May 2nd, 2011

#2697: I freaking hate my freaking metabolism

After I felt sleepy all weekend, and had no energy to do a damn thing, when did I feel wide awake and energetic?

Why, after 10 PM Sunday night, of course! When I had to be up at 4:30 AM!


* * *

So they got Osama bin Laden. Kind of suspicious that they got him just as Obama's poll numbers were sucking canal water, aina?

...but we're not going to engage in such rampant conspiracy theories here! Instead we're going to congratulate the Obama administration for continuing the Bush policies--such as Rendition and keeping terrorists at Guantanimo Bay and continuing the offensives in Iraq and Afghanistan--because those policies are what are enabling Obama to take credit for getting Osama bin Laden.

If Obama had done what he promised to do--end Rendition, cease keeping prisoners at Guantanimo, pull US forces out of Iraq, etc, etc--he wouldn't be able to take credit for Osama's downfall, now would he?

The brave Osama bin Laden hid behind a woman rather than stand up and fight. Or surrender.

Anyway: I want to hand out candy. I want to shoot my AK-47 in the air. (The one I don't have.) I want to do all the things the assholes over there do when they kill a Jewish baby or fly an airplane into an American landmark.

* * *

WTF: when I tanked up the Jeep last night, gas was $4.30 per gallon. Now--in this post-Osama-bin-Laden world--it's $4.46.

On the plus side, I filled up in Rantoul, where it's $4.10. Heh. It won't last; I expect gas to jump $0.16 per gallon there, too, as it's roughly $0.20 per gallon cheaper there than in the Chicago area. So when I fill up there tomorrow I expect to pay $4.26 per gallon. *sigh*

* * *

Today I do believe I finally saw the end of locating, drilling, and tapping holes. (At least on this robotics cell.) There are two more little ones required for the conveyor, but those two can wait; otherwise, it's just a matter of connecting parts. I may have it completed and ready for programming by the end of the week, God willing.

I think that's what made me hate the universe last week: all I was doing, all four days I was down there, was mark-drill-tap-mark-drill-tap-mark-drill-tap-MARK-DRILL-TAP-MARK-DRILL-TAP-MARK-DRILL-TAP.... I couldn't do anything else because we didn't have any fricking parts!

Today I actually got to the point of putting shit together and not just to mark more f-ing holes, but to stay. The walls are going up and I got three panels of plexiglass in; if I had more of the special nuts I could have done more.

I also hooked the robot's power and control unit up to it. It was just a matter of running a cable and popping a connector in--and attaching a ground wire--but it actually feels like I'm doing something that requires a freakin' brain, you know? I haven't plugged it in or turned it on, but soon, soon.

Once the stuff is all assembled, then the rest of it involves running power, compressed air, and dust collection systems. None of that is terribly complex or beyond my skills, but it'll take time. [Boss] seems pleased; [Owner] I still cannot read very well. He was asking me questions about things I have no knowledge of, such as how far [coworker] is on building the gripper for X or Y, or what else he's doing. WTF, the guy comes through the robot area once in a while and disappears to God alone knows where--I certainly don't--and since I'm low man on the totem pole what am I going to do, demand that he account for his whereabouts? Shit.

(I expect he's in the office area doing CAD stuff, but I don't frickin' know.)

* * *

Anyway--I expected to drag my ass in here before forcing myself to go do the shopping, but I actually don't feel too horrible right now. I'm going to go do the shopping, then have a shower and dinner...and then I'll probably collapse. Heh.

That's okay, though, because I have to get up at 4:30 AM tomorrow too.