April 15th, 2011

#2674: US carbon emissions at 1995 levels

Check out the last graph in this response to nonsense from Time magazine.

Meanwhile, US carbon emissions have fallen to 1995 levels. So why are we the climate bad guy? We've reduced our emissions! Isn't it China's turn?

* * *

Remember, last summer was "the summer of recovery". I'd guess that'll make this summer "the summer of the double-dip all the Democrats said was impossible."

The real reason I'm linking that post is the first line in the post, which is also a link: "Our current unfunded entitlement liabilities run about $100 trillion."

Unfunded mandates of $100 trillion (that's $100,000 billion) and the cuts Obama put forward might save 0.028% of that.

No one in power right now shows any signs of wanting to cut actual spending, not on either side; but this kind of thing is just insulting.

* * *

I guess the next thing that needs doing is for me to find out what it'll cost to get the sewer tile rodded out. Yesterday I'd look out the window of the front bedroom every time I flushed the toilet, and finally I saw water flowing out from under the fake rock--meaning that it's coming out fairly often, probably any time I flush the toilet more than once per hour.


Predictably, the grass is growing like mad around the fake rock.

#2675: Is it ACTUALLY going to be $600 billion per year?

I don't know; the last time we were promised $100 billion in cuts, we got $352 million. Using the math that the GOP uses, "$6 trillion over ten years" means cuts of $2.112 billion per year, or a total of $21.12 billion over ten years.

"$6 trillion over 10 years" translates to $600 billion, unless my math is faulty. If it were, it would mean I was qualified to be a Congressman!

* * *

Hey! I just heard on the radio that a guy came to Illinois to kill someone because Illinois no longer has a death penalty.

Of course, the people who gave us this idiotic policy are saying we mustn't focus on the guy's stated reasons for coming to Illinois to do this, oh no! We have to concentrate on how senseless the tragedy is!

So does this mean that the death penalty is, after all, a deterrent?

* * *

The guy from the furnace place just left. $90 per year cumshaw to keep the warranty--faugh. But it's done for another year.

Since I didn't want the guy to see my pit of a bedroom, I stayed out of it. I had the lights off and the door closed most of the way; and while he was here I worked on tidying the kitchen and glued together a pet dish that I broke a couple weeks ago.

My fingertips, of course, are now coated with cyanoacrylate. Oh well. I even glued the tube of glue to my thumb. I'm batting a thousand!

#2676: Maybe you ought to stop reading your own press releases, Boss Tweek

Obama sez, "Raise debt ceiling or risk global recession". UPDATE, 6 PM: AP has changed the article so that it no longer says that.

We're already there, Tweek-a-troid. We've been there all along. The US GDP has only risen because of government spending and reduced imports, not because our domestic production is actually increasing.

Unemployment is high, inflation is high, the deficit and debt are skyrocketing, and you and your cronies all want to raise taxes.

Meanwhile, half the Eurozone is defaulting on its national debts, and the other half is scrambling to find ways to pay for it.

Obama certainly wasn't worried about "global recession" in 2006 when he voted against raising the debt limit. In 2006 he was worried about the deficit! He was worried about the national debt! What's changed since then? Huh?