December 27th, 2013

#4073: Gadzooks, I'm beat

Have you ever spent an entire day at work wishing for nothing more than to be allowed to go home and go back to bed? That's what my day was like today.

Mrs. Fungus and I were in bed by 2:30, and I was asleep pretty f-ing quickly thereafter. I got up once about 4:30 to hit the can; otherwise I slept--but when the alarm went off at 9:30 I ended up laying in bed, periodically triggering the snooze, until after 10. I dragged myself to work and I dragged myself around the store all day and I dragged myself home a half hour after my scheduled quitting time because of a client's stupid cell phone.


Tomorrow is Saturday and I get to do it all again. Sunday I work 12-7, which is one hour less than today and Saturday, and unless my boss changes his mind that'll be the last day I work in 2013.

I just hope those days will be less aggravating than today was. It wasn't a day where I couldn't do anything right, but it was just long and tedious and annoying, esp. with my butt dragging the way it was.

I fixed a problem with a client's machine that two trips through the repair process had not fixed, and I did it during the post-repair demo. (Turned out that Vimeo videos didn't like Internet Explorer's use of the hardware graphics decoder. Switch it to software decoding and presto, they played again. Whee.)

I made a woman very happy by getting a printer to print from her son's new Surface tablet, even though it turned out to be impossible for the thing to print wirelessly. She'd been struggling with it since about 7 AM, and I managed to get the thing to print via USB cable. Score one for me.

I did several little things right; but everything I did seemed to take about three or four times as long as it should have. *sigh*

And now I'm going to go hit the hay for a while.