October 27th, 2012

#3647: Well, that hasn't happened for a while.

I got home from grocery shopping, went to get on the machine--monitor came out of power save, then went back into it.


...turned on the blab slab and--sure enough--the computer had decided that the slab was the now the primary display and the actual real primary display was no longer connected.

It took longer for me to rearrange my icons than it did to switch the thing back to the correct monitor. Despite that, this is something which should never happen.

Now--before I left to go to the store I was thinking about how I could reconfigure the setup so the blab slab was the primary monitor--but the computer does not get to make that decision.

Especially when it reduces my desktop to 1024x768 (the maximum resolution of the S-video output I use to get the video to the DVD recorder, so I can make video DVDs) and scrambles my freakin' icons.

* * *

Increased household borrowing is not a sign of an improving economy when unemployment hasn't improved. "It defies credibility to think that household finances have improved when unemployment remains historically high and food stamp usage is at all-time highs," he says.

And: "Perhaps in another 10 years, it will finally be acknowledged that there hasn't been any economic growth since 2001 as all of it has been nothing more than an artifact of expanding debt."

* * *

I am doing better about buying fast food. My original push was to have it as little as possible. Well, Wednesday I had a couple of slodge burgers from McDonald's, and dinner that night was a meatball sub from Subway. All told those two meals cost me about what the colby jack pub burger combo cost, that I just got from Culver's. (Or what it would have cost had I not had a coupon for $1 off...the last of them that I got in late September.)

I am going to do the sub thing again--meatball sub with pepperoni, green and banana peppers--because it was tasty. But not today.

Bonus: at the store they had wasabi peas in the oriental section. $5 for a big can, but I bought it anyway; I wish to encourage them to stock this product as I have not seen this stuff for sale anywhere since I worked at Target.

* * *

Tomorrow I must give a testimonial at church on what the place has done for me (or what it means to me) in the context of reminding everyone that Consecration Sunday is coming up on November 18. I must give it twice--once at each service--but since I don't have the dread of public speaking most people have I'm not worried about it. I'm more worried about forgetting what I want to say; but I'm going to handle that by having some notes to read from.


* * *

Last night Ukyo hit 70th level. I have been playing her pretty consistently since I created the character at 2 AM on September 25th. My other toons have (as is typical for me) languished while I did. But I am starting to get bored, because Ukyo is now in Northrend facing exactly the same boring old quests, and I've got ten levels of this before I can even think about going to the Cataclysm zones--and fifteen before she goes to Pandaria. *sigh*

So I might hop on old Ormus and get him to 90th, first. We'll see.

* * *

Now? WoW.