August 27th, 2013

#3950: Where did that come from?

I woke up at 6:30 this morning--after getting to bed around 4 AM--feeling like someone had shoved a skewer through my stomach.

I have had this happen a few times in my life. The first time was when I was perhaps 13; the pain was bad enough to wake me up and keep me awake but not bad enough for me to wake up my parents. When morning came, they took me to the doctor--of course, this happened late on a Friday night--and all this led to me having an upper G.I. exam. The radiologist (the father of one of my friends at the time) told me it was because my duodenum wasn't filling the right way and the diagnosis was "nervous stomach", whatever the hell that means.

It hardly happened again after that one time, until 2001. I was working at R-C on one book or another when my stomach started hurting bad, and it was bad enough that I was actually worried about some kind of cardiac problem, so I took a long lunch to go see the doctor.

The doctor gave me about 1.5 doses of antacid, which dulled the pain, and then ran an EKG to make sure I wasn't going to drop dead of a heart attack. The EKG was totally normal (but for the effects of pain and stress from the stomach) so she put me on a GERD diet and Nexium. That was twelve years ago and obviously I haven't been taking Nexium the whole time; I lost the job at R-C and the near-killing stress went with it.

I've had this happen once or twice since then. Today was probably the worst, because it happened while I was sleeping. But when I got up and took five antacid tablets (four is the regular dose) and drank some water, bang the pain disappeared completely.

...for about five minutes. I laid back down and it came back, so I had to get back up and go sit upright for a while until it subsided again, leaving me with nausea and more general symptoms of gastroenteritis. After that I was able to sleep, but not well, and ended up getting perhaps two more hours of sleep between 8 and 12, when the alarm went off.

Today is Mrs. Fungus' day off and we were going to spend it together; she has a hair appointment and I was going to hit Fry's to have a gander at the latest-and-greatest while she was having it done. But I was so tired and felt so sick I ended up begging off going with.


* * *

As predicted, the BBQ chicken was delicious.

I used Zataran's cajun spice as the rub, and unfortunately it has a bit too much salt in it, so the overall flavor was on the salty side. It wasn't overpowering but it could have been less salty; otherwise, though, it was delicious.

300° oven, and I kept the chicken covered while I baked it 10 minutes at a time, basting with BBQ sauce a total of four times. Juicy and tender, very good.

* * *

In the "what a tragedy" department: reading the latest chapters of Yawara! we've come to the scene where she flips a guy who touches her posterior while dancing in a disco.

The translator, demonstrating near-total tone-deafness, repeatedly has Yawara refer to that body part as her "ass".

See, Yawara is demure and cute; if she had reason to refer to her posterior she'd say "butt". "Ass" is more crass, less refined, and certainly not cute.

The people who translated the anime got it right, but apparently the person or people doing the manga just picked the word they'd use. Yawara almost certainly says oshiri; if she had instead said ketsu I might buy that "ass" was a more valid translation, but oshiri even has the "o-" prefix which makes the word more polite.

And it's just not in character for Yawara to say "my ass" or "her ass" rather than "my butt" or "her butt".

As I said, "what a tragedy". First world problems, man!

* * *

Interestingly enough, the dewpoint is 58°. We were supposed to be in for some major heat and humidity today, but with a temperature of 94 and a dewpoint of 58, the relative humidity is somewhere around 35%.

...or, rather, that's what the weather report said when I looked at it an hour ago. Now it's saying the dewpoint is 76 and the humdity is 55%. Since I'm pretty sure the dewpoint didn't rocket up by eighteen degrees in the last fifty minutes, it's probably fair to say that the low numbers were erroneous.

It's always something.

Regardless, I'm not going anywhere today--not with this case of stomach monkeys--so the weather report is probably redundant anyway.

* * *

If I had any energy, I would talk about Obama and Syria.

I would talk about the Democrats' inability to be consistent on any policy, the way they are now uncritically accepting things from a Democrat President which they found completely unacceptable when Bush was in the White House. I would further expand on the general requirement that one cannot be a liberal without also being a hypocrite.

I would talk about the general inadvisability of interfering in any foreign country in which we had no compelling national interest, and I would discuss this vis-a-vis Clinton and his intervention in Bosnia, and how the cases are parallel because Obama also has several scandals he desperately wants out of the papers. (Parenthetically I would add that I was against going into Iraq in 2003; and although that turned out to be a good idea, I would say, there would be further commentary about how the case for going into Syria is considerably less than parallel.)

I'd add that we don't need Syrian oil nearly as badly as we did in the 1970s, because despite Obama's best efforts we now produce more than enough crude oil to supply our needs.

I'd finish by wondering why this administration--which campaigned on ending US intervention in foreign nations--has done nothing but actively seek out foreign conflicts into which we could insert ourselves. This would rather nicely bring me back to the "hypocrite" point, and I could end the vignette with a snide remark about it.

That's what I'd do if I had the energy for it. But sadly, I don't, so this will have to do.