May 20th, 2011

#2719: The Fungus is okay

This is Sailor V. I'm a friend of the Fungus and I spoke with him earlier today. In the course of our conversation, he asked me to let his friends and readers know that the reason hes been away from the blog is that he's getting help for his recent difficulties.

In a nutshell, on Sunday night he became intrigued on the effect of a razor blade on the human body and gave himself a tiny cut on the arm. It bled for only a min. or so and as he described it, he's had paper cuts that were worse. Even so, once he did it, he became so concerned about his action he called 991.

He was brought to the emergency room and after a 33 hour delay (unfortunately his insurance company is an ass otherwise it would have been much less) he was treated and then subsequently transported to a facility that can give him help with his troubles.

Currently he's feeling much better compared to the past few weeks and if all goes well, he'll be back to the blog in about five days. Of course, once he returns he'll be getting ongoing assistance to help him manage his difficulties.

If any readers want me to pass along a message or so, please reply to this post and I'll forward them on. If possible, please leave a name or ID so I can tell him who the comment is from.