October 16th, 2012

#3627: IttyBit died last night.

Lemonzen had come by becuase I'd been expecting to take the Boo to the vet, and as Lemonzen and I were laying together in bed and talking, something--I don't know what--made me screw up my resolve and call the vet again, asking if I could bring IttyBit in for the last time.

When I made the appointment, I had intended for the vet to examine the cat and find out why she was bleeding from the mouth. But something changed my mind, and instead I got up and made the pathetic plea.

They squeezed us in.

...it was about as peaceful as it could have been. I was an emotional wreck, of course, and Lemonzen wasn't handling it much better than I was.

Postmortem the vet looked in IttyBit's mouth, and I saw that the bleeding had been because the tumor had gotten a hell of a lot bigger in the last two weeks. Basically, where it has been below lip level before, it was actually about 1/8" above the level of her teeth--and when she tried to eat, her fang on that side would gouge a hole in the tumor, and of course it would bleed. The poor cat couldn't even eat baby food any longer; she'd had a few licks at what I put out for her, then ran away from it and hid--and had left a thread of bloodly saliva across the plate.

Even if I had a way to feed her around that problem, at the rate that tumor was growing she probably would have been choking on it within a week. Since she couldn't eat--couldn't even lick up food any longer!--she was going to die of starvation in a couple of weeks, or might have died of dehydration in a matter of days.

This was much, much kinder.

I really, really hated having to do it...but there was simply nothing else that could be done, and this way her suffering is over.


* * *

The federal government is now claiming that any and all meteorites which fall on the United States are not claimable under the mining law. Do you suppose (as the linked article suggests) this is to set a precedent for asteroid mining?

* * *

Germany shut down its nuclear power plants in the wake of Fukushima. Now Germany faces blackouts because they don't have enough electricity supply to run their country.

File this one under "play stupid games, win stupid prizes."

* * *

Snow in October in Australia is highly atypical. "What are you talking about? It snows all the time in October!"

Sure...in the northern hemisphere. But Autralia is in the southern hemisphere; right now it's about 3 weeks into spring down there.

Still, the warmistas are telling us that it's getting colder in the southern hemisphere because of global warming, because everyone knows that global warming doesn't obey the Laws of Thermodynamics.

* * *

My second day at the DC was (as predicted) harder than the first. For one thing, today was a true 10-hour day for me; I arrived there at 5 and left at 3.

For another, of course, I was still recuperating from my first day on the job. I feel pretty crummy right now. Some of it's emotional from having to bury my cat last night, of course, but I am pretty well-flensed from working my ass off two days in a row.

And tomorrow I get to do it again--another 10-hour day. *sigh*

...they're trying to avoid having us come in on Saturday, but that means doing that much more work during the week...and to be honest I'll be perfectly happy to remain home and in bed on Saturday if it's at all possible. Everything hurts, and even though I expected this, that doesn't make it any easier to cope with.

But I had to do a couple of loads of laundry; the first is drying as the second is in the wash. I don't believe I'll be hanging the shirts up tonight. Again, I'm just too damned tired.

I have to keep reminding myself: receiving 100 cartons an hour is an "A". Basically that means getting 100 cartons onto pallets and scanned into the inventory system--and for some of this shit we were building pallets of 75 small boxes. I timed myself; I took 1.5 minutes to do a single layer of 15 boxes, which means the pallet of 75 took a total of 10 minutes when you included the scanning, paperwork, wrapping, etc.

That is all the thinking about work that I want to do right now.

* * *

Anyway, so yesterday was excessively stressful, and today at least was just a matter of expending effort.

I need to be in bed by 8 PM. I don't think I'm going to have trouble sleeping.