June 5th, 2013

#3858: Suddenly Wednesday

I honestly don't know how I got here. The last thing I knew it was Monday.

Trouble sleeping last night. The cat licking my toes after I finally managed to drop off (about 5 AM) did not help.

Needing to be up early today, Mrs. Fungus and I retired earlier than usual, but I couldn't get to sleep. Next thing I know it's almost 5 and I'm still tossing and turning as Mrs. Fungus snores peacefully next to me. The last time my eyes were open it was after 5 and it was starting to get light outside; just as I began to drift off to sleep the dang cat....

I don't make a habit of kicking cats. This proved to be the exception, but it was more of a hard shove with the sole of my foot than a real kick. He managed to demonstrate the stubbornness typical of a cat by doing it again--right after I'd managed to drift off again--and getting shoved off the bed again, harder, which finally got through to his tiny little brain that daddy doesn't want his toes licked. Poor Critter; he's such an affectionate kitty but he really doesn't have any concept of time or place because--let's face it--he's a cat.


So I'm running on less than three hours' worth of sleep, here. I can barely keep my eyes focused.

I managed to accomplish my goal for the day by cheating: instead of physically going to the temp agency at which I'd intended to apply, I found that I could submit a resume electronically.

...exactly the thing that's been driving me buggy about everyplace else, but this time it's a life-saver. And I can follow it up with an in-person visit when I go hit the other temp agencies on my list which don't have an on-line application process.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus got a new game; and because her computer was in the shop, she wanted to play it on my computer. I obliged her by installing it on my machine, and of course what happened was that she got partway into the earliest bits of the game and the machine shut itself off.

Three times in a row.

It's a graphically intensive game and I theorized that the video card was overheating; so she and I got ourselves together and we hied ourselves out to CompUSA for a new video card.

Result: a Radeon HD 6670 with 2 GB of VRAM, and she was able to play her new game for more than an hour without the computer crapping out. Best part: it was under $90 with tax.

The new card doesn't have an S-video output, but since I haven't really been watching anime all that much I don't think it matters. We have a spare computer here which can probably be pressed into service for purposes of dubbing anime to DVD, if I get a wild hair in an unlikely orofice, but considering that I haven't even yet made the requisite moves to hook El-Hazard up to the blab slab in the family room....

I haven't run the Windows Experience thingy to see how well the new card performs. It's supposed to be pretty good for gaming, though WoW was unchanged. What the hell--if the old video card was crapping out it needed to be replaced anyway. It was relatively cool yesterday; what would it have been like when real summer weather arrived?

* * *

That's all I've got. I could comment on the IRS thing, but that requires energy I don't have, and unfortunately I really don't find it all that surprising that the Democrat party is using the IRS as its personal goon squad. Equally unsurprising is that we're learning that the EPA is similarly corrupt. Of course government agencies which were founded on socialist ideals are going to turn fascist; it was only a matter of when it would happen.

I'm also not surprised that the IRS was trying to protect Planned Parenthood from protestors in Iowa. Limbaugh pointed out that abortion is the sacrament of the liberalism; it's only natural that the gatekeepers of American socialism would do their damnedest to protect it.

* * *

I'm so f-ing whacked I thought it was Thursday until just now. On the plus side, I figured out what day it actually is before I published this post. I was wondering what had happened to Wednesday; well, today is Wednesday which is why I don't remember what happened on Wednesday, June 5, 2013: I haven't lived it yet.

What am I going to have to do? Hit my feet with bitter apple spray before I go to bed? Will that keep the stupid cat away from my toes?

#3859: No wonder Best Buy is on the skids.

I had to make an appointment to pick up my wife's computer. From a retail store.

Apparently you can't just walk in, hand them your service ticket, and get your machinery back; no. You have to make an appointment so the Geek Squad Tech can personally tell you that they didn't find virii, malware, or other crapware on your machine.

Look, a clerk could read notes from the service log and tell me that, and give me my hardware and sign me out, and not make me wait nine minutes for the tech on counter duty to be finished with the previous customer.

But I had a pretty decent trip out there and back--no extraneous noises from the Jeep this time!--and managed to get a trio of double stacks from Wendy's for a late lunch. Now Mrs. Fungus' machine has her new game on it, and she can play it with impunity. Whee!