even weighs about the same as the B's four. And fuel injected, so you don't have to mess around with multiple shitty SU carbs.

*little british car

* * *

I have to run a few errands today; and this week Mom has doc appointments. Sometime or other the damn grocery shopping's got to get done, too. And I've still got to install the wiper motor and see if I can get that working.

Not to mention, it must be said, the trailer hitch for the Jeep.

(Wait, is that a contradiction? "Not to mention, it must be said,"? Well, I don't really care. I routinely read worse.)

Since I haven't even had breakfast yet, I'd better get it in gear.

#2300: What fatuous crap.

I just heard a story on the radio about how the recession ended in June of 2009 "for business, not for people."

What the fuck kind of shit is that?

The guy saying that was trying to match reality to the failed BS that the economy is "recovering", and he failed.

What is a business? It's an entity which is designed to generate profit by providing a good or service; but you cannot have a business without people. Someone has to own it at the very least; and no business exists in a vacuum. The business which sells and services computers still needs someone to print their letterhead and make their desks and sell them parts and....

And a typical business must have more than one person doing things. A very small business may consist of one man; but even that one-man business relies on other large businesses for its materials and equipment.

A business can't make money without spreading it around to its employees, because people don't work for free; you can't have an economic recovery unless the people are making money. And the people aren't making money.

* * *

Limbaugh was talking this morning about what the upcoming election means for the RINO "Democrat Lite" GOP leadership. He predicted that they'll remain entrenched; no one is going to come to Jesus because of this election.

He's right; we not only need to defeat the RINOs now, but we need to continue to defeat them in future elections.

Let the goddamned RINOs go and be Democrats, if they don't like the idea of being conservatives. You want to be squishy, go be a member of the party of squish. You want to look down your nose at your constituents, you go be a Democrat; then you can look down your nose at the Democrat constituency. They deserve it anyway.

* * *

Limbaugh pointed out something very interesting, and it was something I hadn't noticed: whenever a squishy RINO wins, we're all supposed to get behind him and support him. But when a conservative wins, it's perfectly all right for the losing squishybitch to endorse the Democrat or run as an Independent.

That shit's got to stop.

* * *

(Hmm, "squishybitch"...I'll have to remember that. It rolls off the tongue better than does "RINO".)

* * *

Notice that Karl Rove is suddenly a media darling? Right now he's the alpha squishybitch of the GOP, second only to Steele; and the media loves him--the way they love all Republicans who are critical of other Republicans!--precisely because he's coming out so vehemently anti-O'Donnell.

The media loves it when prominent Republicans get up and denigrate conservatives; they love it to pieces, because they hate conservatives with a passion. They hate conservatives more than they hate child molestors.

Karl Rove was the liberal antichrist for a decade, but now that he's spouting shit about a conservative, suddenly they love him.

Hypocrites all. Including Rove.

* * *

All of this, however, will hopefully serve as a goad to the conservative base, and get them all out in record numbers this fall, and crush the Democrat Regime's rule of Congress.

Getting Congress out of Democrat hands is only the first step. Next we have to start eliminating the squishybitch RINOs; get them de-elected and replaced with conservatives.

Once we have a conservative majority in Congress--preferaly veto-proof--then we can start cutting government 'way back. And I mean actual real cuts, not just reductions in the rate of growth.

...and while I'm dreaming, I'd like a Lamborghini.

#2301: I don't know how the guy at China Garden does it.

The closest Chinese restaurant to the bunker is a take-out place in Steger. In wintertime the place isn't well-heated, but let's face it: it's a kitchen and a counter; the stove keeps the place warm enough.

But in summer--

Today the outdoor temp hit around 80°, and I decided that I wanted yakisoba for dinner--so I checked the supplies and realized I needed cabbage; and I went to the store for that, and then came home and started working.

I finished cooking about 5 minutes ago, perhaps, and then dished up some food and came in here. My face was dripping with sweat and I had to take my shirt off. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt as I cooked.

The guy at the Chinese place wears long pants and an apron, yet I have never seen him appear to sweat at all.

I don't know how he does it.

* * *

(I know: he's used to it. Still. I never seem to get used to working in the heat, no matter how much of it I do. Argh etc.)

* * *

As for the yakisoba, it is up to my usual excellent standard.

After the meat is finished browning, you throw the vegetables on top of it, sprinkle about 5 TBSP of wine, and cover it, and let it steam for 3-5 minutes. When you take the cover off, the aroma is heavenly. The juices and the meat and the wine and the vegetables and everything all just get together and have a party in the wok.

The sauce (which is added last) only accentuates that flavor, if you've done it right.

* * *

Oh: How to.

Three changes: chop about 2 stalks of celery and add that with the cabbage. Use a bit less cabbage; and only 4 TBSP of Worcestershire rather than 5.

* * *

...I just finished eating a big mess of the stuff. I took a pasta plate and piled on about 2x the volume of the plate; and I ate it all. O man is that good.

* * *

I see what you did there. Headline: "Great: Tea Partier Arrested For Plot to Bomb Wrigley Field".

The "Tea partier"'s name: "Sami Samir Hassoun".

Ahh, I get it! It's a clever use of irony! Because he's a muslim, not a TEA partier! I get it!

* * *

"Therapy session for disillusioned Obama voters". Heh.

ObamaTron: "I'm exhausted of defending you!"

* * *

"The recession ended in June 2009, now quit yer complainin’."

Limbaugh's answer was, "The recession ended, fine; but when did the Depression start?"

* * *

And Ace gets an award for this name for Obama: "President Metrosexual Space Alien".

Gonna have to borrow that one myself.

* * *

Dang, it's hot in here. The AC will go on tomorrow morning sometime, as it's scheduled to approach 90°.

* * *

The only errand I got done today was to head out to Wal-Mart to get my pills. While I feel much better than I had for the prior three days I'm still feeling the tail end of whatever got me.

The hell of it is, I don't even know what it was. A mild cold? Allergic reaction to pollen? Gut malf? Sand in the vajeener? I just don't know.

Whatever it was, it knocked me on my duff, and made me sleep 15 hours a day; when I wasn't sleeping I was dizzy and woozy and lightheaded. I wasn't sure it was safe for me to drive, even.

That's why I couldn't go to IMTS either Thursday or Friday: to get there I'd have to drive on the Damn Ryan.

You know how, in The Matrix trilogy, they're always adamant about do not go on the freeway! And remember how, in the second movie, they had to take the freeway, and it was like a war zone? Remember that?

I'm pretty sure the Damn Ryan is "the freeway" in The Matrix.

If you somehow manage to make it all the way to "the circle interchange", what you reach, in fact, is THE DEATH VORTEX!!! It's a couple of light years of steel and concrete ribbons which twist and undulate through all 20 dimensions, and if you're not careful you could find yourself getting off in the Twilight Zone rather than the Loop. The dimensional rift which contains the thing warps time and space around it, making it seem like it's a conventionally-sized object, but it's actually about the size of the solar system. It's an ancient artifact--a piece of failed FTL drive--left behind by the ancient astronauts who built the pyramids and Stonehenge.

I'm pretty sure the Damn Ryan is, in fact, a cursed extrusion of pure evil from some dark, nether pit of Hell, and all the other drivers are actually demons in disguise. The other drivers certainly drive as if they're immortal beings bent on sentencing you to eternal perdition, anyway.

Now: imagine driving that road when you were first learning how to drive, and had to do everything consciously. Okay? That's what it would have been like for me, last week. My brain was malfing just enough that I had to pay close attention to everything I was doing; I could not let anything go on autopilot. For example, I had to check my speed continuously as I could not maintain a constant speed automatically, as I normally do.

Kind of like being on really good painkillers...except I wasn't on anything. It was just the degree and a half of fever that I had, messing up my concentration. Yeah. No. Definitely not the kind of trip you want to make when you're already tripping, regardless of the reason.

And apparently from now on it'll be in Las Vegas, because the idiot carpenters union decided to go on strike. Morons.

* * *

But this morning I abruptly found myself feeling a lot better. It kind of felt as if my entire body had just suddenly relaxed; I felt giggly, as if I were having an endorphin rush. You know what I mean: when you're in pain and the pain just suddenly stops (because of anasthetic or whatever) and your brain is still making endorphins to counter the pain--so you get the giggles. (But I hadn't been in any pain. Weird.)

After that I fell asleep. When I woke up again around 10:30-ish, I felt better than I had since Thursday.

Still, I'm not 100% better. Well, I'm getting there, anyway; because if I weren't, I sure as hell wouldn't have been able to cook dinner.

Score one for me.

#2302: When the hell is Cataclysm going live?

...preparing to shut down the other BS and fire up WoW, I noticed the Blizzard background downloader thing going in the toolbar; I double-clicked it to see what it was doing.

"Downloading 'WoW-3.3.x-to-4.0.0-patch-NA-Stage-2'..." and "1000 MB of 3.97 GB".

Me: HO-ly shit!

I have to wonder how long it'll be before Cataclysm is going live, what with all this going on. Of course Blizzard wants all the users to be ready to patch when it goes live, to minimize downtime; especially since they're basically revamping the entire freaking world. That explains why they'd patch well in advance of the actual switch.

Still, when the hell is it happening? It's late September now; are they planning to go live in October? I'd thought they'd do it in November--just in time for Christmas season--but maybe I'm wrong. Maybe they want to get it all running early and stabilized before a bunch of people get WoW cards for Christmas and start logging in by the million.

Anyway, I've already proven that my connection can handle torrents and WoW at the same time, so I'm still going to play.

* * *

Speaking of playing: it looks to me as if Horde players are a bunch of whiny crybabies.

I tried queuing for randoms with Slaughther. The first group was in Dire Maul; the tank and healer got killed. I hit /gloat after someone else hit /mourn; then the tank quit, and just before another player quit he accused me of making the tank quit, because I hit /gloat.

The tank couldn't hold aggro, so the healer got killed, and then the tank got killed after that. I managed to survive by the skin of my teeth, as did the other two DPS; yet it was my fault the tank quit? Give me a break. If he can't take chat text saying, "Slaughter gloats over everyone's misfortune," then he's a pussy; besides, at level 57 you should be able to hold aggro. If you can't, you're a shitty tank.

So after everyone left the instance I re-queued, and ended up in Blackrock Spire. Okay, this is fine; I kind of know that one and it's a good instance.

We managed to get past the rookery and we were doing pretty well...and then the tank did that horseshit where he draws aggro from a huge mob, leads them back to the party, and then leaves the dungeon. He didn't complain about anything; just suddenly did that and quit, and the healer quit at the same time. No idea WTF his problem was, but obviously he had his panties in a bunch over something stupid if he couldn't say anything before leaving.

Blizz ought to set the dungeon finder up so you can't "teleport out of dungeon" during combat.

Still, I power-leveled several of Slaughther's skills--herbalism and inscription are her professions, and I worked on cooking and first aid as well. Not a lot of XP for that stuff but I had fun, which is the entire point of playing the game in the first place.

* * *

It'll be interesting to see Cataclysm when it goes live. Even without buying the expansion, players will be able to fly in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms (finally!). And of course there'll be the map changes, such as the elimination of Ashenvale other one I can't remember. Two zones go away, and I really wish Ashenvale wasn't one of them; it would have been better if Azshara had been axed. I hate Azshara.

Oh well. I'll have fun regardless.