November 23rd, 2012

#3687: Black Friday, and I may need to hit the grocery store.

I've only got two eggs left, I'm out of breakfast sausage, and I need to buy cheesecloth and vegetable stock. On the plus side, the grocery store shares a strip mall with Ace Hardware and three smaller stores, so it's not going to be MOBBED like it would if there were a department store or something nearby.

I made another sausage and cheese omelet today; this time I also grated a potato and made hash browns. Sadly, it's been long enough since I last made hash browns that I kind of stuffed them, but at least they're edible. My mistake was erring on the side of caution: I should have let them brown more before flipping them. Still, they taste pretty good even if they're not as crispy as I like, so what the hey.

I didn't bring home any leftovers from dinner last night; I even left the pie. That's kind of a plus/minus thing with me. Oh well.

Og has the right idea. I'd probably have done the same thing if I didn't have chronic hypoglycemia. Unfortunately, if I tried to have pie for breakfast, I'd be on the floor with my blood glucose dropping past 50 mg/dl in no time, and then I'd end up having to run to McDonald's for a bacon mofo or something.

But there are a couple of jelly donuts left from the other day. They were 3 for $2.50 and the container was marked "1/2 price as marked" so I paid $1.25 for three very good jelly donuts. I ate one yesterday, and if I'd had less willpower (and was not getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner) I might have eaten all three. *sigh*

* * *

So, politics--

Advice Goddess: Pilgrims tried socialism, and it worked as well as always.

Forbes: "How A Failed Commune Gave Us What Is Now Thanksgiving".
The charter of the Plymouth Colony reflected the most up-to-date economic, philosophical and religious thinking of the early 17th century. Plato was in vogue then, and Plato believed in central planning by intellectuals in the context of communal property, centralized state education, state centralized cultural offerings and communal family structure. For Plato, it literally did take a village to raise a child. This collectivist impulse reflected itself in various heretical offshoots of Protestant Christianity with names like The True Levelers, and the Diggers, mass movements of people who believed that property and income distinctions should be eliminated, that the wealthy should have their property expropriated and given to what we now call the 99%. This kind of thinking was rife in the 1600s and is perhaps why the Pilgrim settlers settled for a charter which did not create a private property system.
...and it's why they very nearly starved to death, too. Because socialism fails every time it's tried, because it runs contrary to human nature.

* * *

JayG talks about how FEMA and government are conspicuously absent from the disaster area on the east coast, and further talks about how the press is conspicuously silent on the matter.

But there's no media bias or anything.

* * *

Vox Day discusses the endpoint of feminist society: the brothel, or the burqa. "Kyle in Japan" makes a good point:
Isn't it amazing how feminism ruins the lives of women at every stage? It kills them in the womb, deprives them of parents, tells them to open their legs to every man who wants a piece in their adolescence and young adulthood, and then deprives them of family, fellowship, and lifelong significance by telling them to pursue a nebulous, ephemeral "dream" of self-centered nonsense ensuring that they face the stark reality of middle age and retirement all alone.

Well, except maybe for the cats.
Something interesting that's come out of my attendance of Bible study classes is how egalitarian Christianity is.

Understand: in first century Israel, women and children were second-class citizens. Jesus continually shocked his apostles (and others) by treating women as he treated everyone, male or female, adult or child. That was revolutionary, the idea that women could (and should) be treated the same as men.

(I should say it was revolutionary, at least, among Jews, as I've no doubt that it had happened in other cultures.)

And every time I look at the consequences of feminist thought, inevitably they lead to less freedom and security and happiness for women.

Feminist "freedom of choice" doesn't mean a woman is free to be a housewife if that's what she wants; it means that women are expected to go out and have "actual careers". Witness please the self-important bitch in this comic strip:

...and "a mere housewife" is a sad, deluded woman who has bought into the patriarchal, phallocentric Establishment lies. Yeah. Sure, a woman is free to choose that, but she earns the scorn and derision of her feminist betters if she does. She's not a "true woman" if she decides that raising children is the most important thing she can do, at least not according to the feminists.

And it's making hash out of things.

* * *

And today's Pearls Before Swine made me laugh:

I love a good anti-joke.

#3688: The Friday evening post

I may--or may not--still end up going to the grocery store. I'm also thinking about having some Chinese food; originally I had thought to cook it myself, but now I'm starting to think that some sesame chicken would hit the spot.

Well, whatev.

* * *

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Dumbass woman acts like a complete douchebag, posts pictures of her douchebaggery on the Internet, and gets fired for it.

To be honest, I've got mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, did she really deserve to lose her job over this? On the other hand, I'm fuckin' tired of this kind of stupid shit done by people who apparently never managed to advance past adolescence.

Acting badly in public should result in mass approbrium of your infantile conduct. This is how it used to be before the hippies and the "me generation" undid so much of the moral underpinnings of our society--and if you did something massively asinine in public that reflected badly on your employer, you got fired. Period.

All right, she and her friend thought it was funny, and simply posing for the picture and raising no other ruckus is--well, peurile, but not very disruptive. Rude and stupid, but people are rude and stupid all the time. But posting this image on her Facebook page was a serious mistake, because once something's on the Internet it's permanently out there, and you have no control over who sees it.

Instead of merely offending whoever was there at the time who happened to be looking the right way, then, this twit deliberately published the photograph and managed to offend a whole lot of people who weren't anywhere near Arlington the day the pic was snapped...and that's why she's unemployed.

A lot of people are coming to realize that the left didn't do us any favors by removing the moral guardrails of our society. "Do it if it feels good" is not a recipe for success--not on the soceital level and certainly not on the personal--and little by little our culture is coming to understand (again) that there must be restrictions on public behavior, else anything goes.

This is why San Francisco recently banned public nudity, for example.

* * *

Like this. Arrested for DUI for the eighth time in 20 years, and as JayG notes, the guy
...had a BAC that should have been fatal - this indicates that he's a severe alcoholic with an abnormally high tolerance. The fact that he still got behind the wheel while that drunk makes me think that prison - or death - is the only way he's going to stop drinking and driving. This is someone with a serious alcohol problem, and it appears the only way to get him off the road is to lock him up.
What else can you do? The article doesn't say whether or not the guy still had a driver's license, so he probably did--but eight convictions in twenty years demonstrates that this guy lacks the judgement to be allowed out in society. Left to his own devices, it's only a matter of time before he kills someone besides himself.

It's a shame the guy's got to be in prison for the next thirty years (at least) when he's got a substance abuse problem, but it's the right call. Either he hasn't taken any steps to get sober, or else he lacks the willpower to stay on the wagon--and whatever the case may be, it's safer for everyone if he's behind bars, because he obviously cannot resist drinking and driving.

* * *

The GOP is no longer an effective political party.
Of course, the [Republicans] of the mainstream right won’t do this. Many of them don’t really want to win; it would interfere with their cocktail glass clinking time. And, oh god!, don’t raise taxes one iota on those über rich Democrat non-patrons!
He says "mainstream right" but they're really not conservatives; they're moderate to liberal in their leanings and only pretend to be moderate conservatives during campaign stops. Certainly they do not vote like they're right-wingers.

And he's right: the party of "Democrat Lite" must be replaced with one that has testicles, entrails, and spine enough to stand up to the liberal elites and then hand them their own still-beating hearts.

* * *

Michael Flynn posts some nicely dry disdain for more of the same-old-same-old anti-Christian drivel from the intelligentsia.

* * *

The more I think about that "sesame chicken" idea, the more I like it. And I bet I could order it, then run to the store, and get all that BS dealt with today, so I could relax tomorrow much the same way I relaxed today. Because Sunday is "go" day, and Monday is "go" day too, as I need to try applying for a few jobs ASAMFP.

Besides that, I need to edit the Faller story and submit it, then take [Release Candidate One], edit it into a proper submission format, and start looking for publishers. I promised Lemonzen I'd submit it to someone before the end of this year, so I've got to get cracking.

* * *

$5 says the news media is saying that today was a great day for retailers. Their guy won, after all.