April 3rd, 2012

#3290: The screeching morons will be scouring thrift stores today!

Artist's conception of a screeching moron:

Some guy found a Picasso print in a thrift store so you know this is going to spur "urban treasure hunters" to scrutinize every last piece of crap in their local thrift stores.

Well, but there's a difference between finding junk and trying to sell it for more than it's worth, and poring over a pile of junk for the valuable nugget. But what frequently happens is when people can't bear to part with anything because "It Will Be More Valuable Someday!" That leads to hoarding.

My Dad was a Depression-era kid, same as my Mom; and this left him with a severe reluctance to throw away anything that might retain value. That's why I still have a garage full of junk to contend with; but at least my Dad knew the difference between something that might be worth money someday and junk which will always be worthless.

* * *

Guess what I get to do when this blog post is done?

If you guessed "Cut the grass!" you win...ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

It's in the 80s today. Tomorrow will be thirty degrees cooler. *sigh*

Well, that's springtime in the midwest for you.

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Incidentally, a week or two ago I learned that Will County (within which is the Fungal Vale) has one of the highest rates of heroin addiction in the country. Go, Illinois! GO GO GO!

* * *

And also in the "Go, Illinois! GO GO GO!" file:

Karl Denninger is where I learned of this and I'm gonna blockquote most of the same passage he does:
The Springfield State-Journal register reported over the weekend that pension director Dick Ingram sent a memo to his board on Feb. 9, saying he was no longer confident that the state’s largest pension system will continue to pay it enough money to stay above water. The state owes Ingram’s fund $43 billion.

He cited one forecast that the Teachers Retirement System could be insolvent by 2029.

Ingram said pension funding is under severe threat from the state’s unpaid bills, soaring Medicaid costs and the $85 billion in overall unfunded pension liability, which is expected to rise.
Okay: Mr. Ingram, you can kiss that $43 billion goodbye; you'll never see it. Illinois is already in the red and that money will never be paid.

I'm sorry, but that's the long and short of it; Illinois can't pay its current bills and there is no politically possible way for it to tax residents enough to pay them. The only way these people will get their pensions is if the dollar ends up being hyperinflated into toilet paper.

Which is just possible given that our federal government has safety-wired the presses that print the money to "emergency maximum".

* * *

"Arrogance" is really the wrong word. I think "hubris" is probably closer to describing Obama's illogical confidence in his own ability.

Incompetence is incapable of evaluating its own inability, though, so it's not terribly surprising.

* * *

Massaging data to prove ocean warming. Sorry, but this Arse Technica article uses the word "interpolated":
For each of 273 Challenger temperature profiles from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, researchers interpolated Argo measurements from the same location, depth, and time of year. Modern surface ocean temperatures (averaged over 2004-2010) were higher at 211 of those points. On average, the surface of the Atlantic is about 1°C warmer—0.4°C for the Pacific. The authors write, “As the Challenger's sampling was more intensive in the Atlantic and the warming may be greater in that ocean, we estimate the global difference as the area-weighted mean of the Atlantic and Pacific values, 0.59° C ±0.12.”
And as ClimateGate has demonstrated, we really cannot trust it when climatologists "interpolate" things.

Irrespective of that, though, is another fact: the Challenger expedition began some hundred and forty years ago.

The idea that the oceans could have warmed 0.6° in 120 years really isn't a sign of catatstrophic man-made global warming. That's an average of 0.005° per year. And--it must be said--1870 was a lot closer to the end of the Little Ice Age than we now are.

On the plus side, the Arse Technica article doesn't claim this to be proof of AGW, though it does say the warming is "consistent" with other data series.

So what this paper shows--in fact--is that the oceans have warmed since the end of the Little Ice Age. Which isn't any big news, anyway, because we have plenty of evidence that the Earth has warmed since the end of the Little Ice Age.

The Earth's climate changes all the time, both up and down, and there's not a goddamned thing we can do about it.

* * *

Og sent me to this site and that post got linked because of the picture it includes.

That image shows up a number of places, usually with text that says, "My head is full of fuck!"

About like this:

...only Jackie Chan instead of President Wingnuthead.

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Same site: Ramen that costs $2.60 per pack in Italy. ...okay, I mean Italy. All right? Thanks to Marco Polo going to China, Italy became the capital of pasta in the western world. China invented it, but when we westerners think "noodles" we think Italy.

Why the f-ing f- f- f- foo-fah would you eat ramen when you live in Italy?

...which is the point Ms. Lucas makes. And why would you pay almost $3 for the dubious privilege?


* * *

Og also led me to this excellent essay on Democrat politics. Yeah, you can't beat the Democrats when it comes to lying, cheating, stealing, scheming, and self-exoneration of same....

Ace further demonstrates this (as if we needed another example!) by posting this description of Democrat outreach to Jews.

* * *

People are fairly certain that if Obama turned out to be gay, he'd still get the black vote.

...and that wouldn't be terribly surprising; look at this image from a textbook which is clearly Obama in his earlier career as a drag queen:

* * *

Time to cut the grass!