October 29th, 2012

#3649: So now we're eight days from the election.

I'm kind of wondering what next Wednesday will be like. *sigh*

* * *

The Benghazi story continues.

Vox Day: "Is Obama unfit for command?"

Elizabeth Scalia notes that the press is remarkably incurious about Benghazi, even now. They're not even trying to spin this as a positive for Obama, eg "Obama was just wonderful in this crisis!" They're just--very carefully!--not talking about it.

She links this PJ Media column about the possibility that the White House has acted treasonously in this imbroglio.

Doug Ross quite nicely illustrates the media's indifference to Benghazi.

Mark Steyn talks about it.

* * *

Fortunately, I have never spent a dime at Urban Outfitters; and now I never need to.

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The October jobs report is so good, the Bureau of Lies and Statistics is embargoing it until after the election. Well, it's going to look very bad for Obama, because it's going to correct the 7.8% figure (which was dead wrong thanks to California not reporting) and will probably include all sorts of new bad news.

So, lucky Obama: there's a hurricane remnant slamming the east coast right now.

* * *

WORMME translates the Des Moines Register's endorsement of Mitt Romney. It begins:
We love Obama, who’s completely perfect even though he’s bankrupting the country before we can finish socializing it the way we and Obama want.

But since there’s not the faintest trace of dirt on Romney despite our best efforts, and because he mastered 7th grade math and balanced budgets bigger than a single household and might actually keep America solvent long enough for federalism to finally be destroyed, and especially because he caved to Democrats while governor of Massachusetts and we’re sure we can shame him into it again, we...very reluctantly...endorse Mitt Romney for President as long as he does exactly as he’s told.
And it gets better.

* * *

So: Gay man is beaten for supporting a Republican. Another gay man was posting very threatening tweets prior to the attack.

Cops should therefore be seriously investigating the man making the threatening statements.

Problem: the man making the threatening statements is the "husband" of the Democrat candidate against whom the Republican is running.

Media: totally ignoring the story, of course.

* * *

I'm linking this JayG post only because of the picture it contains.

High winds and torrential rains hit the east coast, and some moron didn't think to secure his frickin' trampoline...and so it ended up elsewhere:

Now, I don't know what a fully-assembled trampoline weighs, but I do know that it weighs a good deal less than a fully-loaded 747 does. I also know that a trampoline has a great deal of surface that can function as a wing in high winds, compared to a 747. Therefore: although a trampoline represents a terribly inefficient lifting surface, it nonetheless can become airborne under the right circumstances.

Apparently this undersdtanding did not come to the owner of that trampoline.

Until it was too late.

* * *

It's Monday, the 29th of October. Jeeze-louise.

Well--Friday afternoon I put the two extra shelving units out with "FREE" signs on them. The tall one went; the short one (arguably not in the best shape) remained. Sunday night I dragged it back up the driveway.

I was originally going to bust it apart and throw it away if no one took it, but I rethought that idea: there's a spot in the garage where I could put it and gain extra space for storage.

See, there's this ancient set of drawers out there, a store fixture from 'way back when my maternal grandfather ran a paint store. Right now it has stuff on top of it, and a simple plywood shelf has allowed me to store more stuff there. But if I pull all that shit off there and put this shelf unit on the thing, I'll have four shelves rather than two (counting the top of the thing as one shelf). This means I ought to be able to get stuff off the workbench and stored over there, which would help with the clutter. And I don't have to destroy an ugly but otherwise usable piece of furniture.

Sounds like a win-win proposition to me.