October 2nd, 2011

#2975: It's a good thing I didn't feel like riding today

I missed church, because I was up FAR too late (or early, depending on your perspective) and when the alarm went off at 8:30 my entire being screamed IT AIN'T HAPPENING, so I shut off the alarm and slept more.

I finally got up at 3, had leftover KFC, then went out and cut the grass. Because of all the rain it was a few inches short of "jungle", especially out back in the "east 40", but this time at least the discharge on the rider didn't clog. I guess it was dry enough to cut.

After getting that chore done, I came inside and had some Pepsi (diet, of course) and tried to decide if I had enough energy left to ride the motorcycle. And then I thought, "You've been looking forward to being able to ride the thing all week, and you couldn't because it was always raining or threatening to rain. GO RIDE."

...so I levered myself out of the desk chair, geared up, got the bike out, and went for a ride.

That was around 4:30. It's now 6:10.

Instead of just puttering around town I thought I'd ride out to the stub road where Route 1 used to run and come back, then figure out what to do; instead I took a right turn at Elms Court Lane and headed west. I came to a T intersection and turned south, goiing to Pauling, where I headed west until I had to take a detour; I followed that and kept going west all the way to Monee.

The road I took south to Pauling from Elms Court is a 55 zone and I went the speed limit. Pauling is a 55 zone--same deal.

I went all the way to VHQ--Sailor V's place--turned around in the driveway, and then rode home via the route I'd originally planned to use to get there, which has only a short stretch at 55; the rest is 35-40-45 at most, and some is 25. But I think I'm capable of going 55 now without worrying too much about the speed.

The bike pulls 5,000 RPM at 55 in top gear. I think that was the most off-putting thing about that speed: an engine running that fast yells to me, "Put me in a higher gear or slow down!" But this engine has a redline of 9,500 RPM and you can safely run any properly-maintained engine at half its redline all day long. Heck, the Escort engine has a redline of 5,800-ish, and I cruised at 75 in it all the time--which is 3,000 RPM. You could have eaten off the inside of that engine if you didn't mind a bit of motor oil flavor in your food and the cylinders were in perfect condition. (Except for the one that rusted, which had nothing to do with how I drove the car.)

The clutch slipped a couple times. Probably needs a rebuild, but that can wait because it was only slipping under high-RPM-high-load condition, such as when I was trying to get to 55 from 50 in 5th gear. Most of the time I don't go anywhere near that regime. Perhaps I'll deal with that this winter.

I feel drained now, the same way I feel after an hour or so spent at the range, shooting.

* * *

Democrats threatened a shutdown over corporate welfare. Not because they wanted to prevent it, but because the GOP threatened to cut it.

...I'm confused. Which party is supposed to be against corporate welfare and which was supposed to be in Big Business' back pocket again?

* * *

Fran Tarkenton on public education. If the NFL were run the way our school system was, the games would probably be...uh...well.

You know, as I was cutting the front grass today, some guy drove past in his car festooned with Chicago Bears logos and flags, and I thought, "If that guy had Haruhi Suzumiya on his door instead of the Bears' logo, everyone would sneer at him."

Sports fans are just as insane for their teams as anime fans are for their series, yet one is acceptable and the other isn't.

Well, no one said life was supposed to be fair.

* * *

Anyway, I need food; and I'm in the mood for a bacon mofo rather than cooking anything. That's pretty sad, but it could be worse.

...no, I'm not sure how, and I don't want to know. All I know is, it's a royal pain to cook for one person. What else can I say?