May 4th, 2013

#3826: An unexpectedly nice day today

I thought it was going to suck today, but it was nice and warm, and I was able to get the grass cut today rather than having to do it tomorrow. That means tomorrow all I need do is go to church; after that the day is mine.

...I had four tabs open with stuff, but upon further consideration I don't feel like talking about any of that crap. So instead, I'm going to go read more of A Clash of Kings.

* * *

Oh! I forgot: the Burger King nearest the bunker--the one that was severely damaged in a fire last year--has finally reopened, so I hied myself over there for some pre-chore food. Two Whoppers, $5, and I ate both of them. They were...okay. I expected better, but they were good enough.

The place was completely gutted after the fire and refurbished. The fire allegedly took place in the kitchen--a grease fire, it was, nasty stuff--and while the main structural components of the place were okay the interior was very badly damaged. That place has been there since the 1970s, and it was long past due for renovation anyway; the McDonald's nearest it--which was even older--was renovated earlier last year.

It's nice to have BK back on the block, anyway.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus and I bought a birdbath on Thursday, and set it up next to the rose bushes we'd planted on Monday. We also bought a finch sock, but instead of buying the nyjer seed kind she got the other kind...and while I mowed the grass today I saw that the sock was empty. Finches are pigs with wings but they don't eat that fast, and when I found the hole in the sock that told the tale: a squirrel had eaten all of it.

Somewhere--I think it was Og's place--I learned that birds can't taste capsicum, but squirrels can. Next time I'm going to dose the sock liberally with Tobasco, or maybe "Flames of Satan Habanero Sauce". (Fictional product...though it should not be.) That should keep the squirrels at bay.

* * *

Having dealt with all that nonsense, I find now that my entire skeleton hurts. I think I'll go read some more of that book....