November 21st, 2010

#2413: The end of liberty

No way in fucking hell is that legal. Stripping the shirt off a young boy IN A PUBLIC PLACE? That's not a pat-down; that's fucking molestation.

As I recall, the TSA's new regime is to fondle do an "aggressive pat-down" of people, not remove their clothing and search it.

Og suggests we follow the Israeli model and I agree. Unfortunately, it would make a whole slew of liberal asshats wet their pants over "profiling".

So instead of using a security method which works, we have to let TSA perverts strip-search young boys just in case they're out to blow up an airplane or three. Because the alternative--the method which works--means we'd have to profile, and someone's feelings might get hurt.

Damn it, I'm done with this shit. GOP, you have one month--starting January 2, 2011--to fix this. If you don't do anything, don't be surprised if the people themselves begin to take matters into their own hands.