November 21st, 2012

#3684: White Wednesday again, and boy are my arms tired.

Expecting the brother and his family to come after they have dinner at my sister-in-law's brother's house, so the bunker's got to get cleaned. I spent half an hour working on the kitchen and family room, and have already made an immense improvement in the looks of both rooms. There's still a long way to go, but I wanted a break. I've been up since about 4 AM, and I want to take a nap before I get started on the major cleaning initiative.

Then I have to go to "come and go" communion at church, and pick up my pies. Woohoo.

* * *

The last-ditch effort by the bankruptcy judge in the Hostess bankruptcy has failed. The judge ordered the company and the bakers' union into arbitration, but that was not successful, so the liquidation will continue as planned.

Doug Powers says the Twinkie is now "DOA" but it's not. There will be Twinkies. They will probably not be as good as the real thing from Hostess, but the new "Little Debbie Twinkies" (or whatever they end up being called) will be almost the same thing.

...because if, for example, Little Debbie got her evil mitts on the Twinkie trademark, you know she's not going to reformulate the creme filling she uses in everything she makes just to make Twinkies taste right. "It says 'creme-filled'; it does not say 'special Hostess-style creme-filled', now does it?"

Interestingly enough, there's a video embedded in that post which is a pictorial memorial for Hostess snack cakes...and the frame being displayed before you play is Zingers.

Which were, originally, made by Dolly Madison, which obviously went out of business and sold the trademark and recipe to Hostess. Yeah.

So there'll be Twinkies and Suzy Qs and Ho-Hos and-and-and; there'll just be a bit of a wait. The people who bought up all the Twinkies in the store and who are now selling them on e-bay? Well, they're not quite as stupid as all the morons who are buying those f-ing things at vastly inflated prices, but they're still stupid.

* * *

So a gay man's inability not to diddle underage boys has cost him his career. I wish I could say that I was surprised. I don't know--do you suppose that if he'd given the kid more than $125,000 to shut his mouth, the kid would have done it? Apparently he's suing for $5 million. Hmm.

* * *

I already do this, and have been for quite some time. Nothing so elaborate and dramatic as a public promise of boycott, but simply including peoples' political statements in my considerations on how and where to spend my money. When some rich Hollywood leftist opens his piehole and "removes all doubt", it helps me save money on my entertainment budget.

When the editors of the anime/manga magazine Protoculture Addicts--which was one of my main sources of anime information in the days before Al Gore invented the Intartubs--went on a three-month anti-Christian tear, I finally decided I've had enough of this shit and quietly removed them from my pull list at the comic shop. I didn't say why; I just said I wasn't interested in it any longer--but they stopped getting my money. I started buying Animerica instead.

That magazine didn't focus on all anime as much as PA had; it was published by Shogakkokan, so it tended to focus on their titles, though not exclusively. Still, at least it didn't rail against the imagined slights of a generic fundamentalist Christian caricature, either--in fact, it mostly ignored religious discussion. (There was one sidebar about wicca in the issue that focused on Mahou Tsukai Tai. That was annoying, but at least it wasn't a three-month blanket denunciation of Christians issued because some crackpot somewhere wrote a letter to a local paper.)

Why should I pay someone to insult me? It makes no sense to. As Ms. Hoyt says:
It amused me yesterday to hear you guys extol Guy Gavriel Kay because I can’t read him. Yes, he’s an excellent writer. HOWEVER I grew up under Marxism and I’m overly sensitive to their spin on history and their distortions. Books go against the wall. His did – I don’t even remember which. Someone had given it to me for my birthday… sixteen years ago?

But we’re more tolerant. Heck, even I am. I love some author’s mysteries, despite their obvious politics. Part of this is because we HAD to get used to reading the left and ignoring the nonsense. They weren’t letting anything else through.

Now let that sink in for a minute: they weren’t letting anything else through. So we bought what they wanted us to.

Think about it. Doesn’t it make you mad? Maybe it only makes those of us who were trying to break in at the same time mad.

However, it’s time to get mad. Don’t lie flat.

Your budget is limited, anyway, right? So, for those lefties’ books, movies, games? Wait and buy them used. You can still enjoy it, but you won’t be subsidizing them.
Emphasis added.

But there's no liberal bias in the entertainment industry. Why, they worship the almighty dollar! They wouldn't deliberately alienate half their audience!

...except that they do. And they have for decades.

* * *

Karl Denninger says the latest jobs report is one ugly mofo. Last week we were told that the weekly unemployment figure had risen to 439,000; this week that number's been revised upward to 451,000.

But there is no reason to panic, we're told, because this week claims are a mere 410,000, which means the rate of job loss has slowed!

As I recall the number is a weekly number multiplied by four to give a "monthly" total, so figure it's 112,150 last week and 102,500 this week. So regardless of what the rate of job loss is doing, we're still down a total of 214,650 jobs in the last two weeks. Annualized, that's nearly 5.6 MILLION jobs lost.

Denninger concludes, "I think we have an ugly surprise coming in the December Jobs Report, folks." Yeah.

* * *

Also from Denninger, another dire prediction that Greece is about to go tits-up. As he has all along.

...but sooner or later, he's going to be right, you know. It's only a matter of time. A lot of us economic doomsayers have been shocked and surprised at how long the "extend and pretend" games have gone on; I think we failed to take into account the fact that the sitting governments don't want to prosecute the very real crime and corruption in the financial industry because it'll mean they lose their jobs, too.

Quite possibly at the end of a torchlight and pitchfork parade, with a rope around the neck.

The politicians are in a very tight spot, which is why they're letting the banks get away with fraud and graft and corruption--not because they necessarily want to, but because they can predict what will happen if the banksters are prosecuted. The result would be an economic downturn that would make the Great Depression look like a birthday party, and it might just be bad enough that the pols themselves end up Dancing Danny Deever.

The extreme leverage, the fraud, the abuse--it's the rabid Tyrannosaurus in the room, and everyone in power is doing his damnedest to pretend it's not there...because if just one person notices it officially, the jig's up, and not only are they out of jobs but they're quite possibly out of time as well.

But sooner or later the tyrannosaur is going to eat someone, and someone else will say, however inadvertently, "Wait a minute--Bert's gone!" And the collapse will come.

* * *

How to unclog the heater core in a Jeep I6 using compressed air and CLR. I'm not doing that this week, damn it. Maybe next week. I first want to make sure the heater core is actually clogged, you know, and not just full of air.

* * *

50 cc? Seriously? That's an awful small engine for a motorcycle. It looks like it'd be a fun ride, but c'mon--60 MPG out of a 50 cc engine? I get 65 MPG out of my 450, for crying out loud.


But $4,000 for a motorcycle that can do 55 MPH ain't too shabby, either, considering what it costs these days to get a new bike. All you can get is cruisers and sport bikes; cruisers with V-twin engines start around $10k and rapidly approach $YEECH! (You can get a cruiser-style bike with one cylinder for perhaps $3k if you bargain well enough. Fuel injected, even...but one 250 cc cylinder.)

A two-cycle 250cc bike would have some kick to it, though. Pity they don't make one like that, but it'd probably cost too much anyway.

* * *

Well, I think I'm going to go see about that nap now.