April 26th, 2014

#4207: That's one I need to get in writing.

"You can have anything you want for the rest of your life!" Mrs. Fungus said to me this evening. Why would she say something like that?

Because we picked this up this afternoon:

It's a 2006 Honda Rebel 250. It has less than 2500 miles on it, and it rides like a dream. We did not get much of a break on the asking price, but we got enough of one that I don't feel like we got ripped off...especially after I rode it home. (Mrs. Fungus does not yet have her license.)

It rides like a freakin' brand-new bike. Except for a dent in the tank (that all Honda Rebels seem to have) it is ABSOLUTELY SPOTLESS.

Mrs. Fungus has been shopping for a motorcycle for several weeks. We saw some nice bikes but nothing really clicked until we saw this one. It was in the right price range, had the right features, and--most importantly--was one she would be able to ride comfortably. Since it's a 250 it won't be overpowering, but it's got enough oomph to get out of its own way.

Where it falls down is top speed. The place we bought it was in Renssalaer, Indiana, and we had to take I-65 to get home...and the speed limit on I-65 is 70.

We did not do 70.

Flat out, throttle wide open, into a 15 MPH headwind, I could just manage 60 MPH most of the time. When a car passed, I could draft him for a bit and get up to 65, and sometimes I almost got her up to 70. The 250 just doesn't have the guts to go much faster. (I could do 55--even with the headwind--without having to open her up.)

The other issue was, of course, that the bike is built for a much smaller rider than me. As Mrs. Fungus said, "You looked like a monkey fucking a football." (Thanks, Og, for that colorful phrase.) I had a cramp in my hip almost as soon as I got on the thing to take the test ride.

And it got cold, too. It had been a cool day to begin with, but I think it cooled off further. It was 48° as we got close to the Fungal Vale, which is fine for riding around town but not on the highway and into a headwind like that. Sheesh.

Needless to say, Mrs. Fungus is nearly beside herself with excitement over the thing. I envy her ability to be that excited, but then again I also envy her bike. (It's nice.)

Anyway, Mrs. Fungus has bought her motorcycle, and now I get to teach her how to ride it. Once she has her "M" on her license, we're going to have a grand old time.