February 10th, 2012

#3211: Ah, yes, now I remember.

For a certain reason I was looking at my CD of the OST for the film version of Godspell--there was a track name I wanted to refer to in response to Og's response to a comment I'd made here--but I decided not to go in that direction with my response.

Anyway, one of my sisters had gotten a copy of this on 8-track tape sometime in the 1970s, and I wore it out listening to it (on the big old console Hi-Fi that Dad got in like 1972) so I still know all the songs fairly well. I listened to it so much, one night I was laying down, trying to sleep, and could hear the solo at the beginning of the album, "Prepare Ye (the Way of the Lord)". I was 7; it freaked me out and I stopped listening to it so much after that.

I got the CD in 1999 or 2000, when I was still living in Cedar Rapids, but I hadn't listened to it for quite some time.

...I could not remember the second track, "Save the People". Every time I tried, my brain supplied the melody for "Beautiful City", one of the last few tracks on the album.

So I left it for a few days. How the hell did that song go? I thought. I HAVE to remember it eventually!

This afternoon, after therapy, I finally got a handle on the melody--and once I had that, the way the words fit it reminded me of the rest of it, and shortly I had regained access to the entirety of the song stored in my memory.

It was not stored 100% correctly, though.

...after my burrito (from Super Burrito!) and some reading, I decided--WTF--I was going to get the processor fan taken back to CompUSA, instead of taking a nap, so I got dressed and went.

I took Godspell with me.

I still can't listen to "Prepare Ye..." without it freaking me out. That guy singing that solo still reminds me of how I could hear it even though the house was totally silent. *shudder* But that part is short, and once the ensemble joins in it's a catchy little tune that eventually segues into "Save The People".

When singing the song previously I'd sung it as "When will God save the people/Oh God of mercy, when?" but that's not correct. It's "When wilt Thou save the people".

Good music, though. I didn't sing along, not until it got to "Light of the World"--I couldn't help but sing along with that one.

"By My Side" almost made me cry. Since the debacle in May I can't listen to sad music; I just can't. I was so depressed after hearing that one that I shut off the CD player halfway through "Beautiful City". I was getting pretty close to my destination by then, anyway.

(I got better, of course.)

To my surprise, I wasn't charged a restocking fee even though the thing had been opened. I browsed around the store a bit. Hard drive prices are still pretendous; they still don't stock any PCI video cards. (PCI-E, yes; PCI, no. And no, they're not pin-compatible.) They didn't have any DVD-WTF drives under $25.

...they had a standalone Blu-Ray player for $50, but it just didn't seem necessary.

On the way home I listened to one of the CDs I'd made for work at Target: the "Receiving Classical Mix", one of the mix CDs that I'd put together so I could listen to music on the CD player they had back there. It's mostly the Brandenburg Concertos (1-3) but there are a few other things, and the drive back from Orland Park was surprisingly stress-free because of it.

Got home, read some more, had a shower, played WoW...feeling pretty good now.

Anyway, I think "All Good Gifts" is probably my favorite track on the Godspell OST, particularly the part where the ensemble sings the second verse. Damn is that good.

And I'll tell you what: CD is certainly a hell of a lot more convenient than 8-track tape is.

(Full lyrics at the first link in the post, BTW.)

* * *

You know, I'm really glad I went and got that chore taken care of. It was a pain, but it needed doing, and now I've got one thing less on my "to do" list.

...but it's almost 6 AM and I've been awake since 3 PM. I need to go to bed.

#3212: Blurglecruncheon!

This is what I do when I can't think of a post title: delve into my store of weird words from the writings of Douglas Adams.

...okay, I'm lying. This is the first time I've done anything like that. I got three hours of sleep and then woke up, and I can barely see straight.

* * *

Planned Parenthood is a eugenicist, racist organization. Or at least it was started for those purposes. The ironic thing is that--despite a change in management--the organization has done quite well in its work towards its goals.

* * *

I suspect Brian Dunbar actually does understand, and is merely employing a rhetorical device.

People are willing to pay a hell of a lot of money for convenience.

...I admit that I buy bread from the store. But since I've started making a loaf per week I've hardly eaten any store-bought bread. One loaf has lasted me two weeks at least already. (Come summer this will no longer work, as the heat and humidity will cause the bread to get moldy too fast. Maybe refrigerate it....)

I'm going to try the dishwasher soap recipe he linked in comments somewhere or other, once I can get to the store. (Have to add "sea salt" and unsweetened lemonade drink mix to the list.)

* * *

Greece is missing its austerity targets when measured as a function of GDP.

Well, duh: any time you cut government spending, GDP goes down, so you have to cut more to meet your target. How much more depends on how seriously overextended you are; as an example the US could have cut its federal spending by 27% about four years ago and managed to avoid the coming apocalypse, but now must cut it by more then 50% to do the same thing.

...figure we don't have all that much time before it becomes 100% and we're all hosed. Do we have as much as four years? Denninger--in his other posts on the subject--doesn't seem to think so.

The collapse is coming slower than most of the doomsayers (self included) have envisioned, but that's just because there are people who are actively trying to stave it off as long as humanly possible.

It would, however, be good just to get this shit over with. Like when you've got food poisoning and your stomach is threatening to vomit and you're almost-but-not-quite heaving, so you have to sit on the bathroom floor in front of the toilet for three hours--you start yelling at your stomach, Jesus CHRIST just PUKE and get it over with!

Because the longer you hold it off, the worse it gets. You know what I mean?

* * *

I've been rereading a "stinkeroo" (to borrow Heinlein's term) from my favorite author.

It's a regressive time travel story. It suffers from being, essentially, a wish-fulfillment story. I really don't think it's publishable, at least not before I become incredibly rich and famous, live 50 more years, die, and someone comes across an old CD-ROM somewhere in my papers with a copy of this novel on it.

Which isn't to say it's a bad story. No; only that I'm practically the only person who will enjoy it. But it's got some good lines in it.

The main character has gone on a date with a girl, only the evening wasa complete disaster from the get-go, and just as they were about to get frisky she got sick and had to be taken home.
It wasn’t until I got home that I realized I still had her panties and bra in the car. That would have been good: Dad going to work on Monday and finding a girl’s underwear on the floor. He would have loved that.
The first disaster of the evening is when the protagonist's car throws a rod, which is why he's even using his dad's car in the first place. The borrowed car runs out of gas on the way to the gas station. Our hero has forgotten his wallet. Once the car is gassed up and he has his wallet, then he gets pulled over for speeding (59 in a 55, no ticket). Then the girl gets sick--yeah.

Could be worse, though.

...as for the story, it's been a couple years since I read it last. The last time I tried to read it, I ended up paging past large sections of it and realized that I was sick of it. I dumped it to the Kindle and have been reading large chunks of it, and more-or-less enjoying it; but I'm still pretty well convinced this story is not going to see the light of day for a long time.

Believe me, your grandchildren will thank me. Wait, no they won't; they'll curse me for not deleting it now. Well, tough crapola; they're just going to have to like it or lump it.

#3213: Oh! Does this mean we're bringing back DDT?

Somehow I doubt it. I'll be interested in learning how the UN intends to rid the world of malaria without killing the primary disease vector.

"Malaria is an extremely difficult parasite to control, in part because it's a complex organism." No, it's not. Just kill the mosquitos that carry it through part of its life cycle. That's all you have to do.

Before DDT was outlawed, we were on our way to eradicating it, because DDT works extremely well on mosquitos. But of course Rachel Carson's pack of lies, Silent Spring, changed all that.


God damned econazis.

(BTW, that article claims, "For example, DDT was once used so indiscriminately that it's now useless against mosquitos in many tropical regions." Not true. It still works extremely well. Except, of course, that no one is allowed to manufacture it any more.)

* * *

That's because bigger girls have to try harder. A fat girl has lower mating value than a slender one, so she "advertises" with underwear. "I may be a behemoth, but I'm an easy one!"

(BTW I don't mind 'em chunky. I'm just saying.)

Sorry: fat gal in sexy underwear is beaten by sexy gal in "granny panties". It's just the way we're wired.

In fact, I prefer plain white panties to "thongs" on any woman, but if you're really after my heart, wear blue-striped panties. (Again, I'm just saying.)

Besides: "Forty percent of men questioned in the survey said they don’t care if granny or Vicky inspired their date’s underoos." Men don't care about the clothes; they care about what's inside them.

* * *

Weak-sauce religion of death seeks yet another man's head because he said something less than nice about Mohammed.

Compare the anti-Christ images you see posted on 4chan's /b board any night of the week to this man's statement: "I have loved things about you and I have hated things about you and there is a lot I don't understand about you...I will not pray for you." Consider, then, how many Christians call for the poster of those images (and some of them are much nastier even than Serrano's "Piss Christ") to be executed.

The brittle soi disant "religion" can't stand it when someone doesn't like something about Mohammed. If you are in any way critical of Mohammed--off with your head! No forgiveness, not even pity--just the immediate enraged call for the execution of the apostate.

If your prophet cannot withstand criticism, he is not worthy of worship.

* * *

Obama seems to think he can play the Catholic church the way he plays other organizations. Someone pointed out (I think it was Francis Porretto) that the Catholic Church has been outliving empires for two millennia, and it didn't accrue that record by being full of country bumpkins.

I have to wonder if people in the Obama administration think, "Oh, they're a bunch of Christ-tards; they're not sophisticated and worldly like we are. Hell, none of those guys ever has sex! (Unless it's with choirboys, that is!) So how can they possibly outmaneuver people who are as smart as we are?"

Believe me, it's not nearly as difficult as you think (or would like to believe) it is. Just because the GOP can't seem to keep its feet off its collective dick doesn't mean everyone who opposes you is similarly inept.

* * *

I slept too much this afternoon.

Well, after posting, I laid down, but had trouble sleeping because I was hungry. After I finally gave in and had a small dish of ice cream, I then managed to get to sleep sometime after noon.

I slept until it was getting dark out, and was going to get up, but ended up drifting off for a couple more hours. Next thing I knew it was 7:30.

So: I got up, got dressed, and hit the grocery store.

Once that was done, I went to Culver's for a double deluxe. I figured, WTF, all I had to eat today was a peanut butter sandwich, a Suzy Q, and a small dish of ice cream--and all of that was before noon, for crying out loud. And I just didn't feel like going for Chinese, or cooking anything.

Got home, ate the food, brought in the groceries and put them away.

The weather outside is utterly crappy: cold, blowing snow, wind gusts to 30 MPH. While I was bringing in the groceries a particularly strong gust hit, and I heard one of the trees by the driveway making ominous creaking and popping noises.

"Uh oh," I thought. "Maybe I should move the Jeep when I'm done...." But after I was done bringing in the groceries, I had a look at the tree, and saw that there's one limb which grew such that it's pressing pretty hard on another tree. What I heard was the limb and the other tree--both quite sizable, more than 6" in diameter--rubbing together. And when they do, it sounds like a big hunk of wood is about to break.

So I left the Jeep where it is. I hope I'm not wrong....

* * *

Another step function downward in the Dow today. Reason: Greece.

90 points out of twelve-odd-thousand is really not that big of a loss; but it indicates a loss of confidence which could lead to further downward movements.

Basically, there's nothing that can possibly be done about it so long as governments the world over continue to rely on new debt as a way of financing their socialist policies. Until governments cut back expenditures to what the people are willing to pay in taxes, this kind of thing is going to continue to be a problem. Even after Greece is fixed (in whatever way, either by people gutting it up and making the cuts, or by default when the whole thing collapses) there are still three other countries in Europe alone which face exactly the same problem that Greece does. They are merely not as far advanced along the curve as is Greece.

* * *

Turns out I could get a 512 MB PCI video card for not a lot of money.

...or I could spend up to $1200 on one. Shit.

Needless to say I don't exactly need a video card that costs more than all three of my current machines combined (Cephiro, Seiren, and El-Hazard). WTF.


But $30 or $40 for a GeForce video card with 512 MB of RAM would not break the bank, and it would probably let me play WoW on El-Hazard if I felt like it.

Something to think about. But it's not necessary, and even if it were it doesn't need to be done right now, on a cold, blustery, and snowy Friday night.