October 18th, 2014

#4423: Penn and Teller!

Mrs. Fungus and I just got back from a one night only performance by Penn and Teller at the Paramount Theater in Aurora.

I wouldn't say I'm a fan per se, but I've recognized their raw talent and skill since I first became aware of them in the 1980s. I think I first saw them on an episode of Late Night with David Letterman, but after that I knew these were guys whose performances were worth seeing.

Tonight I got to see them live, which was even more entertaining than on TV. We had some pretty good seats, too. It was a sold out performance and our seats were at stage right, all the way over, 13 rows back.

I have a headache from grinning, I enjoyed it so much. We both had a great time, but now of course we're almost completely exhausted from the driving etc.

It was worth it.