April 9th, 2011

#2659: GOP caves--big surprise.

Ace has the stuff. $39 billion. The Democrats stared down the GOP over a shutdown yet again.


It's a whopping 1% cut. It's $6 billion more than the figure offered by the Democrats. It's $61 billion less than the figure the GOP ran on in the 2010 elections. It's a bit more than half of what the GOP wanted from this particular skirmish. The GOP did not get cuts for Planned Parenthood or the EPA out of the deal, nor did it get even the token cuts it wanted. The big "compromise" reached today means that the Democrats gave up $6 billion, and the GOP gave up pretty much everything.

Jesus Christ, GOP! If you're not willing to fight for this, what are you willing to fight for?

ADDENDUM: And the next time there's a Republican in the White House, guess who's going to be bitching about the deficit and the national debt again?

* * *

Palestinian savages kill children; Israel strikes back hard. Go, Israel!

* * *

Warm weather this weekend. I'm tempted to go measure the tulips and see how much they grow.

"Tempted" but not "motivated". Oh well.

#2660: Saturday, and I'm sleepy.

Last night I managed to get to bed at a semi-reasonable hour, and I got up around 5 AM this morning. I got about 4 hours of sleep; no wonder I'm sleepy now.

I just got back from K-mart, where I bought a furnace filter and speaker wire. I sure know how to party!

...I said, some time ago, that I'd moved the computer; well, there's one speaker wire that's about 8" too short for me to put the stereo where I want it; so the scanner/printer has to be inconveniently far from the normal computer operating position.

I had thought to go to Ace and buy a 15' length of wire; but then I thought it might be better just to pay the freight for a 75' spool of it. This makes the second time in three months that I've needed speaker wire.

I need the furnace filter because the warranty on the furnace stipulates that the owners must change the filter every month. I don't want the furnace guys to come here next Friday and say, "Oh, you haven't changed your filter! You lose!"

The thing that annoys me the most about this is that--in order to keep your warranty--you must have the furnace "tuned up" by the installer every year. It's $90 for a bunch of bullshit, and it annoys me. Still, what can you do? We need to keep the warranty (it's a selling point for the house: "The furnace was new in April of 2008 and it's still under warranty!") so just pay the damned piper and leave it at that.

Anyway, it was $30 for the filter, the wire, and a 6-pack of Slim Fast, because it's a lot cheaper at K-Mart than at the grocery store...and the clerk needed my date of birth in order to sell me the Slim-Fast.

WTF! I mean, are kids guzzling Slim-Fast to get high now? Or is it some other kind of nanny-state bullshit? It's freakin' chocolate-flavored drink with extra calories and vitamins; how can you misuse it?


* * *

I had originally intended to go to the bank and run this errand, but I realized that I didn't have to do anything today if I didn't want to. The only thing that must be done this weekend is for me to assemble the paperwork for Mom's taxes. That's it; everything else can wait. But I decided I wanted to get the speaker wire; and if I was getting that, I might as well get the furnace filter. Etc.

When I got up at 5, I went to McDonald's for a McSkillet, and then played WoW. Ormus hit 79th level, which was nice. After a while I got bored with that and tried to decide what else I wanted to do; and while I was outside picking up trash and looking for the outdoor cat--I haven't seen him for a few days--I discovered something unsettling.

The cleanout port for the sewer tile is concealed under a fake rock. The base of the fake rock had this weird white stuff around it; and after looking at it for a few moments I realized it was toilet paper.

Moving the fake rock, I saw that the cap had blown out (it's not cemented in, so it does that anyway) and the water level is disturbingly high. You know what that means? That's right! Time to get the tile rooted out!


...anyway I got a rubber glove and a plastic grocery sack and cleaned up the toilet paper mess. The thing that really gets me about this is that the drains work fine.

Maybe if I ran the water long enough, they'd back up. I don't know.

After all these exciting adventures, I decided I'd grab the lastest episodes of the anime I'm downloading, and then watch the current playlist. And after the playlist, the trip to K-Mart. It's a thrill a minute! I'm living the life of an action hero!

* * *

Dinner tonight is going to be Chinese, assuming I wake up early enough that the place isn't closed. Yes, I'm contemplating going to bed soon, because I'm falling asleep.

I didn't realize until I wrote this post that I only got 4 hours last night; but I slept a lot yesterday. I mean, I had a nap last night and woke up a bit after 10, and was back in bed by 1. That was after, I might add, going to bed around 11 AM and sleeping until mid-afternoon. The poor cats didn't get their dinner until 10 o'clock.

Well: ever since I turned whatever corner it was that allowed me to get restful sleep, my bed has become incredibly comfortable again. I think I might be catching up on several months' worth of crappy sleep; or maybe I'm just lazy.

What I do know is that my bed is again a happy bed, because when I lay down to sleep I feel comfortable and pleasant and not miserable. (That alone probably explains why I'm sleeping so much.)

* * *

Bonus: Fairy Tail ep 32 ends with Erza in daisy dukes and a tight-fitting hawaiian shirt. HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG??

...I haven't screencapped it yet; too lazy. But soon, soon; and then you can share my joy.

* * *

I'm still not sure what's going on with the foreclosed-upon house across the street. Today a box truck backed into the driveway and a guy or two spent several hours taking furniture out of the truck and taking it inside. They first had to remove the furniture from boxes, which seems to indicate that it was brand new; also I saw mattresses still in plastic bags.

(I know that professional moving companies box and bag things, though.)

Well--it's not my problem, as long as the new owners aren't planning to install a meth lab in the basement or something equally stupid.

* * *

Finally, Ormus got to a series of quests that involved him being disguised as some kind of Vrykul battle maiden:

I am starting to worry about old Ormus.

#2661: Well, I met my new neighbor

I was just wandering around the perimeter again, getting a little fresh air and enjoying the day before crashing, and she pulled out of that house's driveway and greeted me as I crossed mine.

Her name's Paige, and it was her furniture being taken off the truck this morning.

Turns out that the house was trashed by the previous owners, upon whom the bank had foreclosed.

We chatted for a few minutes and she seems like a very nice person. So it looks like the whole "meth lab" thing is probably not going to happen, for which I am just as grateful. Heh.