November 14th, 2011

#3051: That's right! It's JUST A COINCIDENCE!

That credit card reform bill was bad law and that's why Pelosi blocked it, not because she had a large financial interest in a credit card company!

You guys at Ace of Spades HQ are so cynical!

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That was, of course, sarcasm.

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Neal Boortz, "That's government for you." Apparently it's a violation of federal law to wipe your ass with facial tissue: "When there are warnings on a small package of tissue telling you that it is a violation of federal law for you to use that tissue anywhere on your bod except for your face...."

I would like to know the specifics of this. I really would, so I could use those tissues everywhere but my face. What the fuck.

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I knew I wasn't the only person out there who is sick of supporting RINO candidates.

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The major project for this week has to be getting myself over to bank #4 to light a fire under their collective ass and get the last chunk of Mom's estate taken care of.

The anniversay of Mom's death is only about a month away and I'm worried about what will happen to that money if I don't do something. My sister in Louisiana was working on it, but with all the bullshit that's been going on none of us has been as attentive to this crap as we should have been.

* * *

Well, after installing Vista Basic on El-Hazard, guess what? The data is still there. I have no idea why the damn install program warns you that your data will be erased when you are later presented with a choice not to erase it.

In fact, the hard drive is running out of room. I have about 10% of the total capacity free right now.

It took four hours for the thing to download and install all the updates to Vista; I let it do that while watching anime and it still wasn't done when 2.5 hours' worth of anime had gone by.

Before I got into bed last night I finally got El-Hazard back to seeding some of the BakaBT torrents it had been doing before I had to reinstall the OS; and now that that job is done further interventions in the thing's OS should be unnecessary.

My BakaBT ratio was up to 0.799 before I did all this; now it's gone down a bit. Something weird happened and uTorrent tried downloading one of the finished torrents instead of merely checking it. I don't know what happened, but it was 1% complete before I twigged to the problem. I ought to pass 0.80 today, though.

* * *

I had a gander at the Nichijou and Hanasaku Iroha manga last night on

Something disappointing about Nichijou: in the manga, Nano (the robot girl with the big and superfluous wind-up key sticking out of her back) attends school with the other girls in the series. Yuuko, Mai, and Mio all know her, and know that she's a robot, even though they don't let on that they know.

In the anime, Nano doesn't attend school.

In A Channel we now know that Yuuko has a 35D chest. You see, in the first episode, there's a joke about Run talking with the guys in class and Nagi suggests that she's telling the boys Yuuko's measurements. Said measurements are 88-[something]-87. Centimeters, of course; so she's got a 34.6 inch bust. Round up, 35. And in the ep I watched last night, Run and Tooru are having some kind of argument about Yuuko when she comes into the classroom, and one of the things one of the two says is, "Voluptuous E-cups!"

...the Japanese lingere industry practices cup inflation, so their bras are one letter smaller than American bras. So an American D-cup is a Japanese E-cup.

Hence, Yuuko has a great rack.

* * *

I'm a bit dejected that there are only two eps of Hanasaku Iroha left. But Ano Hi WTF!!!, the anime with the stupid-long name, is turning out to be nearly as good.

* * *

Finally, since Garfield Without Garfield doesn't update that often any more I figured I'd do my own again: