October 31st, 2011

#3030: (*_*)

There, my blog is dressed as a Cyberman for Halloween.

* * *

...why'd I bother to link the Wikipedia page? None of my regular readers are not going to know what a Cyberman is. IDK, maybe just in case my sister-in-law or my brother decide they're going to read it today for whatever reason...and if that's happening I also ought to go buy a Powerball ticket. Shit.

* * *

This sounds like a recasting of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. That's what it sounds like to me.

* * *

1965 Mustang body-in-white, and it'll only cost you $15,000. "Some assembly required" and you're going to need a few other parts, you know, like engine, transmission, wheels, suspension, wiring, brakes, seats, steering wheel, pedals....

* * *

Global warming watch!

Amarillo, TX, gets record snowfall! 2.5 inches of snow in late October. It's man-made global warming in action!

Global warming is also to blame for the record snow that hit the northeastern US this past weekend. You betcha!
"You had this storm, you had Hurricane Irene, you had the flooding last spring and you had the nasty storms last winter," Tom Jacobsen said Sunday while getting coffee at a convenience store in Hamilton Township, N.J. "I'm starting to think we really ticked off Mother Nature somehow because we've been getting spanked by her for about a year now."
Never fear, Tom! It's just man-made global warming! As soon as you give up your SUV and flat-screen TV and go back to living in a cave, it'll all go away!

* * *

It used to be pretty lonely in the "China bear" camp. Not any more. I'm seeing a lot more alarm now about China's economic slowdown, and as investors learn more about how shaky a foundation the "Chinese miracle" is built upon, the more alarmed they get. An authoritarian Communist government lying to the world about the status of their economy? Who could have seen this coming?
Well, I was right there with you, dude, all along--even before I discovered your DOOM! posts. (Or before you started doing them. Whichev.)

* * *

So now that I've had breakfast, I'm thinking about my Halloween decorating and such. I'm going to set up the fog cooler with a fog machine just inside the bushes in the front yard. It won't really be out of sight but you won't be able to see it from the street, and hopefully it'll fill the front yard with a nicely creepy fog bank...if the wind holds off.

I've got a few other decorations I can put out, which will help the atmosphere without being garish or overblown. I had given some thought to bringing out the dirt bike, laying it on its side, and put the Jeep in such a position that it looked as if the truck had hit the bike--and then laying a skeleton down so that it looked like it had been laying there a while. Put the black helmet over the skull at a weird angle so it looks like he got a broken neck, etc--but then I rethought it as being too elaborate, and what if I need to go somewhere? I'd have to take down the whole rigamarole and put it away, because the bike is light enough that it could mysteriously walk away in my absence.

If I had a bicycle helmet, I could replicate that scene with a bicycle, but I don't. And it doesn't work without the helmet, IMHO. Oh well.

I'm going to head over to K-mart to see about picking up another bottle of fog juice, and maybe if they have some decorations on clearance that I like I might buy one or two. First I have to hit the bank, though, and they don't open until 9. *sigh*

* * *

This blog post brought to you by a female orc warrior on a flying broom, wearing bunny ears, BECAUSE I CAN!


...and when the wind stopped blowing, the fog would then ooze downhill across the driveway, hugging the ground all the way. Cool.

Total spent on Halloween decorations and supplies: about $30. Fog juice is now $5 per pint; when I bought my fog machines it was $5 per quart...but there's no inflation. I bought a pint of fog juice. I bought a nifty "dropping" spider for $8; when you make a loud noise it suddenly drops about two feet, and then its motor makes a loud whine as it slowly reels back in. And I bought a small jack-o'-lantern for $5 which has two LEDs and takes a couple batteries. It ended up being about $17 at K-mart for that stuff, because all the Halloween decorations were 25% off. (Costumes were 50%.)

$5 for ice, $7 for a red light bulb and a two-prong adaptor. The fog cooler was made from found materials (or stuff bought for other reasons) and cost me effectively nothing.

And I got several compliments on my "theme"/decorations. So, WIN.

I dug out the skeleton and propped it in a chair next to the door, hung up my various Halloween decorations (like the ghost that goes "booooo!" and shakes, and the shaking and clinking bone mobile) and set up the fog machine in the SW corner of the immediate front yard. I put a clamp light there with the red bulb in it, so the fog is illuminated red.

My sister sent me a "Marcus Blownapart" decoration a couple years ago, because I had a friend named "Marcus" and she thought it was funny; I set that up, too.

Plenty of trick-or-treaters, to the point that I began to worry about running out of candy. (I had been giving out two treats to each, but switched to one when I saw how low the supply was getting.)

* * *

I had to run over to my lawyer friend's house to help him with a computer problem, and while he was discussing an issue on the telephone I picked up a "COPY" stamp from his desk and applied it to the inside of my left wrist. That is my Halloween costume: I went as a clone of myself. Heh.

...and I've been invited to go shooting with him tomorrow afternoon. 2x WIN in one day!

* * *

I took the motorcycle for a ride in the early afternoon. The weather was sunny but a bit chilly. I had intended to find a church that I used to drive past way back in the 1980s, to the southeast of town; but I took the wrong road and while I was trying to find the right one the motorcycle started chugging like it was low on fuel, so I switched to "RESERVE" and started looking for a gas station.

Now, the fuel reserve is at least one gallon, and that bike can go about 60 miles on a gallon of gas--but when I put the thing on "RESERVE" I get nervous about it. I tried to convince myself that I was perfectly fine, but I couldn't, so I cut my ride short and headed towards where I knew Route 1 would be.

Oh well.

...I and my friend Marcus used to drive south on State Line Road, way the hell down past the county line; I was trying to make that drive, and would have if I'd thought to fill the tank first. Oh well. The road should still be there when it warms up, and it'd be better for me to do it when it's not 50° outside anyway.

It's supposed to be 65° tomorrow, but my afternoon is already spoken for. *sigh*