November 5th, 2011

#3040: B Gata H Kei is over

The last chapter has been posted and there is no more. *sob* *snort*

* * *

One of the tasks for this winter is to replace all the bulbs in the street bike's instrument cluster with LED bulbs.

LED bulbs are brighter than incandescent and last longer. Since it's a 12v system, finding LED bulbs that fit shouldn't be a serious issue, and it'll also give me a chance to clean things in that area.

I had the idea because I still have a pair of instrument bulbs from the Escort flopping around my desk. It's far too late to take them back for a refund (I did that project in 2010) and I'll probably never use them elsewhere, unless I decide the Fiero needs the same modification. (Which, now that I think of it, probably is a good idea.)

* * *

The fancy new desk chair I bought a few months ago has broken.

...I'm a bit miffed. I'm going to find the receipt and then contact the store to find out how I make a claim against the warranty.

The arms are made of plastic; when I bought the chair I figured they were plastic over a metal core. This isn't so: they're 100% plastic, and the bolts that hold them to the back and sides of the seat ride against washers embedded in the plastic. And not embedded very deep in the plastic, either; so one of these washers decided to come out, blowing a 1/8" chunk of plastic off the side.

I tried gluing it with plastic-welding epoxy, but it didn't hold. Wrong kind of plastic, I guess--and so now I've got a big load of BS to deal with.

What a pisser.

The only other option I've got is to buy a longer bolt and a washer that's bigger than the bolt hole, and then run the bolt through the hole with the washer outside. That would work but it would look ugly, of course.


I can't even see why it broke the way it did. The chair was properly assembled and I didn't sit on the arm--and it was the inner bolt, not the outer one--so probably it was just made badly and took this long to break.

I got the thing August 5 which is only 3 months ago. WTF.

* * *

Anyway, since Hen Zemi is finally over, I added R-15 to the playlist in its place.

The big problem I had with HZ was how there was almost no characterization or exposition in the series. It could have been a lot more entertaining than it was.

R-15 seems entertaining. The "buy the BDs!" censorship is annoying, of course, so I may place it on hiatus until I can get the de-censored version. I've got some other series which will fill the bill (and which shouldn't be so egregiously censored).

I could watch Hanasaku Iroha or Nichijou, for example.

(Now watch, both of those are heavy fan-service vehicles too, and censored to enhance BD sales....)

* * *

Tomorrow morning--and every Sunday from now on--I've got to be at church by 8:30 in order to do warmups and final practice for choir. Well, I chose this, so it's no use complaining about it.

...even so, I'm still going to.

* * *

This AoSHQ overnight open thread has an embedded video, "Fall Compilation October 2011" which is a bunch of fail and pwnage vids.

Most of them are cringe-inducing, such as all the shots of idiots trying to do stunts on skateboards, scooters, and unicycles (since when did unicycling become "extreme"? WTF). 0:55 has a funny scene with two guys trying to set off a potato cannon, but the ultimate laugh for me came at 5:10:

Now, with the other cuts in this video I can figure out what the doofus was trying to do. Okay, he's trying to learn how to do a stunt on his bike or skateboard or whatever, and whenever you see someone execute such a stunt you know that the guy had to take it in the crotch about 50,000 times before he figured out how to do it.

But what that guy is doing there doesn't make any fucking sense whatsoever and that's what made me laugh my ass off. I had to stop playback and laugh, and then I rewound and watched it again and laughed more. I find it funniest when the people involved don't get hurt, and it doesn't look to me as if that guy gets injured, so it's even funnier to me.

* * *

Yesterday was a busy one, with all sorts of errand-running and nonsense to be dealt with, so I think I'm going to lay back down and grab a nap while the nappin's good.

#3041: I wonder if I broke any laws that I give a rat's ass about

During the week that contained my sister's memorial service, the hen that had traveled here from Maine laid two eggs. These eggs were saved, my remaining sister said, so that she could give them to my sister-in-law (a city girl if there ever was one). The eggs have, since then, sat in a cup in the refrigerator...until tonight.

See, I woke up from my nap wanting to make my delicious and filling hamburger fried rice.

As I was doing the prep work, I went to the fridge for eggs...and saw the eggs in their cup. I realized this is exactly the place to use them and took them out. I was waiting to cook something of which the eggs would be a minor part, in case they tasted funky or something; but I needn't have worried.

I broke them into a bowl. No obvious odor or anything; the yolks were much more orange than I'm used to, but they looked and smelled okay. One had a bit of a blot of something near the yolk; I realized that might be the very beginnings of an embryo and it might just be a blot of random junk. I removed it with a spoon (though if I was less of a city pussy myself I would have left it in) and scrambled the two eggs with a single store-bought egg. after all was said and done I tasted the now-cooked scrambled eggs, and it tasted fine, so it went into the fried rice.

You've got to figure: humans have been eating eggs for thousands of years without an FDA inspector to okay them. And in fact the FDA inspector doesn't exactly hold each egg up to a candle and do all kinds of inspection of the things; mostly what he does is make sure the facility that processes them has all its paperwork up to date. The difference between those eggs and the ones I put in my fried rice? About fifty reams of paperwork.

Oh, and the color. These had brown shells.

I suppose an overly-zealous federal inspector could come here and arrest me for using eggs that don't have the government's seal of approval, and he could probably make me dance to his tune for about as long as it took me to call a lawyer. I'd wager that I'd end up having grounds for a lawsuit afterwards, though.

* * *

As for the fried rice: it really isn't "fried rice", the way I make it. It's more like "stir fry with rice". I start with a pound or so of hamburger; add mushrooms, carrots, celery, bean sprouts; peas and corn (though I didn't have any peas this time, I use frozen, about a cup each, defrosted).

Oh, yeah: and rice. Usually I put in a cup or two of cooked rice, depending on how much I think I need.

For sauce I use a tablespoon of "House of Tsang" stir-fry sauce, a half-tablespoon of the same brand of Szechuan sauce, and a tablespoon of soy, mixed and poured over the nearly-finished food. Then I sprinkle on another couple tablespoons of soy sauce direct from the bottle. Stir well, remove from heat, sprinkle with sesame oil, stir it all up. Serve and enjoy. If you have leftovers it's because you didn't have enough people around. It'll reheat just fine and it never lasts in the fridge long enough to go bad.

It's nice to know that I can throw together a meal like this one for about $5 worth of materials which would evaporate if I had a bunch of people over. (Evaporate, and leave no one hungry, I might add.)

* * *

Tomorrow I hope to get the grass cut for what ought to be the last time this year. We'll see how I do after church and everything.