April 21st, 2012

#3314: "Carting off the last working spaceships" indeed.

Brian Dunbar commented here:
I don't have a big problem with the report. Keeps the scientists busy, and there are guys at NASA in charge of this stuff who I'd rather be working than playing Solitaire.

Not that NASA has any plans to do anything with the report. Too busy carting off the last working spaceships we own to the junkyard and making people feel good about their lack of accomplishment.

"Your ancestors invented numbers and algebra. Good for you!"

Maybe it's good practice:

"Your ancestors were the first people on the moon. Good for you! Have a cookie."
And it reminded me of this picture I took in 1976:

That was once a complete, working, usable Saturn V...before fucking NASA turned it into a GODDAMNED LAWN ORNAMENT.


As a 9-year-old my feelings approximated, "Wow, cool! That's a Saturn V!" It was only after I grew to adulthood that I realized what an amazing travesty that picture represents.

No idea if that's an actual, usable command module on the top of it, or if they just used a "dummy capsule" for that part. What difference does it make?


And now--thanks to the Obama administration--we don't even have anything to replace the Shuttle, as boondoggly and craptastic as it was. It was the only basket for us to put our manned space effort eggs into (for a host of stupid reasons) and now it's been retired, yet all we can do now to get our people into space is to go to the Russians.

Who are using the same damned expendable boosters they'be been using since the 1950s because they work and don't cost a lot to fly.



If we piss the Russians off--or if the Russians decide to stop flying--who do we turn to then? Will Congress let SpaceX supply the flights, or are they going to stand in the way of that, too? What will the Obama administration and the Democrat party allow?

* * *

Speaking both of idiocy and out-of-control leftism, Weer'd has a post up about a leftist retard who has thoughtfully self-identified himself for our convenience.

He's got the symbol of the deadliest political ideology ever tattooed on his arm next to an image of a gun with its barrel tied in a knot, which is apparently a pro-gun-control symbol.

Commies love gun control because their political system requires a population which cannot fight back. That's also why communism killed over 100,000,000 people in the 20th century.

Hitler was a piker compared to Lenin or Stailin or Mao, even individually, but their combined efforts more than dwarfed Hiter's. The Nazis managed to wipe out six million Jews and other "undesirables", but Mao alone killed almost ten times that many.

Politial murder. Not war or anything; just saying, "All right, this group of people is inconvenient. We'll get rid of them by [doing X]."

National Socialism is bad, don't get me wrong; but it was peanuts compared to Marxism.

* * *

I'm going to try this new "ARPG" called "Tera". I've got this machine downloading the beta client now, and will report on how it goes.

Learned of it here and the video Shamus linked shows hot elf boobage jiggling around. This alone is reason for me to check this game out!

#3315: Managed to make it to rehearsal!

...where I learned that the performance is next week, not May 5. ARGH!!

So I've basically got 7 days to learn this shit cold, or I'm going to be doing my Obama impression up on stage. (Stuttering Clusterfuck....)


I was up late working on my novel again, and ended up getting perhaps two whole hours of sleep before waking up at 8:30 in order to get to the church by 9:30 for rehearsal. I had a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast, and after I left church I went right to Culver's for the usual.

So on my way home I decided that I'm going to find a 3-ring binder I can slip a cover into, and will come up with a cover for it which fits the musical (something about kids' clothing, as my character is "The King of Kids' Clothing!") and then put script and music into it, and I'll carry it as a prop and refer to it if I need to.

* * *

Advice Goddess has a post referring to a Lew Rockwell post about how our schools are arresting kids for behaving like children.

Honestly--arresting a kid for belching in class? Do the COMPLETE FUCKING RETARDS running those school systems not have any perspective whatsoever?

God Almighty! WTF!

* * *

Karl Denninger on the media's preference for their narrative over the facts.

* * *

At least the work I did on the novel last night was productive. I fixed some other errors in the first 49 pages--though after I converted the whole document to Times New Roman it became the first 45 pages. I may increase the font size to 12 (which is what Word normally defaults to anyway) solely to make it more readable. Whoever publishes it will alter the fonts etc anyway so it scarcely matters, and I want it to be easily read.

Gonna have to buy more paper, though.

#3316: Tera looks good

Indeed it does; damn good.

Interesting part: I could perhaps use a faster video card, but the main stumbling block for maximum enjoyment is memory. This system has 3 GB of RAM installed (2.5 GB available) and the game prefers 4. It will run on a minimum of 2 GB, but 4 is "recommended"; I didn't bother bumping this system's RAM past 3 GB because I have a 32-bit OS.

Processor is fine, hard drive is fine, video is (actually) fine--just memory is the problem.

The game is brand new and this system is five years old.

My quarrel with Tera is the way they handle movement and interaction. You can't click on stuff because clicking is how you attack, and it doesn't matter if you're pointing at an enemy or a daisy; if you click, you attack it. (You can't damage friendly targets, though.)

It gets frustrating when you're presented with an obstacle you must jump over, and can't aim your character in the direction you need to jump with the mouse. When you're moving, you can direct your movement with the mouse; but when you're stationary there isn't any way to turn. The arrow keys move you in the direction you press, so if you press the right arrow your character turns in that direction and runs straight ahead, and you watch from the toon's right side.

The character models are highly adjustable. Eyes, ears, mouth, nose, cheeks, jaws, orbital ridges--you can fine-tune the face to suit yourself with a dozen (probably more) parameters.

...but not, apparently, eye color? Maybe I missed seeing that one.

I think I like the gameplay of WoW better. Pity WoW is not as visually gorgeous as this game is.