May 14th, 2013

#3837: "Get over here, you Belgian f--k!"

For some reason, Hell's Kitchen was shown on Monday night rather than Tuesday, and as usual Mrs. Fungus and I found it a font of hilarity.

Chef Ramsay himself yelled that at Jean-Philip, his maitre d' (or howver the F you spell that) and we found that to be especially funny. "That's going to be the title of a blog post," I decided.

* * *

Today, then--after the blogging was done--I went outside and cut the grass. It took the usual amount of time; but once I was done with that I got out the pruning tools and began working on the honeysuckle bushes by the patio, intending to get the telephone cable disentangled from them.

Well, I didn't make it that far, because I pulled a huge wad of deadwood out of the damned bushes. The resulting pile is about three feet high (loosely packed, I admit) and eight feet long, and I didn't even finish getting the deadwood out.

Right now I'm thinking it might be well just to hack down the entirety of the fricking things and let them grow back. It's ridiculous how overgrown they are.

There's also a box elder tree which is going to have to come down; it's growing right into the power line and cable TV cable, not just for the bunker but for my neighbor's house. That's going to take some doing but it ought to be all right.

* * *

Tonight's overnight open thread at AoSHQ begins with stuff about colleges and the cost-effectiveness of the education one receives therefrom. It then goes on to discuss Obama's campaign techniques ("Get my allies in the press to take out my opponents with legal maneuvers") and compares the political use of the IRS to that of the Nixon administration, blockquoting article 2.1 of the articles of impeachment against Nixon:
He has, acting personally and through his subordinates and agents, endeavoured to obtain from the Internal Revenue Service, in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, confidential information contained in income tax returns for purposed not authorized by law, and to cause, in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, income tax audits or other income tax investigations to be initiated or conducted in a discriminatory manner.
This standard, however, does not apply to Barack Hussein Obama, because Democrat.

* * *

This post by Michael Flynn contains a link to a video showing a seiche of ice.

* * *

Why am I awake? I don't even know. My wife got out of bed at 10:30 this morning and I got a couple hours of sleep after that, but then I worked my anus off. I've been suffering from a charley horse for several days, so I took a cyclobenzaprine left over from last July's back pain; that stuff should have knocked me on my patochis--it certainly did the last time I took it--but instead I sit here, slightly dizzy but thoroughly awake. *sigh* (There is a marked increase in the frequency of typos, but I do believe I'm catching all of them.)

* * *

Game of Thrones: what the fuck is going on with Theon? For seven episodes he has been tortured and abused, and the guy that we all thought was rescuing him instead took him right back to the place he was being tortured, and is torturing him more.

And there's been no explanation of why. There hasn't even been a hint as to what the hell is going on with this. If they go one more episode without giving us some kind of information about this, it's going to be the first serious black mark on the writing of the TV series. (They've done a whole bunch of typical TV things here and there, but they've been excusable because this is HBO.)

Oh well. Three more eps and I can read the book. Maybe it'll have more information in it.

* * *

I finally got Ormus into the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. The Shrine of Seven Stars is his new home base, even though it's a bit above him at the moment.

* * *

I've done 194 of my home-brewed Garfield Without Garfield strips. Whee!

#3838: Well, this is entertaining.

AoSHQ's Obama Scandal Scorecard. In order:
1. Obama sics IRS on his politial enemies.

2. Obama's HHS is extoring money from health care providers to pay for Obamacare.

3. Obamacare links #1 and #2.

4. The cover-up of what happened in Benghazi.

5. Obama's Justice Department seizing AP phone records.

6. Also, Pigford and Fast-and-Furious.
To the end of all those points, add, "(What did Obama know and when did he know it?)"

Any of those should have been enough to render his administration completely impotent, but of course he has a very friendly press on his side. The mainstream media worked very hard to ensure his election; they're not going to give him the "Woodward and Bernstein versus Richard Nixon" treatment unless they have absolutely no other choice. Instead they'll try to minimize and spin the story.

They may not want to spin the AP phone records story, though, as JayG notes. The press has always been rabidly pro-first-amendment even while they fully support gutting the second amendment. The problem is--as JayG notes--that you can't selectively enforce some of the Bill of Rights and ignore the parts you like; it's an all-or-nothing proposition, because once you set a precedent for nullifying civil rights, you can nullify any of them.

And notice, please, that this is a Democrat administration which is investigating a friendly press organ, one that's been 99% hagiographic in its coverage of the Obama administration. The thing is, tyrants don't care how much you've supported them in the past when it comes to current threats. No matter how sycophantic you've been, they'll cut your balls off the instant you step out of line. That's why they're called "tyrants" rather than "statesmen".

And the Obama IRS has been going after reporters who ask inconvenient questions. It's just one incident at the moment but I'd wager there are more. Obama, as a narcissist, is so sensitive to criticism that I'm surprised there aren't legions of reporters who have been "pressured" by the IRS like this.

* * *

And Legal Insurrection and Judicial Watch are asking to see the documents used in determining that David "I'm an anchorman with NBC so of course I won't be arrested for breaking a gun law" Gregory.
David Gregory famously was not prosecuted by District of Columbia Office of Attorney General (OAG) despite a clear violation of the D.C. gun law against possession of high-capacity ammunition magazines.

NBC News had been warned by the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) not to use the magazine on air, but did it anyway.

Given that D.C. aggressively prosecutes even technical violations of the law by people not engaged in any other crime, this non-prosecution decision reeked of special treatment for a famous D.C. personality. When it turned out that D.C. Attorney General Nathan Irvin once shared a stage with Gregory’s wife at a charity mock trial event, the optics were horrible.
It's because David Gregory is one of the D.C. elite insiders that he wasn't prosecuted for a blatant and obvious felony violation. If he had been a nobody reporter, he would have been jailed; if he were a nobody citizen he would have been jailed faster and longer.

But the theory of "equality under the law" is inconvenient for liberals, so they ignore it whenever they can possibly get away with it.

* * *

After my epic yard work yesterday I decided I was going to go to Culver's for dinner. It had been a while, and I figured, "I just did all that work and I'm worth it!" So I showered, got on the bike, and headed out.

The Colby Jack Pub Burger looked like it had been assembled for a photo shoot; the presentation was perfect. The fries were hot and fresh, too--too hot to eat, at first--so I had a very, very nice meal. The "flavor of the day" for their frozen custard was "orange dreamsicle" so I had a small; then I got on the bike and rode around town for a little while before coming home.

Aaaand when I got home, Mrs. Fungus was there--I had expected Mrs. Fungus to be eating out last night--and hungry, and wanted sushi, so we ended up going to a sushi place...and it was good and comparatively inexpensive; we each got two types of sushi, and she had an order of teriyaki shrimp, and the bill was under $50 with tip. It would have been under $30 if she hadn't gotten the shrimp, and in fact she admitted she didn't need it. But I was eating light, considering that I'd had a massive meal a scant two hours earlier. I've never really tried eating a meal of sushi before.

Wait--that's not true. Last year Mrs. Fungus took me out to a place and I ordered the "Chef's Choice" sushi platter, and I ended up eating most of it because it was nigirizushi and it was mostly sashimi to boot. Mrs. Fungus prefers makizushi to nigirizushi.

As I told her last night, sitting at the sushi bar, I won't willingly order sashimi but will eat it if it ends up on my plate, either via a mistake or the largesse of someone else. Like the time I ordered tuna sushi at a Thai place and it turned out to be tuna sashimi; I ate it, but never ordered that again.

It's not the flavor that's the problem, anyway; it's the texture of uncooked fish that I don't like.

Anyway, watching itamaesan do his thing, I finally figured out what I'm doing wrong when it comes to making kappa maki: I'm using a whole sheet of sushi nori when I should only be using a half sheet. That's why the rolls come out so damned big.

And every time I've had sushi anywhere--every time--the rice has tasted exactly the same as the way I make it. Go, me!