October 13th, 2014

#4417: On the plus side we don't have to run the heat.

70° and raining, all day (pretty much) and after the cold we had (including two nights with frost warnings in a row) it feels like July or August.

This did not keep them from turning on the heat at the store. *sigh* And you know what good it would have done me to ask that the thermostat be adjusted?

But here at the bunker, I control the thermostat, and that means I can avoid broiling in my own waste heat.

* * *

Shepherd of the Gurneys explains why a real ebola outbreak in the US will not end well. The main reason is that we have a total of 23 beds in the country which can supply full isolation. The rest of them are going to be less effective at containing this shit.

I hope I'm wrong about this, but the offical news I'm hearing about ebola in the US has the distinct odor of fertilizer.

* * *

Lately I have been thinking about the old cartoons I drew in tech school called EPA Man. EPA Man himself was actually a martian, and he had various bold (mis)adventures.

One example: "EPA Man has been exposed to a virulent filovirus!"

EPA Man: *Cough* Huh?

...and then he turns into a puddle of goo with eyes, going SPLOOT in the process.

EPA Man has an inordinate number of things happen to him, and all his adventures end with a trip to the Reconstitutifier, a machine which turns him back into his normal ornery self every time he gets turned into a pasty puddle.

What have I been thinking about? The possibility of scanning them and posting them here, because it's a lot of fun.

I would have to do some work on the dialogue and such, because my handwriting was scarcely better twenty years ago than it is now.

We'll see.