October 14th, 2011

#3000: Three Thousand Posts!

Well, that's it: I've reached 3,000 blinkered philistine pig-ignorant posts, and in 5.5 years to boot. (Okay, 5.5 and a smidge, about ten days. So it's actually 5.527397260273972602739726027397260... years. But who's counting?)

Since Atomic Fungus began in 2006 I have had many bold adventures. Let's look at them.

First post, April 3, 2006.

The day I brought home the Escort I just solt the other day. I didn't start numbering my posts until I got past 100.

#170, the first post on the ozone hole.

The first chapter of Singularity, a story I wrote entirely on-line and for the blog.

#239, after we lost Dad.

#306, first post from my current desktop PC.

#463, just before I went to the Philippines. I was engaged for nine days in 2007.

#513, the day I got the Jeep.

#839, which has the distinction of being the post which is the most often spammed. I don't understand why, but whenever an e-mail shows up in my inbox about a comment being posted to the Fungus, about a quarter of the time it's someone trying to post linkspam in a comment to this post. And LJ's spam filter tags it as "suspicious" so it's never seen by the public. Whatever.

The first PreCure webcomic post but that link has no images any longer. If you want to see the PreCure webcomic, go here for a slideshow on Photobucket.

The postmortem of my first engagement.

The thousandth post.

Barack Hussein Obama wins the 2008 election.

My new laptop, Seiren--freshly delivered via UPS--sits on the kitchen counter while I go to work.

I use my first nickname for Obama, "President-elect Tweek".

I got my first (free) hit of World of Warcraft.

Thrown out in to a Maine winter because I forgot to buy ice cubes.

"MC Sleepy" is invented, my second nickname for Obama.

The day I lost my job at Target.

My second engagement ended on Sept. 27th of 2009.

#1754, my first musings about a NAS box.

#1865, which is a vignette from Chicory, one of my manga titles.

"#2000: Can you believe 2000 posts in four years?"

#2171. I endure police harassment.

#2254. I go visit Og in his native environment for the first time.

"#2338: Bullets. I used my new FOID card to buy ammunition!

"#2347: Musings inspired by rereading this stuff." "What happened to those halcyon days of sarcasm and laughter? I wish I knew."

The bit in this post about organic eggs costing $8.50 a dozen led me to say something stupid that made me laugh until tears came:
A: My bird's got no head!
B: How does he eat?
A: Awful!
...and it was so f-ing stupid I busted every gut God gave me laughing at it.

"#2409: You see, THIS is why I don't room with Batman."

I rarely get this sarcastic any more.

#2445: 10:15 PM This was the day we lost Mom.

#2494: Blogmeet in Indy! I attended my first blogmeet, and had a wonderful time.

Betelgeuse is probably going to go supernova by the end of 2012. At least, they think it will have exploded at such a time that the wavefront will arrive at Earth by the end of 2012. I'm looking forward to that; I hope it happens when Orion's in the night sky.

#2512: Didn't actually make it to the Crown Point gun show today. But that was the day I bought a gun for the first time.

And a few days later I drove through a blizzard to pick it up.

Yes, you do. Go get help. (See below.)

I got to shoot the Ruger I bought!

Then I stripped and cleaned it, and actually got it back together again!

An excellent encapsulation of my life in high school. It was never pretty or fun.

"This day, I have vanquished one of the greatest horrors of my career."

My niece reminded me of this one: DESPAIRagus.

Started the job at [ex-employer] on 4/25 of this year.

Shortly after this post, I was in the hospital for two weeks.

Sailor V makes the only (to date) guest post to let everyone know I'm okay but in the nuthatch.

Then they let me go.

I got into the free motorcycle riding course.

I passed it.

Got my motorcycle license.

Rode legal for the first time. (Instead of "riding dirty"? I don't even know what that means.)

Bought Og's motorcycle and rode it home.

We lost my sister.

A new computer for $116?

The 3,000th post of Atomic Fungus! (For the recursive in you!)

Okay, maybe they're not really adventures but you try going through 2,999 blog posts looking for the best and the brightest, and see how you do.

Or, better, just hang around for the next 3,000. That's what I plan to do.

Protip: click on the last link. I dare you.

#3001: I was going to post about the new computer, damn it.

....but of course #3000 was up and I had to do a big fat hairy retrospective linkfest thingy instead. *sigh*


The case arrived today, and it's pretty. It's gloss black, like an expensive piano, and about the size of a shoe box.

No I don't have pictures yet. I will, I will...but later.

For the past, oh, six hours the laptop has been laborously copying data from the spare 500 GB drive onto the 500 GB external drive. I had to make room on the external first, of course, and that took time; and after the copy had been started I put the mobo into the case and plugged stuff in. WIthout a hard drive, though, what can I do?

Six hours--stupid USB 2.0. So it's sitting there and waiting until I can put the 500 GB drive in. *sigh*

And even when I finish that, I still have another problem. You see, like an idiot, I didn't notice that the specifications for the motherboard excluded an IDE interface of any kind.

That's right: the motherboard has two SATA ports on it, and nothing else, so there's no way I can use the spare DVD drive I've got with this thing.

So Friday I get to hie myself out to CompUSA to pick up a cheapo SATA DVD-R drive. It'll be $20 with tax, excluding the $$ I spent on gas getting there and back.

...except that it's supposed to be 61° and partly cloudy, with no rain; I suppose I could ride the motorcycle. That would probably be fun, mostly.

* * *

Anyway, now it's almost 4 AM and I'm falling asleep. I got up at 2 o'clock (PM I mean) to wait for the UPS guy, and I was sleepy then. Somehow I've remained awake throughout the ensuing insanity and stupidity; my torrent box is half-built and will remain so until I get the DVD drive, so I guess I'll try plugging it in and see if it switches on...and then go to bed.

UPDATE: I have not seen AMI BIOS in about a thousand years. Holy smokes.

...I powered it up; it switched on, found 2048 MB of RAM, and complained that there's no keyboard. That'll do until later today. Heh.

#3002: We'll save $5.5 billion over 30 years? The deficit is HANDLED, baby!

If only we stop printing dollar bills, we will have solved our debt problem!

Yep! Out of our current annual deficit of $1,500 billion dollars, we'll save almost $184 million per year! So our annual deficit will drop to a mere $1,499.816 billion! THIS IS EXACTLY THE KIND OF HARD-HITTING DEFICIT REDUCTION WE NEED!


* * *

Ignore the science! Science is inconvenient to Planned Parenthood, so we should ignore it.

* * *

Iran tried to launch a monkey into space and failed. That's where you're wrong! It was, in fact, an execution. You see, the monkey said something bad about Mohammed!

* * *

That thing about Iran being behind a plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the US, on US soil? Obama sez it's an "act of war".

Oh! Does this mean we're going to start bombing Iran now? (Finally?)
President Obama today declared Iran will be isolated from the rest of the world and ‘pay a price’ for its alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the U.S. in Washington D.C.

His comments follow Saudi Arabia’s own stark warning to Iran that ‘somebody will have to pay the price’ and a U.S. intelligence chief suggesting the country may have plans for other terror plots.

A dramatic standoff between the U.S., Saudi Arabia and Iran is intensifying this week following revelations of the alleged plot and it could end up pushing America to the brink of military conflict.

President Obama said the U.S. will join with partners and allies to ensure Iran will ‘pay a price’ each time it breaks international rules, flouts international norms or does not live up to commitments.

He condemned the Iranian government for ‘a pattern of reckless behaviour’ and revisited Vice President Joe Biden’s comments earlier this week that all options are open in terms of sanctions.

That's it? "Sanctions"?

Not even "kinetic military action"? Sanctions?
Ray stepped forward. "Gozer the Gozerian? Good evening. I have been empowered by the City of New York to instruct you to cease all paranormal activities and return to your plane or dimension of origin immediately."

There was a pause. Then Gozer asked, "Are you a god?"

Ray looked at Peter, who gave him a confident nod. "...No?"

"Then," Gozer turned away for a moment. "DIE," the being said, turning back to face the Ghostbusters, raising its arms, hands spread. Lightning sprayed from its fingertips, enveloping the men and hurling them towards the edge of the roof. They desperately clung to the cut stone, and after the barrage ceased they took a moment to gather themselves.

Winston found his voice first. "Ray, when someone asks you if you are a god, you say 'yes!'"
This is the situation I think of when someone responds to Iran's acts of war with things like "sanctions".

* * *

BTW that's from memory, and it's been more than a decade since I last watched Ghostbusters. I know that Dan Ackroyd's speech there was a bit longer and more verbose, but I don't care enough about the particulars to go find it. I think it made my point as-is.

* * *

There are now only 4.6 job seekers for every opening, which is down from a high of 7 a couple of years ago.

Go, Obamanomics!!!


* * *

No, STOP Obamanomics! Unemployment is too damned high!

* * *

If a pilot flying on instruments can't tell what the plane is doing, a crash will result.

If it ain't Boeing, I ain't going. I'm just sayin'.

* * *

The rise that has been reported in sales from August to September is entirely due to statistical fiddling. All the sectors posted a drop.
The truth? The entire gain was "seasonal adjustment." All of it. In other words, in actual dollars there was not only no increase there was a net decrease in sales of approximately five percent - not annualized either, month-over-month!
Again, emphasis removed, because I just do not have the time to duplicate Denninger's overuse of it here. All those HTML tags, bold, italic, underline--jeeze, just keeping track of the brackets would be a nightmare. No thank you.

...but I don't want to obscure the point, which is that sales have fallen, not risen, and by a respectable amount to boot.

* * *

I managed a few hours of sleep, but I need a few more before I can function properly. You know what that means.

#3003: One too many telemarketing calls

I took a trip out to CompUSA at the worst time of day to do it: after 4 PM. There are commuters of all stripes including people returning from the city and getting off the train, and while all that's going on--particularly after about 5:30--you get the shit-for-brains 20-somethings all heading out to the bars.

So the roads are full of morons FUCKING RETARDS. By the time I got home I was fuming mad at everything and not safe for fabrics; I hit the can and fed the cats, and as I was trying to remember where I set my bottle of diet Pepsi the fucking phone rang.

It was the telemarketing department of some shithead company that has been spamming my number lately (all that comes up is "Circulation Dev" and they never leave a message) so I grabbed the phone, hit "talk", and screamed into the handset


and hung up.

It would be very nice if that kept them from ever calling me again; but I bet it won't.

* * *

Anyway, I got out of CompUSA for under $40, which is nothing short of a miracle. I saw a nice 17" flatscreen monitor for $90, but where would I put it? Besides, the plan I came up with for switching the 22" between analog and digital inputs seems to work so far.

I mulled hard drives. They have drives in OEM packaging for not a lot of money; I could have bought a 500 GB drive for about $50. But then I realized I can probably do about as well at PriceWatch.com and--if I'm careful--pay neither tax nor shipping.

I looked at video cards, but none of the ones that were in my price range were PCI; they were all PCIe, which the torrent box can't use.

They were, of course, out of the DVD drive I'd gone there to buy. They did have another model for $1 more which is a complete equivalent; it might even be the same drive only in retail packaging. I don't care. It's what I needed.

Then I looked over their mice and keyboards. I bought a cheapo optical mouse for $5--the spare mice I have are all mechanical and I'm coming to dislike them--and then saw this neat compact keyboard for $12, so I grabbed that too. I could have gone even smaller: they had a really small keyboard with integrated touchpad for $40, but it was wireless. If it hadn't been, I might have gotten that.

So the next item on the agenda is to install the DVD-ROM drive and get Vista installeratin'...once it's safe for me to handle tools again.

* * *

"Consistent with precedent." Obama isn't just Jimmy Carter 2.0; he's Richard Nixon 2.0. Amazing that he could manage to combine the worst Presidents of the last 50 years in one administration.

And people say that Ombaba's not a uniter?

* * *

Cops planting drugs on citizens to make arrest quotas. So cops are framing people because they have to make X many drug busts per month? Do I understand this?

Jesus Christ this shit is getting out of hand!

* * *

Faugh. This is dicks. I'm going to go do something else.

#3004: Posting from El-Hazard

I'm using the blab slab as a monitor, so the ol' Fungus is being displayed in huge-o-vision.

This tiny keyboard is not very good for touch-typing. For use on a server-type machine it ought to be fine.

For the time being I've connected it wirelessly, but later I'll patch in the switch and connect that way. One step at a time; that's the way to avoid all kinds of problems.

The blab slab allows video in 1920x1080. Dang.

So my next step is to put the cover on the machine, I guess.