August 26th, 2011

#2890: The death knell for AGW/ACC

CERN says "climate models will need to be substantially revised" because the Svensmark Hypothesis is a go: cosmic rays influence cloud formation, and the sun influences how many cosmic rays reach Earth!

The more active the sun is, the fewer cosmic rays reach Earth; fewer clouds form and presto! Earth warms!

When the sun is less active, more cosmic rays, more clouds, cooler Earth!

Who knew that the guys at CERN were "Anti-Science Religious Zealots"??

* * *

“United States of America v. Ebony Wood in Various Forms.” But we were born free.

* * *

This guy really needs not to be a cop anymore. This is the third example of his out-of-control behavior that's come to light in the past couple of months.

* * *

"GOP loses faith in its Hill leaders." Dude, we were already there more than a year ago; the 2010 elections were the "one more chance" elections, and they blew it big time.

* * *

Hey, the second quarter GDP estimates have been revised downward...wait for it!--UNEXPECTEDLY!

Wow, economists are pretty obtuse, aren't they? Every time something happens, they're surprised by it. They apparently just can't seem to get their heads around the fact that the economy is not behaving the way they think it ought to.

A sharper set of individuals would look at the evidence of the past two years and think, "Hmm, this is odd; I've been blindsided every time one of these reports has been released. What basic assumptions that I make are wrong that lead me to these incorrect conclusions?"

Not economists, man! Hell no! They've got the same faith in their models that climate scientists do: "It's not our models that are wrong; it's the EARTH that's wrong!!"

* * *

Karl Denninger: 'Real People Say "Screw You" To The Markets'. He says, "All that's left is the computers. The humans have gone home. True liquidity and participation has ended. The people have given up."

* * *

So: we're in a recession. Enjoy!

* * *

Astronomers find biggest diamond in history. It's the "crystalline carbon" core of a white dwarf, circling a neutron star, and it's the size of Jupiter.

Right there is enough industrial diamond to last the human race about a billion years...if you can get at it.

When I hear "diamond the size of Jupiter" I imagine a gigantic crystal sphere, a clear first-water raw diamond the size of a world; but of course it's not going to be a freakin' gem-quality diamond. It'll be nothing but inclusions and look more like milky quartz than diamond. Not to mention that the thing is probably still hot to incandescence even if it is much cooler than a star. (But there are bound to be a few asteroid-sized lumps of perfect diamond in that thing. The problem is, of course, finding them.)

Only question: how many carats in a jovian mass?

* * *

After looking at the receipt from the store, I discovered that my awesome steak dinner actually cost me less than a bacon mofo meal does. The steak was $4, the potato was $0.97, and the corn-on-the-cob was like $0.17. If I figure the price of the bottle of Pepsi I had with it (I bought four 6-packs for $10 with a coupon, so that's like $0.40 for the bottle) and the energy required to cook the food, then yes, it just barely cost as much as a bacon mofo meal...before tax.


...and other than a handful of Doritos around 10-ish, I didn't need any more food yesterday.

* * *

So my plan for the day is to cut the grass, then go buy ice and check out the new freezer (it's been 24 hours since I got it home now).


#2891: For a wonder, my back doesn't hurt.

Got the grass cut, and my back doesn't feel like that midget (sorry, "little person") is sticking me in the back with a medieval glaive-guisarme, the way it did the last time I cut the gas some thirteen days ago.

This is progress.

* * *

Now, of course, I've got to go buy ice to test the freezer; and I'm trying to find an answer to the perennial question, What's for dinner?

Part of me says, "Super Burrito! but do I really want another one a scant 4 days after the last one?


And I'm out of fuel for the lawn mower, which really won't be a problem until the next time I want to cut the grass.

So I think I know what I'm going to do; I should go do it.

#2892: 3 hours later, the ice is still ice!

And no sign whatsoever of it melting, so I took a bunch of stuff out of the freezer (upstairs) and put it into the freezer (downstairs).

The upstairs freezer does not look any less full (well, just a little less full; no longer jam-packed) and the downstairs freezer doesn't really look that much fuller.

By my calculations I moved 1.6 cubic feet of stuff--mostly chicken and turkey stock--into the downstairs freezer, where it seems it'll be just fine. Also a bunch of frozen pecans and walnuts.

Chicken and pork and beef, too.

I've got plenty of room left for, I don't know, a quarter beef or all the muscle meat from a deer. Heh.