May 10th, 2011

#2709: Boy, did Og's employer screw up by not hiring me!

I tells ya!

See, one of the wiring tasks that still needed doing when I knocked off last night was to connect the robot to the junction box. (I keep calling it the "breakout box" which is actually just as accurate, so from now on, treat them as equivalents.) FANUC provides a couple of ways to interface the robot with various devices, you see, and you can either connect things inside the robot's control unit or you can use cables to connect to external breakout boards, which is how we do it at [employer].

I have, before today, never seen the inside of any robot control box, FANUC or otherwise. Okay?

...looked inside the thing, got my bearings, and figured out what I had to do to connect the cables (and where to connect them, and what needed to be removed to connect them) and had them connected in about 15 minutes, tops.

I think [coworker] was offended that I didn't ask for help. "They make it too easy when they label the connectors," I told him. But if I can do that, solo, in 15 minutes, what could I do in a few days? Ha!

Anyway, so the wiring is complete. I finished all of it today; I also installed the conveyor and its control and power systems, and wired them to the robot, so the only things left--the only things--are installing the sander, the compound feeder for the buffer, and dust collection. End of list.

Oh--got to plug in two Omron 24v relays when we finally get them. Can't forget about that one.

So unless there is something I'm missing--or there's something that needs to be ordered--this thing is done by end of work tomorrow.

* * *

Gas is $4 per gallon in Rantoul. It's $4.46 here. The Jeep is (so far) averaging 20 MPG.

...the oil pressure, when I went out to get Chinese for dinner, was low and took a looooong time to come up to normal. It's running around 20 at idle and it takes its time about coming up to normal when the engine is at normal operating speed.

Well, it's 92° outside and it just got done making a 100-mile haul; what do I expect?

* * *

I stayed up until 9 to watch anime last night. Bad me. ...but I still got up and went to work, and it was a freakin' sauna in that place today. And no one told me I could wear shorts! Bet your anus I'm wearing 'em tomorrow....

Time for WoW, dang it.