June 21st, 2012

#3438: "This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays."

As I've said before: when in doubt, go for the Douglas Adams quote.

I used to know how to handle Thursdays, but then again that was when I was employed full-time in a white-collar job where I worked in an office Monday through Friday. When your biggest task of the week is applying for a job, things don't function as smoothly.

So, as my Dad used to say, "Here I sit in solemn joy." *sigh*

* * *

And Karl Denninger sees a negative jobs outlook in the current unemployment statistics.

There is no recovery. There never was. It was a chimera manufactured by excessive deficit spending and government number fiddling.

Meanwhile the guys in D.C. have no trouble whatsoever paying their bills, and the richest counties in the nation are the ones around the place.

* * *

This is what socialized medicine does: it kills people by refusing to pay for their care. People who want socialized medicine claim that it "takes care of people". Well, they're right, sort of: it "takes care" of them the way a gangster "takes care" of his competitors.

* * *

The AMA says that the government should levy taxes to reduce the consumption of sugary drinks. *sigh*

You know, I'm tired of all these busybodies trying to tell me what I can eat and drink. I'll eat and drink what I damn well please, because fuck you.

* * *

Two things about the Fast-and-Furious non-scandal:

Alan Caruba. He says it's a Democrat Watergate. I'd like to believe him, but I'm not sure I do, as outlined below.


I say "non-scandal" because the mainstream media steadfastly refuses to investigate or discuss the story. It's as if Woodward and Bernstein, in 1972, shrugged off the things they'd heard about Watergate because Nixon was their guy and was trying to do something about advancing an age-old liberal shibboleth.

(I do believe that if Nixon had been a Democrat we'd never have heard a peep about Watergate. And if Nixon hadn't been the guy who got Alger Hiss. Liberals hated Nixon long before Watergate, solely because he had the gall to get a Soviet spy convicted of espionage.)

The press really doesn't want anyone to know about F&F, because if it becomes common knowledge that BATFE was letting guns go to Mexico illegally, the people are going to want to know why the BATFE was doing this...and the whole charade about most of the illegal guns in Mexico coming from the US will come down, setting back--by decades--the liberal cause of civilian disarmament.

And it might also lead people to wonder if our government was getting just a wee mite too big for its britches.

Can't have that. "Don't stampede the sheeple!" Besides, it makes Democrats look bad, and we can't have that, either.

* * *

Midwest Chick links a story about Michigan educators' unions strong-arming members because the state can no longer deduct union dues from teachers' paychecks.

Her link eventually leads here, which is the whole story.

See, usually the employer has to deduct union dues from each paycheck and forward that money to the union itself. But this union was taking the money for a political action committee (PAC) and that is a violation of campaign finance laws. And since it's a violation of campaign finance laws to deduct union dues for PACs, the requirement was struck down by the state's supreme court, and further the state legislature enacted a law prohibiting such automatic deductions. And so, unions have to collect their dues in other ways.

Big surprise that a lot of union babies aren't paying their dues when they don't have to. And so the union is saying, "Pay up or lose your job!"

The question I have at this point is, can they do that? Legally, I mean? The union is not supposed to have power over hiring and firing; their job is to represent their members. I can see how the union could exert "pressure" (putting it charitably--threats of violence, and so on, as you usually see in union shops with union workers who feel entitled) to get someone to quit, but I don't see how the union could go in to the school board and say, "Okay, we're firing John Smith because he didn't pay his dues."

(The union could say, "Here's a list of people who didn't pay their dues. Fire them or we strike.")

...what I see coming out of that situation--however it might play out--is a huge mess of lawsuits against the union and the school board and the state educational establishment.

* * *

The entitlement mentality of union workers never fails to astound me. Then again there isn't anything new about it. Look up the Luddite movement; it's the same thing.

* * *

As for the weather, it's one of those "not hot but still crummy hot" days out there. Cloudy, cooler than the past three days, but sticky. I hope it rains.

...Monday looks to be fantastic. If the forecast holds, low 70s and no humidity--chilly at night, too.

My air conditioning bill appreciates that even if the lawn is turning brown.

#3439: Yeah, I'm just ROLLING IN DOUGH thanks to my WHITE SKIN

WORM links to a story about a stupid campaign on a college campus aimed at "undermining white privilege".

My white skin has totally made my life an unending series of riches and opportunities. For example, I could never have gotten that job stocking shelves at Target if I hadn't been white! And apparently my white skin was a sign that I was above things like promotions, which is probably why a functional illiterate black guy was the one selected for a promotion to a position that required a lot of, you know, reading, and comprehension of things like merchandise plans and schedules. "That white guy, he'll do well no matter what we give him to do, but this black dude, he can't possibly fail if we give him a promotion!" It was a shock when the guy was asked to step down from his promoted position. I couldn't imagine why.

Oh, and that other job, working in the nursing home? If I'd been black, they never would have hired me. Imagine my amazement when I learned the black CNA I worked with on occasion didn't have his CNA certification. This was the same place that wouldn't even talk to me until I had my card in hand, yet this guy was working right alongside me without one--and that's because my white skin indicated that I was privileged enough to have taken the certification course. Not only that, but to have gotten a passing grade on the exam, because of course the certification exam is easier when you're a white man.

Yes, that white privilege has served me very, very well indeed!

This is such bullshit. Jesus Christ:
The Un-Fair campaign also held a series of lectures and events on campus last semester. One included a presentation by Tim Wise, author of Dear White America. In his book, Wise confesses a "longstanding fantasy" where he turns to a man with a "God Bless the USA" button and asks him, "why can't you just get over it?"
Well, Mr. Wise, I'll "get over it" when you get over your persistent bullshit about racism in the US.
These lectures were publicly endorsed by university Chancellor Lendley Black. Black sent a message to the campus community in April describing his effort to "create an inclusive campus climate for all" through providing "support and... leadership to the Un-Fair Campaign."
All right, Chancellor Black. Put your money where your mouth is: give me a job. Make me a professor on your campus.

What's that? "You don't have the qualifications"? What has that got to do with it? You're telling me that you're all about fairness and equality and then you haul out this "you need to work for it!" bullshit?

I don't think that's it at all! You're just saying that because my skin isn't the right color! If I was the right color you'd be showering me with job offers, but because of your racism you refuse to employ me! I see how it is!


As WORM notes in his post, white people are generally successful because the euro-judeo-Christian tradition has a certain set of core values which generally lead to successful outcomes. It's never 100%, but if you live your life by these principles in America, you somehow manage to avoid things like:
violent death
drug addiction
grinding poverty
...and a host of other things which these idiots attribute to "white privilege" rather than, you know, people acting like fucking idiots.

I know that it's politically incorrect to blame the victim, but guess what? If you have three kids out of wedlock before your twentieth birthday, chances are you're not going to end up being a doctor. You're going to be going to the welfare office every week and living in public housing, and you'll probably have more than three kids.

Yeah. If you refuse to hit the books because that's "acting white", and you join a gang and get shot to death in a drive-by? How is that the white man's fault? It's your culture that told you studying was a bad thing. The white man isn't following you around and telling you that you'd better not do well in school or else he'll beat you up--that's your neighbors who are saying that, and they're the same color you are.

That's why the PC crowd lumps asians in with whites. Asian culture is strongly pro-education, and education is the key to success in any society. (Real education, I mean, not "womyn's studies" and all that bullshit. Useful things like math and science and medicine and engineering.) Asians tend to learn the useful things, the difficult things, and end up being very successful.

In fact--here's a demotivational poster which very neatly sums up the whole situation:

That's right: computers are racist. "They need to make them easy like TV, so people in the community can have good jobs."

It's not because Rakim in Oakland refused to study math and science when he was in school, oh no! It's not because he doesn't feel like putting in the effort to learn how to use computers, either. It's because the whites and Chinese make computers difficult to use on purpose so that blacks can't figure them out!

And then the PC crowd wonders why people have stopped listening to them?

* * *

Speaking of liberal douchebaggery, the guy who gave us "The West Wing" has a new show and it's even being panned by liberals.

Ace blockquotes this bit:
[A] twist for Sorkin (but not for viewers), is that Will is a Republican who has taken it upon himself to challenge the party’s rightward fringe, providing a novel new way to present a Democratic fantasia. "I’m a registered Republican," Will says in a prime example of elegant Sorkinese. "I only seem liberal because I believe hurricanes are caused by high barometric pressure and not by gay marriage."
So what if he's a registered Republican? There are lots of registered Republicans who are so liberal it makes your brain shrivel. John McCain, Olympia Snowe, Mitt Romney....

Furthermore, his belief about hurricanes is flat-out wrong. Hurricanes are caused by low barometric pressure. The storm forms around a low-pressure area, which is what tropical depression even means in the first f-ing place.

Besides, who the fuck is saying that hurricanes are caused by gay marriage anyway?

And who does this guy look at as the exemplar of Republican values? "Guys like David Frum, Mark McKinnon, Andrew Sullivan."



* * *

Another Ace post on Brit Hume saying Obama's declaration of executive privilege in the F&F case has the "stench of cover-up".


Not the Obama administration! He promised his would be "the most transparent administration in history"! Surely you're not saying that he lied about that!

Why, you must be a RACIST!

See what I did there?

#3440: You're kidding, right?

Incidentally, I noticed this last night: the flyer I got in the mail from Phantom Fireworks has maps of their two stores in NW Indiana, and convenient directions to them.

One store lists approximate travel distances from various cities: Chicago, Joliet, and Saint Louis.

Now: unless Congress went hog wild with the redistricting (and exceeded its authority) Saint Louis is still in Missouri. Take a look at this map I shamelessly stole from Gizmodo last year:

As you can see, Indiana is in the "Just don't get too crazy" category...while Missouri (which contains Saint Louis, by the way) is in the "If someone wanted to pour a cup of gunpowder into a tin can and explode it, it's probably okay" category.

Ergo: why would someone drive 264 miles from Saint Louis to go to a fireworks store in Indiana which has less cool shit in it than he can get at home?

And, worse, drive 264 miles through a state which will confiscate them if they catch you with them in the state?

I mean, Missouri allows things like real M-80s, which are essentially 1/8th a stick of dynamite. They let the average person buy all kinds of big pyrotechnics--stuff that's too big to be class "C" but isn't on the level of the professional mortars.

Though--my sister told me about the fireworks in Louisiana on New Year's, and how she could have bought freakin' 8" mortars! (She didn't, because she was worried about damaging the street. WTF.)

"What I can never seem to remember is that the DOT clssifies from the top down: the big stuff (TNT, Semtex, other explosives) is class A. The big display fireworks are class B. The fireworks you get from roadside stands--consumer or package fireworks--is class C." But I remembered this time!

And, "Sparklers are class C. So are bottle rockets and mortars up to 1.75"."

So if I understand correctly, Missouri allows the sale of (at least some) Class B fireworks to unlicensed people, as does Louisiana and certain other states.

Very few states limit fireworks purchases to sparklers, snakes, smoke bombs, and snap crackers. Even fewer have total bans, and those are just the states you would expect to have such bans. (NY, MA, etc. The hard blue states.)

Perhaps this is just an inside joke among the staff that did the flyer; or maybe they don't f-ing know what's what and really think someone might want to drive from Saint Louis to Indiana to buy fireworks. I don't know.