March 23rd, 2011

#2621: Three-day waiting period is "unconstitutional"

Whoops! No! Sorry, I should be more specific.

The Chicago Sun-Times has an article today about how South Dakota has emplaced a three-day waiting period for abortions.

Myself, I don't see the problem. We're told that we have to have a waiting period for purchasing handguns, after all, because some people might go out and buy a pistol and go on a shooting spree, and the three-day waiting period gives them a chance to cool off and think things over. (Because, you know, no one ever buys a handgun expecting to take it home, read the manual, strip and clean the thing, and then put it in the gun vault until he can get to the range and see how well it works. No no no!)

The right to keep and bear firearms is specifically enumerated in the Constitution--with the words "shall not be infringed"--but the three-day waiting period is a necessary and proper caution against all those violent gun-toting maniacs.

But when it comes to an abortion--why, that's the worst idea ever! That's a heinous infringement against a woman's right to choose!

...after all, she might change her mind and not have the abortion. We can't have that!

* * *

The Voynich Manuscript is a mystery book, written in an unknown language.

It's been accurately dated to the medieval era, meaning that it's not a modern hoax; that's what makes it so damned interesting.

* * *

...I don't have the energy to comment on Libya. The information coming out of Obama-land is muddled and confused; we're in this to get rid of Moammar, we don't need to get rid of him, he's got to go, but he doesn't have to do if he allows certain democratic reforms, but it's not acceptable for Moammar to continue to rule Libya, but the US isn't taking the leading role in all this, but the US is going to stay in this fight until it's done, but we don't know exactly when that will be, but it certainly won't be all that long.

The Defense Secretary admits they don't know what the hell they're doing, that they're finding themselves having to make it up as they go along.

You don't say. Or, rather, "No shit, Sherlock!"

So there's evidence that Al Qaeda is supporting the Libyan rebels, the guys we're supposedly in this to help. Isn't that peachy? Obama stalled and putzed around for three weeks, and in all that time no one thought to ask whether or not the rebels were getting support from the a-number-one terror organization on Uncle Sam's shit list?

This administration merely expands my view of the possible. And not in a good way.

To make matters worse, the "no-fly zone" is not keeping Moammar's forces from advancing against the rebels. That's because dropping smart bombs from 50,000 feet (and launching cruise missiles from 200 miles away) does not seize and hold ground. The only thing worse than having to wage war is waging war incompetently.

Yet the press is trying to tell us that Obama's policy is so brilliant and nuanced that we're too stupid to understand it. It's not that Obama doesn't know what the fuck he's doing; it's that he's so incredibly smart that we're too dumb to grasp his amazingly intelligent plan!

Limbaugh led off with this Politico piece on the "Obama Doctrine".

It links another article which says:
While the frenetic pace of calls, meetings and ceremonies clearly demonstrates Obama’s ability to multitask, the White House descriptions of the president’s day also intended to address questions that emerged just before the president’s departure — particularly, why he would take a less-than-urgent Latin America tour amidst a bloody government crackdown in Libya and a Japanese nuclear plant, crippled in a devastating earthquake, on the brink of a full-scale meltdown.
Holy shit! Obama can multitask! I knew there had to be a reason we elected him President!

Little people like me and you, we are incapable of multitasking. You and I can't, for example, walk and chew gum at the same time. But--Hallelujah!!--Obama can.

That's just how much smarter he is than you and me!

* * *

I guess I had more energy for commenting on that crap than I thought.

I don't oppose the action in Libya because it's a Democrat in the White House. I oppose the action in Libya because it's stupid and badly executed, and the only reason we're even involved with this nonsense is that Obama realized that the so-called "cool kids" (ie Europe) were all doing it.


* * *

So it's the 1-year anniversary of ObamaCare. What has it done for us so far?
2000+ waivers issued for various parties, including all the unions which fought for it
My health insurance payment went up $190 in six months
A federal judge ruled it unconstitutional, which the Obama administration ignored
Yeah, it's a resounding success!

* * *

Makes me want to hit someone with a tire iron.

* * *

Last night I finally got around to trying Princess Maker 2. I'm really lousy at strategy games, though, so I expect I'll have to find a strategy guide on-line.

The anime series Petite Princess Yucie was based partly on this series of games, sort of. When Cube showed up as my butler in the game, I thought, "Hey!" And the character design for the princess character turns out to be the queen in the anime series. (So if I want to raise a daughter who looks like Yucie, I need to get PM3.)

It's kind of fun to play, though, which is probably why there were so many of them.

* * *

I'm getting 2-3-4 spams from Borders per day now. I guess part of their "post-bankruptcy" strategy is to annoy people. They're spams about books and authors in which I have zero interest, and I delete them without reading them. Dudes, you closed the two closest stores to my house; I'm not driving 15 miles (esp. with gas creeping towards $4 per gallon) in hopes of your store maybe having one or two volumes of the manga series I like.

Especially since you pissed off the distributor that supplies you with manga.

* * *

As for me, I don't know what my problem is (still) but I'm sleepy as all get-out. I took half a Xanax last night, on general principles; it helped me sleep but it's making me groggy now.

I couldn't eat all of the bacon mofo I bought for dinner last night; same with the french fries. That's kind of worrisome. And then again, maybe it's just because I would have preferredn KFC to McDonald's. Oh well.

#2622: Screencap from Princess Maker 2

I have to laugh at this:

First off, the strategy guide told me how to get free money, so I did that; and I've been feeding Sayoko bust-enhancing pills about every third month since she was 13. Each pill adds 3/4 inch and I wanted to see if the art would change; it doesn't really.

Hence, the bust of 52 inches (!). She's barely taller than five feet and has bigger boobs than Dolly Parton. Unfortunately there's no way to undo that, so she's stuck with 'em.

The dress is called "demon tights" for obvious reasons. What I'm not showing is Sayoko in the "un-dress", which is basically invisible clothing so she's nude all the time. Maybe after she hits 18 I'll throw up a link to an image of that for all you anime pervs who like to look at cartoon boobs. (Like me. *sigh*)

Besides the bust-enhancing pills there's "ancient milk" which makes the princess lose 2-3 lbs. Depending on where and how you spend free time, she can gain or lose weight; after a summer vacation spent at the seashore she was down to 98 lbs. The waistline changes noticeably when slimming.

This game is highly addictive, for all that it's awfully repetitive. My biggest complaint is the music; it's not bad the first dozen times you hear it, but after 50,000,000 repetitions you want to shoot something.

I wonder if I can find the other ones somewhere.