May 2nd, 2012

#3338: Ultimate Tuna Salad

It's what's for breakfast!

It contains:
3 hard-boiled eggs
diced mild banana peppers
2 cans of tuna
...and it's damn good. It's a lot of work for a few cold sandwiches, though, which is why I do not often make it.

Got enough left for lunch or dinner or whatev.

It should also have had pickle in it. Guess what happened to the pickles?

They got moldy. Yes. Pickles. In the fridge. Got MOLDY.


To be fair there were only two pickles left in the jar and the mold was on top of the brine, but come on.

* * *

I agree with Vox Day: LOYALTY Day? And it's May Day to boot. How the hell is this not leftist/fascist/communist/totalitarian??

* * *

Guy arrested for trying to spend a real $50 bill. The bill is real; it's just very old.

Lawsuit, damn it.

* * *

The opportunity cost of liberalism has been tallied, and it comes to $12 trillion per year.

("White text on black background" warning, though.)

* * *

The best political snow-job in history happened when the Democrats convinced blacks to vote for them almost exclusively.

Democrats were largely pro-slavery in the Civil War years; "Jim Crow" laws were largely the effusions of southern Democrats; there were plenty of connections between KKK and Democrats; and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 would not have become law if the Republican Party had not enthusiastically supported it.

...yet Democrats have a lock on the black vote. And man, do they milk it for everything it's worth, even as they continue to support policies that keep most blacks poor and ignorant and--therefore--dependent on Democrats.

* * *

I wouldn't have linked this story about GM not paying back its government handout money if it hadn't been for the framing of the story. Obama's rescue of GM is being pushed as an "unqualified success" yet GM can't afford to pay back the government money?

WTF is that about?

* * *

A total waste of money. Floating offshore wind turbines! There's gigawatts of wind energy to be harvested!

*sigh* This is so stupid I can't even be mad about it.

* * *

Rich's Garage: "I can't understand how so many incompetent people get elevated so high that they effectively cripple a company."

It's called the "Peter Principle". People rise to the level of their incompetence.

It seems like common sense to the folks down in the trenches: we need this to make money so we ought to have it. But to the guys in the front office, all they can see is the dollar signs. "Wait, it costs how much to have a spare compressed air dryer? Fuck that!"

...but if your main dryer goes down and you can't make anything--and how much money does that cost?

* * *

The company that makes the Blackberry is preparing to abandon the thing that makes their product as useful as it is: the physical QWERTY keyboard.

I'm sure there are plenty of folks down in the trenches at Research In Motion who are yelling the same things that Karl Denninger is saying, but they're being ignored (or mocked) by the management. "iPhone doesn't have a keyboard! Look at how successful they are! We have to do that or we'll be sunk!"


* * *

If I understand what Denninger is saying here, the economy sucks right now for exactly the same reason it sucked during the Great Depression: the markets are over-leveraged.
...[U]ntil we stop screwing around with trying to protect financial "bigwigs" from the consequences of their own acts and this leverage comes out of the system there will be no economic recovery -- because there can't be.
Emphasis removed, as usual, because Denninger overuses typographic emphasis and I don't have that kind of energy.

* * *

The third Denninger link today predicts a big downward move in the markets "soon". "Weeks or months at most," he says, because people are turning to credit to buy food.

* * *

Just remember that Romney was for gun control before he was against it. So he has a meeting with--as Doubleplusundead puts it--"Reichsmarschall Bloomberg" on gun control, and .

Even if I were on the fence about voting for Romney--which I'm not; I'm still not voting for him--there's no way his campaign can spin this story as positive for someone like me.

* * *

So let's talk about the Occutards a bit.

Zombie visited an Occutard thingy in Berkeley. My's full of stupid!

Farm field used by agricultural scientists to do research. No genetically-modified plants here; just things like the interaction of bugs and plants, or the effects of soil chemistry, or-or-or.

Occutards: "We're going to liberate this land to feed people in a sustainable fashion!" buying flats of seedlings and planting them approximately at random and watering them with trucked-in water.
The only difference between the way the farm used to be (prior to a week ago) and the way it is now is that the Occupiers have transformed what was essentially a well-maintained and important open-air laboratory into a disheveled and ultimately purposeless pretend-farm for trustafarian dropouts.
Ruining, it must be said, years of scientific research in the process.

Brigid says this:
You asked the working people to strike today. We all went to work. You wonder why your protests did not sway us? The majority of the working people that look at you do not see what you do. They see simply the indolent, the narcissistic, the immature, demanding free education while waiving your $500 electronic toys in the air as you destroy the property of someone who worked hard for it.
* * *

Yesterday was a very busy one; and by the time I got to Bible study I was about on the floor. I was almost totally useless for the entire two hours. When I got home, I brushed my teeth and went to bed and actually managed to sleep all night.

Whatever had my knickers in a twist has apparently eased a bit, because I'm sleeping better now; but I'm still kind of fidgety. Well, I ought to be able to go get my Xanax pretty soon (assuming the doc called it in) and then I can get past the last little "hump" of anxiety.

It's in the upper 70s outside, and breezy. The radar plot hasn't updated for half an hour so I've got no idea how close that line of thunderstorms is to the old bunker--but if I thought I could make it, I'd take the motorcycle out to get the pills. WTF.

Of course, if it did rain, it's not like either I or the motorcycle would melt. We'd get wet, yes, but we wouldn't melt.

* * *

Somebody alert Sir Mix-a-Lot! This chick's right up his alley:

Baby got back, all right, and then some.

#3339: That worked rather well!

So I went to Wal-Mart to get my RX.

...there was no trouble at all about it, either. I called the doc yesterday, and called Wal-Mart today to see if it was ready, and it was. 60 tablets, one refill; and since 30 tablets lasted me about six months, I think this might just be enough for a year.

Here's hoping.

But having looked at the weather radar, I figured I had plenty of time to get out to Wal-Mart and back on the motorcycle, so off I went.

Before leaving I had to hit the can; and I perused Sunday's Menards ad--and decided I'd stop in there, too, for a 5-lb sack of peanuts in the shell.

...the bike started right up and hardly needed any warmup time, compared to when it's in the sixties outside; and though it was on the gusty side I rode to Wal-Mart without incident.

Only when I got there, as I was about to turn into the parking lot, I remembered that I'd forgotten to grab my hat before leaving the house. *sigh* So I had to carry my helmet so people would understand the source of my "helmet hair".

The RX and two bottles of the mouthwash I use fit easily into the trunk. Then it was off to Menards! I found the peanuts in short order and also grabbed a big box of Little Debbie marshmallow crispy bars. (The big box--besides having more bars in it--has bigger bars; no, I don't know why.) I looked at the hats they had, thinking to perhaps buy one to leave in the bike's trunk; but they were all $8 and none of them appealed to me.

So: a 5-lb sack of peanuts, a box of marshmallow treats, two bottles of mouthwash, and my prescription--all that fit into the trunk and it closed easily. I could have fit the hat in there, too, if I'd had it with me...but not much else.

All this: then I headed home, with my stomach growling at me because it had been almost five hours since I had that Ultimate Tuna Salad (UTS) sandwich. No room on board for food, though, so I rode home, unloaded the bike, and took the Jeep to Culver's.

There were ominous clouds in the sky the entire time, and I could see the rain getting closer...but none actually fell here, not even after I got home.

And now we've got a clear blue sky and light breezes.

As for me, after getting my usual from Culver's I came back to the bunker, wolfed it down, and played WoW for more than 3 hours. I got into a good random group and we hit about 40,000 instances; Ormus (on Wyrmrest Accord) got 5 levels, bumping him to 34th. Whee!

And I'm tired. Daisy-chaining instances like that is always tiring for me.

...but it's not just that. Well, last week was pretty stressful, and that "continuous elevated anxiety" stuff was incredibly tiring. Coupled with running low on Xanax--well.

I do think I've probably got some kind of low-level respiratory crud, though. It's about the right time for the "spring sinusitis" that normally gets me, and I've had a few symptoms; more worrisome is the nonspecific URI that's apparently making the rounds of the churchfolk right now. I may be incubating that nonsense right now; though I hope I'm not it would explain a lot.


* * *

I had rather expected this sort of thing to crop up much sooner than this. In 2008 I was predicting that the mainstream media's hagiographic coverage of Obama--and their refusal to do any investigation of him--would end up hurting them in the long run.

Actually, I predicted that the media would turn on Obama in order to regain their own credibility; that they'd suddenly start being extra-hard on the guy to make up for going so easy on him before.

I wasn't surprised to be wrong about that; I'm rarely surprised when I'm wrong because I've had so much practice at it. But I did say that if the media didn't start pounding Obama that way they'd end up losing viewers/readers due to the erosion of their credibility.

That much, at least, has happened--at least in the case of CNN. CNN pulled 357,000 viewers in April, in the US--compare that with Fox News' 1.1 million.

* * *

...and now I'm thinking about having a UTS sandwich and taking a nap. Man, WTF.