September 15th, 2013

#3974: *sigh*

Well, I was just about done with a post, and then...something...happened. I don't know what, but I was tapping away and missed hitting a key, and then Firefox just closed without so much as a by-your-leave. LJ didn't ask me if I wanted to restore the saved draft when I fired Firefox back up, so I must assume that what I had written has perished. This reconstruction will be inferior; sorry about that.

* * *

It's worth the money to commission a book cover if you have the money to spend on it. I do not, so my admittedly less than professional graphic arts skills will have to do.

* * *

The longest vignette of the lost post was about a job interview I had on Friday for a job I didn't end up getting.

Early Tuesday morning I saw an ad for a "Geek Squad Cadet" postion in Merrilville, so I jumped on it and sent in an application. 70% of the job, the ad said, would be assisting a more senior technician in home theater installation and such. I expected it to vanish into the bit bucket, but it did not; about eighteen hours later I got a call from them to schedule an interview.

Thursday I ran around trying to get my ducks in a row for the interview on Friday morning. For the first time since about February I took the Jeep to the gas station and filled her up, adding some fuel system cleaner in the bargain. It was just a trip to Downer's Grove--about 50 miles--but I didn't want anything to impede my travel. I've been getting along by putting $20 or so at a time in the thing, and driving it as little as possible, but this was a good reason to have a full tank, and a full tank is the best time to use fuel system cleaner.

Dress shirt, tie, khakis, dress shoes--got there with about fifteen minutes to spare and waited for a while, then was ushered into a full conference room: besides me there were five district service managers and their boss, and all six of 'em fired questions at me for about half an hour.

I, of course, was unfazed and in fact I think I did pretty well, but I didn't have ton of confidence in how things were going to work out. Saturday afternoon I got a call with the news I'd expected; but the woman who called me encouraged me to keep an eye on their web site for PC tech positions, because--she said--they thought I would do very well in such a position.

To my way of thinking, that says that they would have hired me if I'd had more home theater installs under my belt. Or perhaps there was a guy they interviewed who did...or was able to BS better about it than I did. Either way--when someone who does the hiring etc tells you, "Try again," it means something rather important. To me, it says that I missed getting a job on Friday by a whisker, and may have a better chance if I do as was suggested and apply for PC tech jobs.

But it was still disappointing, and I flopped with a bad case of the mopes. On the plus side, at least my job hunting has yielded some kind of fruit, for once. That was the third interview I've had this year, from an average of 8-10 applications per month. (But it's the summer of recovery! *gack*)

Anyway--because I was running around on Thursday, I forgot entirely about choir practice until after I was home on Friday afternoon. Today's song was one I had never done, but I managed to fake it well enough, I think. On top of that, I didn't get to sleep before 5:30 this morning and was up at 8 to hit the shower--and on top of that I woke up around 7-ish needing to hit the can--so if I managed as much as two hours of sleep I think it'd be a miracle.

Guess what I'm doing after Mrs. Fungus leaves for work. Just guess.