March 2nd, 2011

#2578: Illinois now more hostile to gun owners.

Thanks to Lisa Madigan. She's made a decision that it's okay for the IL State Police to give out the names and addresses of law-abiding citizens if those citizens have Illinois Firearm Owner Idenfication cards.

The State Police, however, are resisting this move. Bravo. But they shouldn't have to go to court for this.

Madigan is, of course, a hard-left Democrat. Big surprise.

* * *

Arse Techica has another article trying to explain away the Earth's refusal to warm.

Global warming means more snowstorms, too. Yeah, those pesky laws of thermodynamics don't apply to climate science!

* * *

You know...sometimes I just have to shake my head and try to determine whether I am feeling amusement or disgust.

You had the girl at age 15; what did you THINK was going to happen?

Jesus Christ.

* * *

I don't know about the GOP, but I certainly have a vendetta against Elmo.

* * *

This George Will piece on high-speed rail contains a fact of which I was previously unaware:

"The average intercity auto trip today uses less energy per passenger mile than the average Amtrak train."

* * *

I still want that Kel-Tec bullpup shotgun. A 37mm hole--ouch.

* * *

Yesterday I needed to go pick up my RXs from Wal-Mart. As I prepared to go, I contemplated getting a Double from Wendy's for dinner.

Then I thought, When was the last time I had a pizza?

Having a gander at Pizza Hut's website, I saw that they had "any pan pizza for $10!" and that included the Super Supreme, which is topped with "Beef, Green Peppers, Ham, Mushrooms, Onions, Pepperoni, Black Olives, Italian Sausage, Pork".

Oh yeah. The only reason I got a medium is that a large is too much food for one person, even someone who can eat like me.

The best part: I selected "future date and time" and requested that it be ready at 6:20. I went to Wal-Mart and got my pills, got to the restaurant by 6:15, and had to wait only a couple of minutes before I got it fresh from the oven. 20 minutes later, I was home, and it was still perfect.

...I ate half of it. O Lord.

In my defense, though, breakfast had been more than six hours earlier; and I didn't end up eating anything else last night except for a couple of brownies before bed. I had a little bit of a stomachache, though. Heheh.

And of course the leftovers ended up being breakfast.

I got up this morning and--after feeding the cats--the very first thing I did was to take a freakin' shower.

One of the problems with this idiotic mode of living that I'm in right now comes from the fact that I really don't need to bathe every day. If I go anywhere, it's just a quick trip to the store or (more likely) a fast-food joint where I won't even be getting out of the car, much less taking my coat off. And I'm not doing heavy labor or even raising a sweat, so I just don't get dirty. I can safely skip a day between showers. Ordinarily--when I'm working--I shower every day, first thing, before going to work. But when I'm in this mode? Fsh. Why bother?

The problem comes when I skip two or three. I mean, I don't smell in any obvious fashion and I look reasonably neat and clean; but I feel crummy--and that's why I showered first thing this morning.

Mom only bathed a couple times a week--and only washed her hair once per week--and I have no freakin' clue how she could stand that.

* * *

I was thinking about #2561: What high school was like for me and how there ended up being only one comment. I had thought there might be more; but then I realized that it's the kind of story that leaves people without much to say: anything someone might say about it seems inadequate. What the hell can one say? Anything?

Other possibility: "TL;DR". Heh. Oh well.

* * *

After gorging myself on pizza, I hit WoW and leveled Ormus a little further. I did a couple of randoms and did a few quests--and hit level 17--before deciding on doing other things.

I did some searching for papers and information (and keys) and then decided it was time to get rid of the flower arrangements.

We had two arrangements from the funeral sitting in the living room, and I was loath to dispose of them for reasons I have trouble defining. Anyway, last night, I decided that the damn funeral was more than 2 months ago and the flowers are dead and dessicated and WTF!! Well, the process of getting them into a garbage bag made a huge mess, so I had to get the vacuum cleaner out; and since I had it out, I vacuumed everything but the living room. Scared the living bejesus out of the cats, of course, and Luna--after she came out of hiding--gave me this "You're supposed to protect us from that thing!" look. But that's been nagging at me for at least a month--both the flowers and the vacuuming--so that's a job well done.


Oh no, wait--what was the word? Starts with a labial consonant and ends with a K, but it's not "thank"...?

I just got a letter from my health insurance company.


My health insurance is going up by ONE HUNDRED AND TWO DOLLARS. This is on top of the EIGHTY dollar increase from last autumn.

In April, my health insurance will cost me $182 MORE than it did one year ago.

Yes, I am just a little bit upset by this. I already can't really afford the premiums--though I can afford the risk of a huge hospital bill even less.

ObamaCare is giving me a royal screwing, and I didn't even get kissed. How are you faring?

"Screwing"--that's what I wanted to say! FUCK YOU, OBAMA! FUCK YOU, DEMOCRATS!

#2580: Goddamned Democrats

I'm still fuming over my insurance bill.

Notice that I don't blame my underwriter? That's because I knew ObamaCare was going to raise my insurance rates. I knew what it was going to do even before the Democrats sneaked that shit through Congress.

Meanwhile the unions and the big corporations who all supported this shit, they get waivers so they don't have to pay whopping huge increases to their premiums. They change their coverage so the insurers give them price breaks. But the poor, the unemployed--THE VERY PEOPLE THE DEMOCRATS PURPORT TO PROTECT--they are the ones who are paying through the nose for this shit.

It was never about "making health care affordable"--it always was about EXPANDING DEMOCRAT POWER. The last thing they want is for me to be able to afford to buy health insurance from a private company without having any government agency involved. They don't like it when private citizens can make their own choices; they like it a lot better when the public has to do what they want.

I had an idea for a bumper sticker, and the more I think about it, the more I want it:


I think that says it all.