April 3rd, 2011

#2644: You want proof that God exists??

I've got it! Fairy Tail ep 29 contains this pan cel of Erza!

You cannot get any better than that!

* * *

Currently downloading: Fairy Tail eps 49-59. I had to go outside Ryugan to get 49 & 50 for some odd reason; their torrents for those eps are gone. But 51-59 are all Ryugan. Whee!

...and I saw that other fansubbers have done as far as ep 70, so I'm going to have to see what I can grab later on. That's good, because this is an awesome series and I want it to go on for a couple hundred episodes.

I have other Erza cuteness I grabbed from ep 29, but I really need to get some shut-eye, so it'll have to wait. Heh.

#2645: A pretty fair Sunday

Today I went over to Og's place, mostly to watch him replace a wheel bearing on Exploder 2.0 and chew the proverbial rag.

We hit Harbor Freight to look over the motorcycle carrier they sell, and of course they don't have a display model out and the pictures on the box are the same ones at the company's site.

We nonetheless came away with some useful ideas for how we could make one, and then we returned to Og's cave so he could work on his truck.

His new Exploder is the same color as the old one (more or less) and it's got some very nice features. But the previous owner apparently had the left-front wheel bearing replaced, and whoever did it didn't bother to torque down the axle nut.

Like many modern vehicles, the Explorer uses a bearing cassette--sealed bearings in a casting that bolts into the steering knuckle--and it's pretty simple to replace it, but if you don't tighten down the nut securing the stub axle, the inner bearing races won't be supported correctly, and the bearing will destroy itself in pretty short order.

This one had.

He got new bearings from someone on Ebay for $90 (for two, which is a steal). At the same time, he did the front brakes--new pads and rotors.

It took him about two hours to do the driver's side, only because when he took the disk brake dust shield off, he broke a bolt. He spent most of the time on drilling out two broken bolts (one left over from the previous owner) and breaking a drill bit and having to remove the broken stub of drill bit from the steering knuckle....

I was nice and didn't laugh at that.

The front tires on that truck, at least, look new; but a closer look revealed that the tire had worn unevenly: the outboard edge was fine, but the inboard edge was down to the wear indicators.

"Almost as if," I said dryly, "the truck had a bad bearing."

"You are the king of snark in this garage! At least today," Og hooted.

Then he explained that that was from all the negative camber Ford built into the things after all the rollover bullshit. Okay, that makes sense...but don't people rotate their damn tires any more? ("Hyuk hyuk, it rotates all the time! Why do I gotta pay a mechanic to do it? Hyuk hyuk!" *sigh*)

So we talked about my impending employment at #2, and I told him the long, rambling story about how my Dad wanted me to buy a Grand Am when I was in college. (At some point I'll tell the tale here, but I'm not sure there's a point to it other than the fact that my Dad was an expert at applying the "not invented here" syndrome.)

Anyway, I hung out there for about three hours. It might have been longer but I was running on fumes.

See, I finally got ready to hit the hay around 5 AM, but then thought, "Wait--I wonder if those guys ever finished B Gata H Kei volume 6?"

They had. I downloaded it and read it...and then it was 6:22 and I still was not in bed.

On the plus side, during my run through the playlist last night, I had a couple of thoughts and checked them out. Turns out that none of the voices I heard in Kaichou-wa Maid Sama!" were by people who'd done work on Azumanga Daioh, which I found a bit disappointing. I was certain that Shizuko, at least, was done by Rie Tanaka, who did Koyomi Mizuhara in AD.

I was wrong. Oh well. The voices are highly similar, AT LEAST IN MY MIND!!!!!!11

So while I was watching Fairy Tail I wanted to check something out--I can't remember what, now--and something I saw while checking the staff credits prompted me to wonder if there was more FT on the torrents?

...found Ryugan's site, and they're working on the second season, but for some reason their torrents for eps 49 and 50 are 404'd. Tokyo Toshokan has a huge list of fansubs for that series, and the highest ep number I recall seeing was 70.

Anyway, I grabbed what I could from Ryugan, and got eps 49 and 50 from someone else. I'll keep getting it from Ryugan, as much as I can, because I like how they do things; that means that--at present--I've got through ep 59 (or will when they finish downloading).

SO, yeah: up until 6:22 when I wanted to be at Og's around noonish? I'm a moron.

I got perhaps three hours of sleep before rolling out of bed around 11-ish, and after feeding the cats and taking care of morning ablutions I hit the road. A double combo from Wendy's was breakfast, and I arrived there around noon, as expected. The rest of the tale I have already recited.

And after he'd finished the driver's side and was preparing to do brakes on the passenger side, I decided I'd had enough fun for one day and came back home. It was warm outside by then--70s!--but the wind was blowing too hard for me to drive home with the windows open.

* * *

When I woke up around 9-ish, I thought about going somewhere for dinner and just decided I'd have ravioli and garlic bread. Frozen beef ravioli, frozen garlic bread, frozen sauce; I applied heat to food in the correct fashion and ended up with a nice filling and tasty dinner.

And it was still warm outside. In fact, because it was night, it felt warmer. It's warmer outside than it is inside the house.

That ain't gonna last.

* * *

I had a really good time at Og's place--I quipped, "This is the best company I've had all week!"--and I learned a few things about how some things work at #2, so I'm not going in blind. (Nothing bad--just how things are, is all. Like when you go to work at Target, you have to wear a red shirt: it's just how it is.) (Y'know, unless you're somehow allergic to seeing red.)

So here I am, sitting at the computer and bloggeratin', and I'm thinking about laying back down after I'm done with this post.

Oh. I am done. Okay.