October 5th, 2013

#3994: Damn it, it's OCTOBER

I shouldn't be having to turn the AC on to sleep at night. This time last year I already had to turn on the heat.


I had bravely tried to tough it out. It was not that warm, it was not that humid. I had the bunker open all day but for the twenty minutes I spent riding the motorcycle. As night fell it cooled off and the air outside was a pleasant temperature, if a bit too sticky; but it was pretty nice outside.


The wind was from a direction that makes it almost impossible to get the bunker cooled down with outside air, even using forced ventilation. The family roon was a fairly nice temperature, but the rest of the house was less comfortable. Even so, it wasn't actually hot or anything, so Mrs. Fungus and I laid down to sleep with the windows open and a fan drawing in cool air. But we weren't comfortable, and the outside air--while cool--was simply not cool enough, not with all that humidity. Finally I said, "Damn it, that is it," got up, closed all the windows, and turned on the AC.

Well, at least I managed to avoid starting up the furnace in September this year. *whimper*

* * *

Feds shut down charter fishing in Florida Bay, because Government Shutdown. How do you like that for hubris? The f-ing government has shut down the freakin' OCEAN because the GOP and the Democrats can't agree on what is the best way to screw us.

The federal government is doing everything in its power to make the shutdown hurt people, because they know that absent such efforts the general public won't even notice. Because the federal government is so remote, most of its shenanegans don't have any real effect on our daily lives, not in big obvious ways; without engaging in what Pixy Misa calls a Potemkin shutdown most US citizens won't suffer so much as a single iota while the feds play their games.

That's why the feds are shutting down memorials and parks and football games: not because these things actually consume federal dollars that cannot be spent absent a budget, but because they want the shutdown to hurt people. And they want the shutdown to hurt so that the people will say, "Okay, fine, take whatever you want, but don't cancel my football game or ruin my fishing vacation!"

And now Obama has closed a wall Because Shutdown. The Vietnam Memorial is now closed, too.


75% below poverty level does not qualify for Obamacare subsidies. You see, this woman's mistake is being in school and having two kids while working full-time. If she'd just had the good sense to be a Congressional staffer she'd have all kinds of government subsidies to help her pay for Obamacare!

I wish I could tell you that I am surprised to hear all this, but if I were to say so, I would be lying.

The effects that Obamacare are now having were all--sing along, folks!--utterly predictable. Not only were they predictable but they were PREDICTED by a whole bunch of us over here on this side of the aisle: higher costs, lower standards of care, rationing, death panels, etcetera.

Denninger says it best:
This is what you voted for.

This is what you asked for.
It is. This is what we get for electing a bunch of aristocrats and sending them back to D.C. again and again.

The Democrats were bound and determined to get socialized medicine during the Obama administration, and I said again and again that it was going to happen. They missed getting it during the Clinton administration; no way in hell were they going to miss another opportunity, which is why it was rammed through Congress the way it was.

The GOP could have averted all this simply by fronting someone who could energize the base--Mitt Romney was not it--thus emplacing a Republican President who would then sign off on a law canceling Obamacare before it was well begun. The problem is, the GOP leadership can't stomach the idea of another conservative becoming President; they're still suffering dyspepsia from the Reagan years (and they weren't too sure about Bush for a little while in 2002-3). That's why we got McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012, and if we get anything approximating a conservative in 2016 it will be only because the GOP leadership lost control of the caucus.

But of course 2016 is too late to stop Obamacare; we're stuck with that shit now...and the aristocrats of both parties couldn't be happier with that.

* * *

Need insurance? Dial 1-800-FUCKYO and you'll be connected with a provider!

"It's actually 1-800-F1U-CKYO," Borepatch says. "Dial it yourself to check it out. It would be very nice to get some Adult Supervision for this administration."

* * *

"Today, I accidentally texted a picture of my cock to my dad. FML"

First comment knocks it out of the park:
stop sending pictures of your Cock to people and you wouldn't be having this issue.

I mean, how difficult is it not to take pictures of your genitals and e-mail them to people? Seriously? And if you're going to do that kind of stupid crap can't you at least be careful enough to ensure that it goes to the intended recipient?

As for me, if I were the dad in question and paying for that kid's cell phone, guess what would happen next. Just guess.

Yep: he'd get a $10 TracFone without a camera in it, and buy the airtime himself to boot. WTF.

* * *

The other day I ran an errand out in Tinley Park, and it was just gorgeous weather--a perfect autumn day, and I couldn't make the run on my motorcycle because I'd forgotten to renew the license plate.

Of course, since I renewed the plate, it's been rainy. If it hasn't rained, it has threatened to, and I finally got to take her out yesterday evening around 6-ish.

The project du jour is to get the bike out and give the rear end a going through. The chain tension needs adjusting again--once I get a job, I'm getting a new one!--and there's this peculiar sound coming from back there when I brake, which tells me the axle may need tightening a bit.

Besides that, I've noticed that the bike tends to wander a bit, mostly to the right, when I'm not paying rapt attention to my lane position. It never required that kind of concentration before, which leads me to think--yeah--the rear axle needs adjusting and tightening. If, say, the right-hand chain tensioner were a smidge loose, the rear wheel could get canted slightly to the left, and that would be enough to make the bike pull right. Yeah.

That's what is nice about being able to repair machinery: if something goes wrong with your ride, or your computer, or whatever, you fix it. Sometimes you have to wait to have the money for parts, but once you've got 'em you just make with the wrenching.

...of course, it also means that you frequently can't justify paying someone else to get all greasy and sweaty and frustrated trying to fix something that was just fine yesterday, and-- So the sword has two edges.

On balance, though, I think I prefer to be capable of doing my own work. Not only is it a good deal cheaper to get anything done, but I have the satisfaction of knowing that it's done correctly.

But that still means I've got to put on a grunge shirt and go out to the driveway and start tinkering with the bike. Well, it's an imperfect world.

#3995: Moral: always check the weather radar FIRST.

I was going to go outside and get some work done on the bike, then maybe do a little bit in the garage.

NO, said the Big Bad Thunderstorm! YOU WILL NOT!! I AM COMING TO RAIN ALL OVER YOU!

"But," I said, "there are all these things I have to do outside! Please, Mr. Thunderstorm, can't you go rain somewhere else?"

NO, said the Big Bad Thunderstorm in its big, booming voice. YOU ARE MY BITCH. BEND OVER.