July 22nd, 2011

#2827: Oh, that's so much better

I went outside to bring up the trash can, and I almost have to resort to profanity to express how much better it feels outside now that the heat wave has broken.

According to the radar there's a nice line of thunderstorms a bit less than 15 miles away which looks like it ought to give us some rain, too. Hooray!

* * *

Sitting here, trying to do the pre-blog surf, I keep hearing these noises which are suspiciously like "cat getting into trouble" noises. So I go check, and find nothing out of the ordinary, but they keep happening; and I go out again and start turning on lights (with the approaching storm, it's dark in here) and see that the linen closet door is open just a little bit.

Open the door, say to cat, "Get out of here! Where do you fit?"

...obviously she fits in the linen closet. All the way on the second-from-top shelf. Nut.

* * *

The sky is falling! The sky is falling! The--eh?

Oh--rain. Right! I remember rain!

* * *

Oh, shit! I'VE GOT WALNUTS IN MY FREEZER! I'd better flush 'em before the narcs get here!!!


* * *

The religion of peace strikes again. Actually we don't know that it was muslim terrorism...yet.

I'd be surprised, however, if it were not.

* * *

Heinlein's replicating pantograph crawls towards reality.


...they're working on a version that can also make printed circuit boards. Holy crap.

* * *

"[Texas governor Rick] Perry was named because he is charged with enforcing the section of the state transportation code that makes it illegal to stand in the roadway to solicit a ride, contribution, job or business from the occupant of a vehicle...."

How dare you enforce a law that inconveniences criminal aliens? How dare you?

* * *

You get weird particles out of high-energy particle collisions. Still waiting for the neutron with six virtual quarks to show up (that's a weirdie I came up with myself!) but it's only a matter of time. Fermilab certainly doesn't have the juice for that; CERN probably doesn't. (We'll need to build a particle accelerator around the Moon's equator, I think, to get that one....)

"...[T]heir existence and behavior provides an important sanity check on quantum chromodynamics...." Remember, kids! Physics needs sanity checks. Global warming doesn't!

* * *

Right now it is the coolest it's been in a long while--74°--the heat index is the same as the temperature, and the dewpoint is actually below 70°! Will the insanity never cease?