April 17th, 2014

#4196: Chores, both small and large

Nice weather today, which means I need to take care of some chores outdoors and then go get a haircut.

* * *

Matt Walsh does the same thing I do when presented with a story about infanticide, only he does it better than I do.

I mean, if you're so staunchly pro-abortion that you support partial-birth abortions, how can you not give this woman a pass? Walsh very neatly defends that stance with pro-aborts' own arguments.

If you read the article he links, it turns out that the woman in question killed her babies shortly after giving birth to them--six, in total. What's the difference between this and a botched partial-birth abortion? Our sitting President supports euthanasia of the "post-birth fetus" in that sort of case. Why is this woman being persecuted? Because she didn't go to the right kind of school and have the right licenses to perform "late-term" abortions? Because she took care of the matter herself rather than pay a doctor to do it for her?

Walsh's post makes the same point (in better fashion) that I am always trying to make when one of these cases crops up: killing babies is wrong, and the timing of the murder makes no difference. You can't reasonably argue that infanticide is a medical procedure when performed in a clinic, but first-degree murder when undertaken at home.

The simple fact is that if this woman had gone to Kermit Gosnell at his worst and had her babies aborted (even mere hours before natural delivery was to have taken place) she wouldn't even be facing "conspiracy to commit" charges much less full-on Murder One. But because she handled the post-delivery abortions herself, she's a serial murderer. That is insane.

* * *

Incidentally, I only just noticed that the murders Kermit Gosnell was convicted of committing apparently just materialized out of the ether. He's a murderer, but even though the women paid him to kill their babies, there was no conspiracy to commit murder. Under most circumstances, when you have a situation where John Doe is paid to kill someone, the person that paid John Doe is a conspirator and also in severe legal trouble, especially if someone else dies in the process. But because it's an abortion, there's no conspiracy, and the women are hapless victims of a predatory and unscrupulous abortion provider. Yeah.

* * *

Michael Flynn talks about statistics and measurements in order to make a point about the Obama administration and its number-fudging.

The specific case here is about the census and Obamacare, because there's an election coming up and Obamacare has failed utterly at fulfilling its raison d'etre, getting more people on health insurance. (That the prime aim of Obamacare is not actually insuring more people is beyond the scope of this document.)

As always, a worthwhile read. Then again, this is the guy who wrote Firestar.

* * *

Time for a palate cleanser!

Last night, before bed, somehow Mrs. Fungus found a "World's Strongest Man" competition from 1995 playing on one of the obscure sports rerun channels. One thing that amused us about it was the prevalence of the name "Magnus" among the contestants. That led me to this:
Referee: Sorry, if you can't toss the caber over the barrier you've got to leave.

Contestant: But--

R: Furthermore, you're going to have to stop calling yourself "Magnus". What's your given name?

C: Er, Philip, but--

R: Very well, Philip; you may leave.

C: But what about my maritime-themed objects?

R: You can collect them at reception. Now, go away.

C: I want to be the world's strongest man!

R: Well, you can't.
The "maritime-themed objects" thing came from one contest in the event where two men had to place progressivly heavier objects on top of a set of shelves: a bag of wet sand, a chest, a barrel, an anchor, and a length of anchor chain weighing some 1,000 lbs total. The announcer identified them as "maritime-themed objects", so, yeah.

The event also included a caber toss where the contestants had to go for height (getting the thing over a barrier) rather than distance, and for some inane reason the barrier was set a few steps into the ocean, so they had to wade into the water to throw the caber. Later, they were lifting a platform laden with people of some dark-skinned ethnicity or another ("All right, Magnus, now lift the brown-skinned people--there's a good lad.") but just a few feet.

The winner of the 1995 contest was an Icelander named--get this--Magnus ver Magnusson. Yeah.

In any case, Mrs. Fungus and I found the entire thing hilarious.

* * *

As for me, I do have those chores to attend to...so I'm going to go attend to them.

And I'm taking my maritime-themed objects with me.

#4197: The only thing I need to do now is get a haircut.

I have come to loathe raspberries.

My loathing is inspired by all the work I just did ferreting wild raspberry canes out of my front yard, along with clearing the rest of the undesirable brush that's been nagging at me since the snow melted. During winter, when there were three feet of snow on the ground, I was marvelously unconcerned about the brush; but now that it was visible again something had to be done, and today was the first day on which I finally had nice weather and no work or crises to deal with.

Now there's a pile of brush at the end of the driveway, and I am sitting at the computer in shorts and a t-shirt and sweating my ass off. But the front yard looks great.

I pulled as many raspberry canes out by the roots as I could. I know I didn't get them all; they'll be back--but they'll have to work for it. That'll have to do.

* * *

Tomorrow is Good Friday, and for the first time since 2012 I'm not going to be singing in choir at the Tenebrae service. I've been too busy (and dealing with, again, too many crises) to attend practice.

On the plus side the people in charge of it all are understanding folks, so they're not going to cast me out.

* * *

I had a dream that the evil church lady in Resurrection was a member of my church, and she told me that I couldn't come to church any more because of poor attendance. Yeah, I don't have any anxiety at all; why do you ask?

* * *

Of late I've had a hankering to watch Wings of Honneamise again. My wife probably would not enjoy the movie very much, though you never know. It's kind of arty, made by Gainax when they were just starting out and got big money from Bandai to make the show. It predates Gainax's tendency to have massive train-wreck endings, at least, but there are some scenes which don't make sense unless you either made the movie, or have seen it as many times as I have. (Yes, I'm primarily talking about the attempted rape scene. It's jarring, but it makes sense if you understand the characters.)

Still, it's an f-ing cool story about people trying to put a man in orbit using technology from approximately our 1940s, and the alternate society backdrop is so detailed it defies easy description.

And the ending--people I've known have said it was too arty, too 2001-ish, but I love it to pieces. The soundtrack is amazing, too, being composed of some unique elements that make it sound like it was written by someone with an entirely different musical history than ours. (I'd like to see the sheet music.)

Anyway, most of the time awards are indicators of how bad something is, but this movie deserved every award it won, because it's really good. It's what established Gainax's chops as an anime studio; sometimes I think their need to top it is why we got so many train wrecks out of them.

If someone else had produced Evangelion, all else being equal it would be widely considered disastrous nonsense.

* * *

We had originally planned to make this the week we watched all five Tolkien movies, back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back: An Unexpected Journey, Desolation of Smaug, Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and Return of the King.

...which would only have taken about 18, 19 hours. We slept until late afternoon on Tuesday; Mrs. Fungus had a doc appointment early Wednesday afternoon and if we'd attempted it we would have still be watching movies when it was time to leave for the doc's office. I said that we could always break them up into chunks, watch a couple at a sitting, but Mrs. Fungus wants the geek cred. I pointed out that if we wait until about this time next year, we'll have 24 hours' worth of movies to watch.

So, maybe next week, or the week after. We'll see.