September 28th, 2011

#2967: How to lose five hours

Play D&D with your niece.

I finally got to try out my "Dungeon Deck" accessories that I bought in 2003. It inserted a nice 6-encounter dungeon in the middle of our session and led to my niece's character getting killed by a doppelganger.

Well, no one said it would be easy.

...assuming she comes out here for Christmas, we ought to be able to have some fun with the next adventure in line.

* * *

BTW, when giving a sap to a fighter who has never used one, it's a good idea to tell her how to use it. Though getting a critical hit with a thrown sap will work, it's not wise to count on that happening.

And I'd bet that the guy's bodyguard is going to be fired. The mark gets knocked cold by a thrown sap, and the bodyguard just kept on walking as if nothing had happened. He got almost thirty feet away before he realized something had happened.

* * *

The Democrat governor of North Carolina thinks we ought to just suspend the elections for a few years. Oh, yeah, that'll fix everything, won't it?

AoSHQ on the same story.

Correct response:

Sure, that's fine. Just tell the politicians that they are no longer accountable for their actions in any way whatsoever and the entire country will enter a new age of prosperity and enlightenment! Russia after the Bolsheviks, like China after the Cultural Revolution, like Cambodia under Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, like Germany under Hitler. Right?

In a sane world, this woman would no longer be able to serve as governor anywhere, because 1) she'd be laughed, ridiculed, and scorned right out of her current office; and 2) would never get more than a handful of votes in any election ever again.

* * *

Ah, it's after midnight, and I've got to get to bed soon.

#2968: I is a zombie.

But the memorial service went very well. I got compliments.

I never know what that means. Does it mean people were expecting a complete fiasco because I organized it? WTF.

...and once everything was done and we were home, I just collapsed entirely. I ended up face-down in bed from 6 PM until 9:30. I didn't even have the energy to post; I lined up a shitton of tabs and then realized that I was about to the stage of propping my eyelids up with toothpicks.

My head hurts. *sigh*

* * *

First up, a few of stories about Amazon's latest offerings in the Kindle line.

Arse Technica has a look at them.

Kindle Fire, touchpad computer.

More on the new lineup.

The Kindle Touch is going for $139, or $99 if you don't mind the "sponsored" version (which means that ads display on the thing when you're not using it). But this also means that the basic version of the thing is selling for $109, which is less than I paid for my Aluratek.

I think a WiFi Kindle Touch may be my Christmas present to myself this year, though.

* * *

And if one of those ships has been converted into a missile launcher we could be looking at an EMP burst over the eastern seaboard.

A version of the story with a bit more meat in it.

* * *

Illinois is proving Margaret Thatcher's famous quote about socialism and other peoples' money.

* * *

...but it was a very nice service, and about 20 people showed up for the service and the luncheon, so it all worked out fairly well.

* * *

I don't think I have any energy left for WoW. Instead I'll just read some manga and go back to bed.