November 11th, 2010

#2394: I used to be a lot nicer than this.

You want to stop this kind of nonsense? Make it a policy to let riot police use shotguns loaded with real bullets instead of rubber or beanbag types. If you abandon any semblance of civil protest, you're abandoning the expectation of gentle treatment from police.

* * *

This is a good way to distance yourself from the imperial Democrats. John Boehner--assuming he becomes Speaker--is vowing to fly commercial.

Even if he flies first class it'll cost us a damn sight less than Princess Nancy and her demands for Air Force jets.

* * *

Advanced commercial aircraft may be getting too advanced for their own good. Boeing is having trouble with the 787 Dreamliner.

* * *

I used to have a friend who was hard left.

Scratch that: I used to have several friends who were hard left. But only one of them self-identified as a liberal; the others claimed to be "moderates" and "independents" who were, in fact, die-hard flaming lefty liberals who somehow thought that calling themselves something else made them appear smarter than they actually were.

The one who self-identified as liberal complained that military service "screws up [peoples'] heads." He cited, as his evidence, people from his own experience.

At the time, I accepted what he said without asking for examples (or really believing it); but today I thought about that and realized that when a liberal says someone got "screwed up in the head" it actually means he came to his senses.

Those people probably came back from military service with a better idea of what makes the US a great country. They probably had learned things about the military and their country (and possibly the world) which gave the lie to all the liberal bullshit force-fed to them by their teachers and professors, and--having realized that liberalism is 90% "everything should be nice!" and that wishing don't make it so--began evaluating the world in more realistic terms.

This made them "screwed up in the head". Yeah.

I'm not saying that military service is a panacea and a great thing for everyone to do, but considering the source--whose knowledge of the military came entirely from Hollywood movies--I sincerely doubt they all came back "screwed up in the head" unless they were already screwed up before they left.

* * *

Remmyton hit 50th level not too long ago. Sheesh, that's not even three weeks since the character was created. I need to train mining to 230 (so I can mine thorium) before I head into Un'Goro Crater to do the quests there.

Because I've been based in Tanaris--far from any major Alliance cities--I've been stockpiling, rather than auctioning, the stuff I farm with my professions (skinning and mining). Iron ore sells out quickly at around 15-20 GP per stack; leather brings in plenty of cash depending on its level. I haven't had much luck selling medium leather, or any variety of hide, but heavy and thick leather are cash cows.

I haven't felt the need to sell stuff, though, as Remmyton has about 350 gold at the moment. I should sell stuff soon, though, because once she hits 60th it'll be time for a flying mount, and the training for that runs about 450 or so. Besides, my bank tab is getting full.

That 20GP per stack for iron ore, by the way, is an incredible lowball price. I'm not joking; I saw iron ore going for ridiculously high prices. 200GP per stack? Are you shitting me? I slam a zero off that and sell out, and I've got plenty of cash. Iron ore is not that damn scarce.

It's not like hardened adamantite, of which it takes twenty ores to make one bar. I can see that costing a packet (100 GP each? I don't know). But iron? No.

I guess I just don't care about maximizing my profit; when my common sense kicks into gear I can't make myself charge anyone 10 GP per unit for something that's not all that hard to come by.

* * *

Did a couple more pages of Chicory last night, and finally Kurata-sensei has started talking about putting chicory in coffee! It's a major milestone!

...this after I spent plenty of time watching anime. I finished the viewing of Haruhi I started some months ago, with the last four eps (chronological order): "Mikuru the Combat Waitress", "Live a Live", "Day of Saggitarius", and "Someday in the Rain".

So today, while waiting for Mom to be done with a doc appointment, I was reading the equivalent manga chapters, and laughing to myself because I could remember the music. People who've seen the series will know what I mean: the "Mikurun" theme, the "Day of Saggitarius" music.

Tsuruya has truly impressive hair. Every time I see her from the back, I think, "Jesus she's got long hair!" It's a shame she doesn't show up more often in the anime; I love that character.

* * *

The budding relationship I alluded to in an earlier post has foundered, and upon the usual shoals. seems that it has not, after all. Between the first sentence of this segment and the ellipsis beginning this paragraph, I fired up my e-mail client to get the exact quote saying that she was not going to be judgemental, and there was an e-mail from her. So I guess I'm going to explain WTF I'm talking about and have a laugh at my own expense.

See, the other party (call her G-ko) is a couple years older than I and has had to deal with her own share of misery, and told me that she wasn't going to be judgemental, that she wasn't going to tell me what I should be doing. In an e-mail sent a few days ago I mentioned that I live with Mom; and after that there were no more e-mails from G-ko.

I waited a few days and added another tick to the column labeled "yeah, that 'non-judgemental' stuff only lasts as long as they don't know you live with your mother," and ruefully sang the parody of Strong Bad's serenade:
Don't you know I play World of Warcraft,
And live with my mother,
And watch Japanese cartoons
(yeah I watch Japanese cartoons)
...followed by the requisite Homestar Runner impression, "Uh, Ed? I think I'm fawling fow you."


[insert pause while Ed watches the "Strong Bad E-mail" through the part he's talking about, wipes away tears of laughter, and resumes bloggeratin'.]

Anyway, G-ko only just wrote an e-mail, so I guess all is well, and I'm having to find the white-out to remove that tick mark from the chart. So, what the hell.