June 6th, 2013

#3860: Today is Thursday.

Today actually is Thursday. I couldn't shake it yesterday, which is why I almost put the trash out; but now that it actually is Thursday I'll put the trash out tonight.

* * *

The worst thing about having a tablet is that it's changed how I do the pre-blog surf. I read most of my usual haunts on the tablet before I make it to the computer, which keeps me from linking about 90% of the stuff I'd normally link.

But my bloviations tend to be less omnibus and more focused, so I suppose that's not a bad thing.

* * *

Playing WoW a little bit here and there, I managed to get Edapha (my priest on Wyrmrest Accord) to 33rd level. I'm right in the zone where I can power-level a character fast, because the quest rewards are usually big enough that the levels fly by. So I've been getting in perhaps two or three hours per week and averaging about a level every 75 minutes, which ain't too shabby.

Combat is slow going because the priest does not do a lot of damage, but after hitting 30th level Edapha took dual spec, and the secondary spec was Shadow, which is a DPS spec...and she still is not exactly a hard-hitting toon. I haven't noticed any improvement over her primary spec, Holy, which is a Heal/DPS spec.

But it's fun, so WTF.

* * *

While trying to find Luna's yellow sock (which is still missing) I found the LED turn signal bulbs. Once I get around to working on the bike again I'll thrown them in and report on their efficacy. And since Og gave me the two grain-of-wheat bulbs he ordered 'way back when I'll finally have a fully functional gear display. Whee!

I'm glad I didn't throw the LED bulbs away; that's f-ing $10 worth of dash bulbs, damn it.

I'm sure someone makes an LED bulb which fits the 194 socket which also includes a nice diffuser, but I sure haven't seen them anywhere.

* * *

Nice cool weather this week. Low 70s as far as the eye can see, with and without rain; considering how hot it will likely be later in the summer I'll take all the cool weather I can get right now. The fewer hot days we have, the lower the electric bill will be....