June 19th, 2011

#2759: Famous last words.

"...thanks to not sleeping well last night (and being up all day) I think I've got a chance at getting to bed at a reasonable hour tonight."


I was in bed at 10...and awake by 1:30. And from then on I was awake until 5:30 AM.


* * *

Well, I'm up now, and I've got to make a quick trip to Og's to pick up a battery charger and an ethernet cable. I'll do that after I've finished eating breakfast, which is basically a repeat of yesterday's dinner...and at about the same time, too.

I shut the AC off last night before bed, and opened up the house. It's sticky but cool (dewpoint is 69°) and I can't really justify running the AC just for the sake of humidity.

It doesn't look like it'll get much better before Wednesday. You can kind of predict the dewpoint given the low temp for the day (or the other way around) and Wednesday's is 61°. Until then? 70s. *sigh*

* * *

Something is seriously funky with the electric bill; I'm going to have to call ComEd and get it straightened out.

The top of the bill reads approximately thus:
Previous balance: -$160
Payments: $0
New balance: -$190
...and the actual charge for the month--which is on the back of the bill--is something like $40 or so. None of this makes a damn lick of sense to me.

Ordinarily, when you contract for some kind of service and they send you a bill, they don't present the numbers as negatives unless they owe you money. At least, I have never, never, ever seen a bill where I owed someone money and the amount was stated as a negative number.

Stipulating, then, that ComEd is an exception to this (for whatever reason), why doesn't the new balance reflect the entirety of the new charges? Why did it only go up $30 when there are more than $40 of new charges?

And the kicker is, ComEd wants a check for $210! None of these numbers match. They don't even add up to something that would match!

To say that I don't understand this bill would not be overstating the problem.

The phone bill, the gas bill--everything else I understand. The gas bill was $35 per month all winter, and suddenly it jumped to $75 per month, but I was able to figure out why and adjust accordingly. The phone bill is a morasse of separate bills--from the local phone company and AT&T Long Distance and AT&T Internet--but all the numbers add up to the total bill in a sensible and logical fashion. DirecTV (which I'm going to cancel--I haven't watched any TV in three weeks) is the same way.

In each case, a few moments' thought and a little work with a calculator is usually enough to understand WTF is going on. But the ComEd bill is a mess and none of the numbers add up.

* * *

When I went shopping last week I saw the old Eeney Ooney Wanah on sale, so I grabbed three cans.

"WTF," you ask, "is 'Eeney Ooney Wanah'?"

Shasta Tiki Punch.

Why do I call it "Eeney Ooney Wanah"--which is six syllables--when "tiki punch" is three?

There is a Far Side strip showing a snail death cult--a bunch of snails worshiping a salt shaker--and chanting, "Eeney Ooney Wanah! Eeney Ooney Wanah!"

...when I first saw the tiki on the label of the can of Tiki Punch--however many years ago it was, now--"Eeney Ooney Wanah!" was what came to mind. The rest is history; Tiki Punch is now irrevocably "the Eeney Ooney Wanah" to me.

(Or, alternately, "the old Eeney Ooney Wanah".)

I had a can of the old Eeney Ooney Wanah with dinner last night, and it was very, very good. People say it's essentially just carbonated Hawaiian Punch, but it's been about a thousand years since I last drank that and I don't remember the flavor.

I'm primarily a Pepsi drinker but I do like some variety. Eeney Ooney Wanah is cheap (I paid $0.89 for the three cans) and tasty.

Generally I don't drink Shasta very much because it's just not very good-tasting soda. All their flavors rely on *SWEET!!!!* and there's very little subtlety to them. Their ginger ale is good; but their "lime-lemon" flavor is like fizzy Wyler's with an extra cup of sugar. Their cola flavor is generic (and too sweet), their root beer is not-good, and their grape turns my poo a scary shade of green.

Eeney Ooney Wanah is none of that.

* * *

I suppose I've got to get moving. Once I'm done with my trip to Og's place I've got to cut grass. I only cut it a week ago! WTF! It's like the stuff is growing or something because of the sun and rain and stuff!

Why does this keep happening???????//

#2760: An evening with Og

I'm really, really glad that I cut the grass before I went to pick up that charger from Og, because he and I spent 4 hours just chewing the rag on his front porch.

[Ex-employer] was really sad that things didn't work out. I don't know whether their sorrow eclipses mine or not, but it doesn't sound like all my bridges have been burned, either. You never know: I may work there someday. I'm not going to count on it, and I'm certainly not going to pursue a job there anytime soon considering what it did to me.

It was just the straw breaking the camel's back, but still....

* * *

Talking to him reminded me of just how much total crap there is around this place that can be safely thrown away.

He also reminded me of the existence of 1) antique vehicle plates, and 2) collector car insurance. He said that someone he works with has an MGA and pays about $100 per year for insurance on it, through State Farm (my underwriter!) and the policy states that occasional use for things other than car shows is permissible. Well, shucks! If I can get a similar deal for the Fiero and the MGB, I'm in business, buddy!!

I'm going to be looking into this in detail soon.

Meanwhile, I got an e-mail saying that my bike tires are ready to ship and that most of the rest of my order is either "in process" or "in stock", but for one inner tube which shows as "on order". I think the rear tube is holding pressure, so in the absolute worst case....

Well, in the absolute worst case I go to the Yamaha shop here in town and ask them for a 2.75/3.00x18 inner tube, and probably pay $10-$20 for it instead of the $8 this one is costing me...and then I've got a spare. I am not going to remove a 39-year-old tire and leave the 39-year-old inner tube in place. No.

* * *

As a bonus, I got a couple deer shish kebabs. I could have eaten six of them. Eight. They were that good.

...but there's a Wendy's on the way home from there, so I had that, and I'm well satisfied.

And besides the battery charger, he loaned me a crimp tool for RJ45 connectors, which means all I need to do is go buy some Cat-5e cable and some ends and I can put in as many frickin' ethernet cables as I can stand to make. Ha! I could wire the whole damn house, if I want!

* * *

"Yes, yes, [John McCain] would have made a better President than Obama. Undeniably. That doesn't mean he's not an idiot; pickings were slim in 2008."

* * *

So, I cut the grass, then went to Og's; and I told the cats as I was leaving, "I'll feed you two when I get home; I won't be gone that long."

I guess four hours isn't really that long, and it's not like they didn't have food. It was just the dry food they'll only eat when there's nothing else. Yeah, they suffered mightily!

* * *

Anyway, it's time for me to geek out a bit before I have the shower I've been putting off for more than 24 hours....