February 10th, 2011

#2535: GOP plays the usual games with budget numbers.

It ain't looking good.

I had thought I might have to change my sarcasm about the budget a bit after learning that the GOP was going to cut $100 billion from the budget. Of course, $100 billion out of $3,800 billion is still chicken feed; but at least it's bigger than a rounding error.

Yeah, except that the rounding error--$32 billion--is the only real cut. The rest of the "cuts" are reductions in the rate of growth.

SSDD. (Same Shit, Different Democrats.)

* * *

Here's how to spot a prank: Speed does not save lives.

Every other study that's ever been done has shown that the faster people drive, the more often they die.

Jalopnik: "We'll cop to being had — as others have — but wondering what for, as this punchline's ended with more of a fizzle than a bang."

The punchline, you Gawker Media liberal piss-heads, is that everyone who thinks there shouldn't be speed limits fell for this crapola. You'd think it was a lot more funny if you hadn't fallen for it.

* * *

So if Lincoln had lived, there'd be a lot fewer black Americans? Is that what these guys are saying?

* * *

Interesting fact: last summer, I cleaned the dust rhinoceri and 30 years' worth of cobwebs out of the floor-level cold-air returns in an attempt to improve the efficiency of the air conditioning. That didn't help much; but when I first started up the furnace last fall, I closed the ceiling-level return vents and opened the now-clean floor-level vents...and it's not excessively cold in my room for the first time since about 1965.

I'm having trouble believing that it's below zero outside because it's actually a reasonable temperature in here.

Last winter, when the weather got bitterly cold like this, it dropped below 65° in my room; I had to put on a stocking hat and thick wool socks over my normal socks, and I was still cold.

This year, with cold air actually able to, y'know, flow through the return vents, I don't need the hat or the socks; the room is still noticeably cooler than the rest of the house but it's not cold.


* * *

I ended up buying an inflatable ring-shaped pillow for my butt.

The "output port" back there is sore again, in a way which is typical for overweight middle aged men who sit a lot. The pillow is specifically designed to help with this malady, as it's a common complaint.

This chair is the only one that's really problematic. I do want to buy a new desk chair, but there's no money in the budget for that right now; once I get a job-- The cushion was $12 and change, which is an order of magnitude less than the cost of a decent chair.

It is, I believe, an acute case; given a couple of weeks it ought to take care of itself, and then I can deflate the pillow until the next time it's needed. Which hopefully will be never, but the odds don't favor that.

Martin Luther suffered from this problem; because of it, he spent hours on the toilet. I wondered why, since this is a problem with the port, not output volume--and with all of this, I realized: Because that was the only seat in the house that didn't put pressure on the affected area!

* * *

I was feeling cruddy last night, and laid down in bed for a while; IttyBit came over and curled up next to me, on the down blanket I use on cold nights. But after a little while I stopped feeling so cruddy, got up, and ran my errands. I hit the grocery store for the things I needed; I had changed back into my sweats and was sitting here and surfing when I decided I'd go to Walgreen's for the donut, and epsom salts for soaking. Dinner ended up being a bacon mofo because I still felt just cruddy enough that I didn't want to cook.

The chronic hypoglycemia has hit a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" stage: I can eat a good, healthy meal and drink diet Dew with it, and get hypoglycemic about half an hour later; or I can eat the same meal and have regular Pepsi with it, and get hypoglycemic about half an hour later. Argh etc. The only thing that doesn't prompt a reaction is when I get a hamburger or two; there's enough protein and fat there to offset the carbohydrate load.

So, I've been erring on the side of less sugar. One of the items on my shopping list was another six pack of diet Dew, because I've been drinking more of that than Pepsi, of late. I'm trying to cut the major source of simple sugar in my diet; but the effort is going about as well as it always does.

Every other time I've tried to make the switch to diet, it goes swimmingly for a few days--and then the hypoglycemia comes and sets up a tent and hangs around continuously, until I give up and switch back. This time is no different; it's because I've been drinking regular pop for decades and my body is used to dealing with it. When I stop slugging back all that sugar water, my body continues to make the same amount of insulin--and I get hypoglycemic. With a full stomach.

The other thing that seems to prevent a sugar reaction is one of my salads. That wouldn't make sense to me except for the fact that with the cheese and dressing there's a decent amount of fat on the thing, and the rest of it is mostly cellulose with a leavening of complex carbohydrates.

So for the past week or so, I've been getting headaches every day, and I've been feeling cruddy and hypoglycemic, because I'm staying away from the sugars as much as I can. I'm not being a monk about it, but I figure that reducing my sugar intake can't be bad for me, despite how it makes me feel right now. I should start feeling better, given time.

* * *

I mentioned that IttyBit curled up next to me:

She doesn't normally hang out like that. When I lie down she'll get on the bed and come over to me for a little attention before I go to sleep. I'll pet her a bit; she might lie down on me but she'll get up after a couple of minutes and leave. This time she curled up, clearly intending to go to sleep.

At first she was purring continuously; but as she began to get sleepy, the purring began to come and go, until finally she was just ticking.

That jarred me from my semi-somnolent state: she was curled up, nose covered, but at random intervals--separated by no more than a few seconds--she'd emit this ticking sound.

Purring is nothing but a continuous train of these ticking sounds; if you have a good ear and a cat who purrs loud, you can hear the individual clicks of the purr as the cat makes them. But it's unusual for a cat to make one click at a time.

So I nearly fell asleep again, thinking about how to use "the ticking cat" in a story.

* * *

Darkmaster hit 30th level last night. I had him past 32 before I decided to watch anime.

Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge
Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii ga nai
Yosuga no Sora
Fairy Tail
Asobi ni Iku Yo!
Arakawa pretty much picks up where the first series left off. The weirdness continues.

OreImo--the art style's a bit hard to deal with at first, but it's entertaining enough even though I wish the guy would slug his little sister once in a while.

Yosuga no Sora is ecchi. I decided to grab it based on the descriptions of others. Having seen the second ep now, I'm still not sure I like it; but the artwork is gorgeous. (The opening theme sucks. It changes key like four or five times, making it really hard to get a handle on the melody.)

That's it for the new stuff on the list. Fairy Tail--the more I see of Erza Scarlet, the more I like her. Asobi ni Iku Yo! is really good, and like Steven I hope there's more on the way. Yawara!--

I've got through ep 58, having finally gotten to episodes I haven't seen before as of ep 47; unfortunately two of the episodes I haven't seen are recap eps, which I hate.

...something like 150 episodes in the series, total; I first started collecting Yawara! in 1999; at the rate this stuff trickles out I'm going to be 80 before I get to see the end of the series. *sigh*

* * *

As I've had about two hours of sleep, guess what I'm going to do now?