October 28th, 2010

#2373: Chances are it ain't a time traveler.

Does this image contain an image of someone in 1928 using a mobile phone?

Oh sure it does. Yeah, someone ended up stranded in 1928 with a freakin' iPhone and decided to call ATMA (American Time Machine Association) to arrange for a time-tow-truck. Yeah.

...ON THE CELLULAR SYSTEM THAT WOULDN'T EVEN EXIST UNTIL 1983. (First cellular system in the US became operational in 1983 according to Wikipedia.) And that was an analog system that an iPhone wouldn't even work on, so WTF.


While it is possible that this is an image of someone who is communicating with someone else via some kind of electronic device, and that this is a literal anachronism


Jesus Christ, these people are stupid. "That woman's talking on a mobile phone! It can't possibly be anything else!"

And by the way--the nonsense in the story about "Some viewers have suggested she is listening to a portable radio close to her face,..." do any of those idiots have any idea how big even a "portable" radio was in 1928, THIRTY YEARS BEFORE THE INVENTION OF THE FREAKIN' TRANSISTOR? Hint: it would be slightly larger than palm-sized.


* * *

I thought Oregon had socialized medicine. Why is this woman trying to perform a back-alley circumscision when she lives in a state with socialized medicine and legalized circumscision?

I mean, according to liberals, that kind of thing just doesn't happen when medical procedures are legal and paid for by taxpayer dollars!

* * *

If you don't let TSA pervs look at your naked body in the full-body scanner, other TSA pervs get to feel you up, in detail.

Og discusses the necessary evil of airport security but I think things have gone too damn far with this nonsense. All of this bullshit is being done because no security apparati are allowed to concentrate their searches on people who, y'know, actually might be involved in islamic terrorism.

Simple fact is, we don't need this level of security. We could go back to airport security vintage 1985 if we would simply station a couple of heavily-armed, well-trained, plainclothes air marshals on each flight. Do you honestly think anyone would risk committing a terror attack on (or using) an airliner if he knew he first had to find and take out the two guys aboard who had guns and knew how to use them?

How many of the hijackings of 9/11 would have succeeded had there been armed air marshals aboard those airplanes?

Oh, but no, we mustn't actually have armed people aboard aircraft! The mere presence of those guns means everyone's life is in mortal danger!


* * *

I disagree with this article in only one respect: that the economy is running, present tense, out of gas. I think the tank's been empty since mid-2009.

* * *

I really, really hate "white on black" text. But Snigs has personal experience with black-on-white racism which is a must-read, IMHO.

* * *

Democrats are going fishing for dirt on possible Obama opponents in 2012.

Now: just imagine the outcry from the media and Democrats and liberals and leftists had Bush done anything which even approximated this kind of thing.

* * *

Damn it, the bots keep getting better and better.

You want to see the face of Alyssa from my short story Singularity, it's remarkably like that. That's about what a stock Mitsubishi Model 1 Meido-san would look like.

(The first eight parts of Singluarity. The rest can be found in the Fungus archives starting here., December 17, part IX.)

* * *

This is awesome. WEERD recounts how Sharron Angle sent flowers to Joy "I'm a hate-filled bitch" Behar after Behar went on one of her hate-filled anti-republican rants. (What? Behar herself says "bitch" is a term of endearment; didn't you hear that?) Angle sent her flowers in part because Behar's rant ended up netting Angle some nice fat campaign contributions. Heh.

* * *

Also from WEERD this "empathy" test thing.

...I took that test and scored around 22, which--according to the test!--means I am a cold, heartless bastard.

Yeah, I'm really heartless. I'm so heartless, I apologize to spiders I find inside the house before I squish 'em. I'm so heartless I prefer trapping and releasing mice to using lethal traps. I'm such a mean person I refuse to use adhesive traps for anything but flies and mosquitos. I'm so heartless, I panic-stop to avoid hitting varmints like raccoons and opossums. I'm so unfeeling, I always took too much time to do procedures in the nursing home because I treated the residents like people.


It's crap.

* * *

I like to "imagine" a world without John Lennon. One where he never existed and never wrote that stupid fucking communist song.

* * *

I agree: give kids back their childhoods. I see my brother's kids being involved in 50,000 things, keeping them busy 26/9, and wonder when they actually have time to be kids around all the music lessons, the sports leagues, the volunteering, the this, the that?


* * *

I heard on Limbaugh today that the "great orator" Obama needs a teleprompter when he's meeting with his own people.

Wow, that's just pathetic.

You know, I watch videos of Chris Christie giving speeches to people, and it's obvious he's not even using notes during his speeches...yet he speaks well and doesn't hem and haw.

Contrast that with Obama: he reads off a teleprompter very well, but the instant that machine is taken away he turns into a stammering mushmouth. "Ehm, erm, uh, um, well, uh, er, uh, that is, uh...." He's not even articulate.

Even when I hear Obama reading from a teleprompter--even when he has that crutch--I don't hear a "great orator". His "reading aloud" style is dead boring.

Sarah Palin is "stupid" because she wrote a couple points on her hand; Obama can't even talk without a teleprompter, and he's a "great orator".


* * *

Remmyton hit 29th level last night. I've been splitting my time between Redridge and Duskwood only because I didn't want to work too hard (and get too frustrated) on any of the quests in Redridge. With the help of a guildie I took out the two big group quests in Duskwood ("Legend of Stalvan" and "Mor'Ladim") and I spent a lot of time shooting skeletons and zombies and worgen for fun and profit.

In Cataclysm, worgen are going to be a character class. I wonder if you'll still be able to skin 'em?

But now nearly all the Redridge quests are green, so I'm going to knock them out.

* * *

Last night, though, while I was playing, I realized that the desk chair was more like a desk chaise. I'm not kidding; if I sat back in the chair, I was half-supine. So I decided to see if there was anything I could do about it.

The thing's held together with allen head bolts, so I had to find the right tool; but once I had that, I unscrewed the bolts holding the arms on and discovered that yes, there was a problem with how they were attached.

When I put them back on, I left the back off and attempted to position them so that the back would be as vertical as possible; and when I put the back on I pressed it forward as I tightened the bolts.

When I sat in the thing, it was like a whole 'nother chair.

It got me to thinking, though, about how some Fiero nuts put Fiero seats on office chair pedestals. That would be nifty, though I'd lose the arms; I'd have to find an office chair which attaches its arms to the pedestal rather than the seat. (Or maybe just knock all the padding and upholstery off the seat bottom, and attach the Fiero seat to that?)

Making an adaptor bracket would not be too difficult. Hell, I have a freakin' welder and 1/8" steel would be plenty strong enough. And in fact I have a chair that I can use as the basis for this project.

The only real problem for me is finding a Fiero seat that's in decent shape. The most awesome idea would be to get one from an '84 or '85 with speakers in the headrest, and then connect that to the computer's speakers.

(No, I am not taking one from my '85. Not even temporarily.))

The Fiero seats are very comfortable. I've driven my '85 to Iowa and back several times, which is a 4-hour drive.

Of course it doesn't have to be a Fiero seat. There are all kinds of comfortable bucket seats out there. I'd just prefer a Fiero seat, because I'm a Fiero guy.

Wow, Pick-n-Pull charges $30 for a single non-electric bucket seat. Maybe I'll go look next week, assuming I have time.

* * *

"Assuming I have time":

Mom's got PT for her back pain, and she's got other appointments besides. Tuesday was the only day this week I didn't have to drive her to a medical appointment. (Yes, she has one tomorrow, too.)

I suppose I could go on Saturday....

#2374: "Oh, Ed, don't soil yourself!"

In the mail yesterday came--for me--a political ad. (I know, "stop the presses!" etc--politicians trying to get my vote with an election a scant week away. I know.)

It was a folded pamphlet, glossy paper, etc--expensive--and it had a picture of Mark Kirk on it, and big red letters saying that Mark Kirk was not a "real conservative" for this and that reason.

I looked at the thing and--sure enough--it was from Alexei Ginnoulias.

I read the blurb on the outside to Mom, then read the bit on the inside saying how Alexei G. was going to "stand up to Wall Street", and said disgustedly, "Like I'm going to listen to a Democrat telling me what a 'real conservative' looks like?"

Then I tore the thing up and mimed wiping my ass with it.

Mom: "Oh, Ed, don't soil yourself! Even if it was toilet paper--don't soil yourself!"


Of course the ad is meant either to encourage me to stay home, or to vote for someone else; I don't think the Democrats actually think that would convince me to vote for Ginnouliar*.

Thing is, I already know Mark Kirk is not a hard conservative. Unfortunately I found out his RINO tendencies after the primary; I voted for his sorry ass in them. Only then did I learn the asshat supports Cap-and-Tax.

But, even so, Mark Kirk is preferable to Alexi Gennouliar*, who's nothing more than a stereotypical tax-and-spend-and-tax-and-tax liberal Democrat. So I'll be voting for Kirk even though he's not a conservative; the last thing I'm going to do is let a stinking Democrat tell me how to vote.

I'm saying this to the Democrats right now: do not waste your money on sending me your spam, because if I even read it it'll only be so I can write a really sarcastic blog post about it.

* HELL YES I MEANT TO SPELL IT THAT WAY. The man's a Democrat; what more do I need to say?

* * *

I'm going to vote Republican this election, like I always do. But depending on how the GOP acts in the next two years, it may be the last time.

If I see anything coming out of the GOP that looks like 2000-2006, I'm done with the GOP. I mean it. No more "Democrat Lite" bullshit, guys, because I won't stand for it. I'll switch parties and start voting libertarian before I enable that kind of happy horseshit from you buttplugs. This is your last chance to demonstrate to me that you guys actually have something approximating a spine and a brain.

I am not expecting miracles. But:

If you "reach across the aisle" to Obama, I'm quitting the party.

If you don't start trying to roll back Obama's failed schemes, I'm done.

If you don't filibuster or vote down Obama's radical appointees, it's over.

If you increase spending, you lose.

If you raise taxes--in any way, for any reason--I'm going libertarian.

If your worries about what the press thinks of you lead you to abandon conservatism, I'm abandoning you.

The nonsense we got from the GOP during the Bush years will not fly. There had better not be any record-breaking spending increases to any federal line-item, much less the kind of "compassionate conservative" crap we got thanks to Bush et al ("No Child Left Behind" etc). Fuck that noise.

I'm not kidding. I'm not exaggerating. If you screw this up, I won't be back in 2012.

And even assuming you surpass all my expectations and actually manage not to fuck this up--I am not holding my breath--if you give me some squishy "Democrat Lite" asshat for President in 2012 (like John McCain) I won't be voting for him. And I'm putting you on notice right the fuck now: Ron Paul, Mike Huckabee, and Mitt Romney are non-starters. Don't even bother putting them up, because I'll vote for someone else. But that assumes that you actually manage to govern like conservatives and not squishy "Democrat Lite" assholes; and I don't think you'll manage that.

Hell no I don't have any confidence in the GOP. Why would I? The last time there was real conservatism in Washington, D.C. was 1995, and it didn't last very long: eighteen months, tops, until Bill Clinton stared the GOP down over a government shutdown. The press said nasty things, the GOP wet its pants, and after that, it was "Democrat Lite" all the way to the shitpot we're in now.

We don't need another Democrat party, even a watered-down one; the one we already have is more than enough. What we need is opposition to the Democrat party; and if the GOP doesn't provide that, I'm not going to support it. I'm going to find someone who does.

* * *

"Ron Paul": When Ron Paul withdrew from the Republican race for President in 2008, he endorsed anyone but Obama and McCain:
On June 12 [2008], Paul withdrew from the race. He did not endorse John McCain as the presumptive nominee for President, Paul eventually went on to endorse several third party candidates in the general election, including Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party, Cynthia McKinney of the Green Party, Bob Barr of the Libertarian Party, and Ralph Nader, who ran as an independent.
The asshat endorsed Cynthia McKinney and Ralph Fucking Nader.

Fuck no I won't vote for Ron Paul. Ever.

* * *

Fortunately, I know I'm not alone. There are a whole bunch of people out there who feel the way I do, and who will flock to a third party if the GOP is bound and determined to be "Democrat Lite". And so the GOP will wither on the vine, turning into another historical footnote like the Whig party.